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Lindsay Lohan Chooses Rehab

9/26/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan is about to re-enter rehab ... and it's her decision.

Sources with direct and specific knowledge of the situation tell TMZ Lindsay will enter a live-in facility outside of Los Angeles within days. Lindsay is now agonizingly aware she has an addiction problem and also acknowledges the reality -- addicts often backslide before they get better.

We're told Lindsay is telling people she doesn't want this type of life anymore. She says she wants to get better and wants to do whatever it takes at this point ... irrespective of what Judge Elden Fox does to her.


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blah blah blah

1489 days ago

LA me    

You know how to tell Lindsay has been driving through your neighborhood?? All the white lines down the middle of the street are missing!!

IMO, Until Lindsay truly wants to stop all her madness, rehab will not work. Her comment of being sent back to jail as "unfair" is just one case in point.

1489 days ago


You really CAN'T take the word of an addict or alcoholic when it comes to if they're using drugs or alcohol. Only pee in a cup on a random basis, preferably every day or so!

Maybe after a few years, then you can believe what comes out of their mouths. In the early years, the drugs and alcohol have a way of sneaking their way into the bodies of addicts and alcoholics.

It's like there's a parasite in their brain that screams for them to "gimme alcohol" or "gimme drugs" NOW !!! It tends to completely shut down their common sense, rational brain. Especially if they are stressed out or upset about something.

1489 days ago


LMAO!!!! words, words, words.....She has said this so many times. Shut up and prove it!!!!

1489 days ago


How many times does it take for rehab to work? I'm just confused, we have heard all this before, so now why will rehab work?

1489 days ago

Mark W    

put a line through re-enter and write re-re-re-enter rehab. Trainwreck

1489 days ago


When Lindsay goes to court on Oct 22nd all the judge will do is give her 30 days in jail, she will be out within hours. I'm giving Lindsay the benefit of the doubt, I believe her and the decision is hers which is even better. Why don't we all take a step back and give this girl time to breathe, give her the time she needs and lets hope the paps keep away, she needs privacy.

1489 days ago


She's only going into rehab to stay out of jail.

1489 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Two AA meetings. Threat of jail and the SCRAM adornment.
Now......she is choosing rehab.
On her own? Probably not, but one can hope she has reached her bottom and is ready for recovery.
Only time, not any person, will tell.
Of course she has given herself the relapse out. "It is okay, part of recovery."

1489 days ago


How many times does someone have to go to rehab before they get it? I've never been to a rehab facility (visiting or otherwise), but I'm beginning to think they are just money mills for doctors, psychologists, etc. Addiction is a personality disorder, not a physical problem. I know this as a fact because I've seen it in friends and family.

LL idolizes Marilyn Monroe. MM made it to 36 years of age. If this stint doesn't work for LL, I doubt she'll make it to that age.

1489 days ago


You don't get cured from addiction and you don't get better, every day for the rest of your life you must make the choice. There is no easy method, there's no savior it's just you. Every day. With six billion others, every day, choose to better. We can all learn something more about the journey we share. Accept what you've done, forgive yourself and find a way to go on.

1489 days ago

Jim in Cali    

well if this is true hopefully this will recover Lindsay. Living your life as a joke and a junkie is no way to live in my book.

1489 days ago


Ugh, here we go again.

Wait a minute...I thought she wasn't allowed to be around any known drug addicts!

1489 days ago


I've been saying here that my suspicion is that Lindsay has been doing all this stuff to force someone to make her get out of this life she's living -- because she doesn't know how to say to her "friends" and her family taht she doesn't want to deal with them anymore. I think she does want out -- but with Lindsay footing the bill for the partying and being the goose that lays the golden age for her mother, etc -- they're not about to help her bow out -- not unless they're forced or think that her career (e.g. "MONEY") is in jeopardy. To be fair, she's been under intense stress, has alcohol and drug issues -- and is probably very confused at this point. Lindsay has the money for rehab -- but remember that she also has pressures others with her problems don't -- like TMZ in her face and every move she makes under a microscope 24/7. It can't be easy or fun. It's been very sad watching all this -- I wish her all good things.

1489 days ago


I think the California penal system is a joke and is a farce when it comes to celebrities. Lindsay Lohan needs to get her act together and behave like an adult and take responsibility for her actions. Many of us have had addiction problems and took charge to conquer it, so she needs to do the same thing!

1489 days ago
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