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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer

Threatened by Michael

9/26/2010 6:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, worked miracles running back and forth to court Friday to spring her client from jail, but it wasn't good enough for Michael Lohan. TMZ has learned daddy Lohan left a voicemail and texts on Holley's phone, threatening to "blow you out of the water."

Sources tell us the voicemail -- left earlier in the week -- also threatened to "dig up dirt" on Shawn, as well as Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor.  

Michael left two text messages on Holley's phone Friday after the court hearing, telling her she should do Lindsay a favor and quit. In another text, Michael claimed Holley and Taylor were destroying the Lohan family.
0926_michael_lohan_video_small_2Michael went nuclear at the Bev Hills Courthouse Friday morning after Judge Elden Fox threw Lindsay in jail. Fox's decision was reversed later that day after Holley filed an appeal, and Lindsay got out of jail Friday night.

We're told Holley, who could not be reached for comment, will not seek a restraining order.

It's just Michael being Michael.

UPDATE: Michael tells TMZ, "It's true. I said those things ... but it’s spun. I wasn’t knocking Shawn for working all those hours ... I was knocking the fact that I told them to do this [send Lindsay to rehab] a long time ago. Just now they’re listening."


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Photos of Lindsay with a syringe are out. Thats why she's doing rehab, because of the photos, not because she thinks she needs rehab.

1490 days ago


What an absolute goober.

1490 days ago


The Lohan family is destroying the Lohan family. They are all losers and fame whores.

1490 days ago


Daddy's little paycheck.........
He's pissed Dina is getting her cut and he's not getting his.
Womenizer, convict, all around douche bag.
I still can't figure how he supports himself.
Child support, attorneys, rent, car, basic living without a gig.
How does he do it?

1490 days ago


At least it seems like Michael Lohan "has his heart in the right place". I guess. Not sure what his real motives are. Yes, some of it is probably a little fame and money. At least he's not being a total ENABLER like it appears that Dina has been.

BOTH of them have been inadequate in their parenting skills over the years and they know it. They should have read lots of books on parenting skills and how to be a good spouse and so forth about 10-15 years ago.

These days, there's DVDs on how to deal with problem kids and your marriage problems. It's not too late for Michael and Dina to try to help out the OTHER Lohan kids. They better get busy now. Ali is a 16 year old. They can just watch the DVDs on parenting over and over if they don't want to read through a pile of books. There's tons of stuff available on the internet for parents that have problem kids and have a poor marriage.

They need to USE the resources that are available. Just go to and type in "parenting". So do all the other bad parents out there in America. There's probably a lot of parents that are simply raising their kids the same way their own parents did ... and it is not the best way to do it. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself. If Michael wants to be a highly effective, professional rehab counselor he has a LOT to learn.

1490 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Tell you what...IF I EVER SEE THIS GUY AROUND LA OR ORANGE COUNTY I AM GOING TO KICK HIS ASS...I mean I am going to beat the living you know what out of him...Maybe get my 15 seconds of fame...

1490 days ago


Go to hell all of you pathetic losers!!!!!!!!!!!!

1490 days ago


What a putz...I wish EVERYONE would stop paying attention to him!

1490 days ago


Michael is a dum bass. Shawn works FOR LINDSAY. She doesn't get to do what she wants, she has to do her best to fulfill LINDSAY'S wishes.

And she did quit...but nobody else would take his precious angel so she had to come back.

1490 days ago


I'm on Mr. Lohan's side of late. First of all he did not go "nuclear" at the press conference. He wasn't even shouting. He looked and sounded anguished in my opinion. And these texts were not "threatening"...good grief, where does TMZ get these writers? He doesn't seem to get that Holley is just doing her job. That judge had no business locking her up without bail.

If I had been Lindsay, I would have just stayed in there since she's gonna have to do the time anyway...I almost think that the judge was testing Lindsay, to see if she would just take her lumps...obviously she didn't which is too bad.

1490 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     


1490 days ago


Her parents are destroying her life. she needs new people in her life not people who don't care about her well being she is young she will come around if she just ask god for help...And her mom needs to stop lying it's not good for the healing.

1490 days ago


Her parents are destroying her life. she needs new people in her life not people who don't care about her well being she is young she will come around if she just ask god for help...And her mom needs to stop lying it's not good for the healing.

1490 days ago


Would someone just run over this guy with a 16 wheeler, then reverse.

1490 days ago


can't they all just go away?

1490 days ago
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