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Brad Pitt -- American Girl

9/26/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and his daughter Zahara enjoyed a quiet afternoon at a friend's birthday party ... that just happened to take place at an über-crowded outdoor mall in Los Angeles.

The party was for rocker Chris Cornell's daughter and was held at the popular American Girl store located in the Grove shopping center.

Next time they should try a less public place ... like Times Square.


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The grove is my fave place to shop, too bad I didnt see them!!! I wish my fastmall iphone app sent me an alert or even my tmz app for things like this so i could have rush over!!!

1458 days ago


Why can't people just leave the Pitt family alone to let them enjoy some quality time together?

For crying out loud they get jumped trying to buy a hot dog, now the Paps crash their birfday party...

Whatever happened to the "good old days" when it was considered rude to approach stars on the street, while dining or shopping?

Doesn't anyone have any class anymore?

If you see the Pitt's on the street, in the mall or eating out and you are not personal friends, just walk on by...

1458 days ago


Brad Pitt is driving a FORD! That is great...LET US SUPPORT OUR AMERICAN CARS!

1457 days ago


This is the stupidest thing i have ever seen! WHo realllllly cares that Brad Pitt took his kid to a party!!! He's just a man and not GOD!! What's the big fricking deal!!! GET A LIFE!!!

1457 days ago


You make him better than you.

1457 days ago


Let us not forget Chris Cornell is a God :)

1457 days ago


This is crazy how many people are there taking a picture of him. Why can't the guy just take his kid to a birthday. How tramatizing is that for his kid. I love how they don't get out of the way when hes trying to get through. It's sad to see...

1457 days ago


Well you can't have it both ways. Either you make your living, earning millions upon millions, hoping people want to see you in the movies, or you work in a cubicle in an office and no one cares. Frankly, I think Pitt eats this stuff up. What kills me is poor little Shiloh being raised as a boy. No one can convince me Jolie isn't subtly encouraging this. I wish Pitt or someone would address this - make her happy she's a girl.

1457 days ago


Ginger- growing up I was a tom-boy...I even had the Dorothy Hamill bowl haircut, and now I am a straight female woman. Grow up!! Girls don't have to wear dresses 24/7 or have long hair!

1457 days ago


Jolie is very blatant now about poor Shiloh looking like a boy. She carefully laid the public groundwork for it earlier. I even saw Pitt in one interview casually telling how Shiloh wanted to be a boy, and laughing about it. Jolie obviously has him brainwashed. However, there's not much to brainwash with Pitt. Shame on them both. Jolie has been dressing poor Shiloh as a boy by the time she could walk. After that she started putting out her hogwash about Shiloh wanting to be a boy. The poor child was too young to even know the difference when skank Jolie started it.

1457 days ago


But 'greeneyes' you have to understand that for a lot of us..Brad Pitt IS God!! Or at least he is a good facsimile of what God would be like if He were human! The big f****** deal is that the man is drop-dead gorgeous, kind, generous, a wonderful father and just an all around good man. Who wouldn't think so? As for getting a can definitely have a life and still think Brad Pitt is God!!

1457 days ago

I am just saying    

I am absolutely no fan at all of Pitt jolie by any means at all. But I do have to say at my daughters one year old birthday she scream and scream till I took her out of a dress. She was a tom boy through and through growing up. Liked the boys shoes. Played sports, hung out with the boys, wore the baseball caps. Her more feminin half sister is now a lesbian. Go figure.

1457 days ago

really now    

I agree with post #10 by Ginger . I think Angelina is trying to raise Shiloh as a boy . It's very sad. Something is definately not right here.Hmmmmm........... What if Shiloh were a boy wearing girls clothes at this very young age? I am surprised nobody does address this issue . Angelina is very strange. Why does Brad allow this ? tisk tisk.

1457 days ago


Loki - I know about tom boys. I'm in my 60's and have been around. However, from birth, Angelina has dressed Shiloh just plain ugly. In the first pictures of her - she was in an ugly gray t-shirt. Start noticing when you see Jolie and Shiloh in a picture together. If there is even one of her other kids, her attention is on the other kid(s) - never Shiloh.

Being a tomboy is fine, lots of girls outgrow it. But Shiloh obviously understands, at her young age, her mother wants her to be a boy. Even if it was all Shiloh's idea, as a mother I'd allow her to dress as a boy maybe 2-3 times a week then tell her it 'girl dressing day.' There is something not right about Jolie's feelings towards Shiloh - sorry, that's how I feel.

1457 days ago


Ginger.. she's a care-free kid. Who cares if she wears a moo-moo! America is too invested on "clothing", than the happiness of the child. If she is healthy and taken care of, then why does it matter?? You are saying Angelina neglects her...well unless you live behind closed doors with them, you can't spread a rumor like that. Never believe anything the media reports. I think Shiloh looks adorable. Every parent raises their child in their own way... a haircut and clothing should be the last thing people complain about. Shiloh looks like a beautiful, normal child.

1457 days ago
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