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Greg Giraldo --

OD'd, But

No Suicide Attempt

9/26/2010 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Greg Giraldo tell TMZ the comedian was hospitalized after an overdose yesterday ... but it was not a suicide attempt, as has been speculated.

Greg Giraldo overdose.
We're told Giraldo -- best known for his appearances on Comedy Central roasts -- was taken to a hospital in New Brunswick, NJ after he was found by a friend.

According to our sources, Giraldo overdosed on prescription pills ... but it was not a suicide attempt.

We're told he is currently in critical but stable condition.


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Henderson said it all.

1430 days ago

just my opinion    

whats with these comics? are they all drug addicts,alcoholics and suffer from depression? well anyway another one is gone and life will go on...RIP Greg

1430 days ago


Wanna find the most vile, ignorant, and selfish people on the earth? Just check the TMZ comments section! Seriously, some of you guys are ****ing awful human beings.

1429 days ago


One of the best comedians out there.
Same ****ing way my brother died.
Accidental overdose of prescription medications. ****ing ridiculous

1429 days ago


dude was funnie as hell, those of u with your smartass coments that he was a nobody dont havea clue, he made more $ than you at being funnie than whatever it is u do for a living.
your all just haters, HE WAS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!

1429 days ago

colin anderson    

To Greg's friends and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. To all you evil f *cks makin' your ****TY comments: God help you!!!!

1429 days ago


For all you insensitive aholes suggesting he was an idiot, or stupid or a nobody. He was a friend, a father, a comedian, a person and as a side note a Harvard Law Graduate. He was a very intelligent, much loved man. You who speak ill of the dead should be ashamed!

1429 days ago

colin anderson    

Honestly, what has happened in some of these poor pathetic loser's lives that they have nothing better to do than come on here and make a-hole comments about a man who just died? You people suck and i would hate to have your karma!!!! Your time will come soon enuff!!

Watching Midlife Vices right now. You were funny as hell, man, and my heart truly goes out to your family. Rest In Peace, brother.

1429 days ago


Greg was a foulmouthed, religion-bashing creep. He got exactly what he deserved. What you sow, you shall reap. All the boo-hooing from the same lowbrows who think Larry the cable guy is intelligent comedy. Greg Giraldo made a living mocking people and things like people's faith in God. He had every right not to believe in anything. He had no right to use the stage to demean and mock human beings and pretend it was all in good humor. It was clearly not. He used the stage to grind his personal axe and SOME people laughed. Others were hurt and wounded. Funny how many here are condemning all negative comments. That's ironic, since Greg's life was NEGATIVITY about other people's disabilities, religion and other personal attributes. So if THAT was OK, then so are all the critical comments about him. Like his alcoholism, his inabilty to stay married, his hatred of God and religion, and his "accidental" death! Turnabout is fair play. And hey, it's all in good humor. HA ha ha. I'm falling down hysterical.

1428 days ago

colin anderson    

Greta, no woman who believes in God would come to a site like this and say what you have said. Good luck with what YOU WILL REAP!!!!

1428 days ago


Greta: Ah, another perfect example of a "Christian." Look at how tolerant your comment is. Look how much compassion you have. You people who believe in god are so hypocritical it's unbelieveable. I wish there was a hell, because you sure as **** would be going there, Greta. You fvcking fake-ass so-called pathetic excuse for a Christian. Do us a favor and jump off a bridge.

1428 days ago


Agreed that is why I turned agnostic after growing up Catholic. Most hypocritical, condescending, self righteous people. He was a comic, what comic doesn't **** talk people? Its humor! RIP Greg.

1428 days ago


thats some ****ed up **** you really are a sloppy foo respect the dead elect the dead i elect "sloppy seconds" die ***et check yourself rest in peace "G"

1428 days ago


"Critical but stable" remember what that means. In this situation it meant at the time they hadn't discontinued life support yet. This is a senseless tragegy. I sincererly hope others learn from this. I'm a critical care nurse and I talk to my boys about this everytime it happens. Drug abuse is Russian Roulette.

1427 days ago


Sad to hear of Gregs death, he was one of my favorites.He was genuinely funny & at his best during the roasts where he sometimes caught more Hell than the person being roasted. He handled the mean spirited personal comments with aplomb, probably because he was trained as a lawyer & was used to their vitriole...RIP Greg, you were funnier than most who made it big.

1427 days ago
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