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Lindsay Lohan Chooses Rehab

9/26/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan is about to re-enter rehab ... and it's her decision.

Sources with direct and specific knowledge of the situation tell TMZ Lindsay will enter a live-in facility outside of Los Angeles within days. Lindsay is now agonizingly aware she has an addiction problem and also acknowledges the reality -- addicts often backslide before they get better.

We're told Lindsay is telling people she doesn't want this type of life anymore. She says she wants to get better and wants to do whatever it takes at this point ... irrespective of what Judge Elden Fox does to her.


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Addition is a LIFETIME battle and the real work begins AFTER rehab. So forget this intense nonsense during rehab stuff. That will be a cake walk compared to all the temptations that await her after her stint. For rehab to work, an individual has to surrender mind, body and soul. Something Lindsay is just not willing to do. Staying clean involves learning to use the tools and coping skills to do just that for the rest of your life. Made tougher? Lindsay being able to constantly do that in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter. But all this above is useless without the addict hitting their "rock bottom." And Lindsay's is NOWHERE near in sight. Once the lies stop and are proven with actions, only then will she begin to be on the mend. However, I'm very doubtful of that ever happening. She's too flighty and spoiled to even comprehend reality.

1489 days ago


WHO REALLY CARES ...what she does...its all a game....

1489 days ago


Excellent. "Want to" instead of "Forced to" is the only way. AND .... "Willing to do whatever it takes" to boot. Thank you, Jesus!!!

1489 days ago


I hear vivid has a nice rehab program. Keeps your mouth full of different stuff , that way you can't put drugs in it.

1489 days ago


she is only doing this to save her firey crotch from jail time and the judge will be ****ing dumb enough to fall for it

1489 days ago

Mary Ann    

Linday's schedule:
2 weeks in rehab, 15th day come out sceeming, "I"m cured!"
16th day - "It's party time!!!"

1489 days ago


she is just scared of the jail she knows she is going back to, and rehab is her way of snaking out of it, you know, they will count her rehab days off her jail sentence, and um does she not have to wear the SCRAM while in rehab? so she is free to use in rehab, sneaky girl..

1489 days ago


she is only doing this for her court date coming up..nothing me a celeb who doesnt go to rehab when they get in trouble with drugs.

1489 days ago


Maybe its real, maybe its not. Keep in mind that she still has a court date in a month. She could just be doing this to try and win over the judge so she doesn't get more jail time.

1489 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

Right like all the other time in rehab helped her, the girl need to learn a lesson and get her ass thrown in jail for a long time, she might learn something .. then again we are talking about a lohan lol

1489 days ago


If she was serious about this, she wouldn't be making excuses and claiming how "unfair" the judge was. Clearly she's still got the self-entitled, clueless attitude she always has. And that means she'll ignore advice, treatment, etc. So rehab won't help yet. People have to heal emotions and attitude before they can heal an addiction. Also, this is strictly a manager-suggestion PR move and plotted legal defense. Her new people are no doubt PLANTING these stories about "how serious she is now", and WRITING her apologetic tweets for her. And now she's "voluntarily" entering rehab to look good to the public, and more importantly in an attempt to impress a judge so that when her hearing comes up her lawyer can argue that she's already recovered, and say that the stress of jail could cause her to relapse and going to rehab again would be redundant and unfair. I think her people really think that entering rehab now will be she'll skate (with nothing more than maybe community service) upon her next hearing.

1489 days ago


I know there is a lot of schadenfreude surrounding Lindsay . . . but I really hope she gets her life together. She is a real talent, and despite her recent antics, she could have a great future.

If it is really true that she finally realizes she has a problem, she is on the right path. If, however, it is just another BS PR effort or legal maneuver, then she is going to really have to hit bedrock before she gets better.

1489 days ago


Naked and alone Lindsay fights them to a draw...UCLA Medical Center said there was nothing wrong with her in August. Remember?

Now if the political/judicial system determines "addict"...this takes precedence over science. Well so much for science!

After years of Marsha Revelle hunting, at Lindsay's expence, for a facility to give the "addict" answer...maybe this is the one that will do it.

I guess after the years, Lindsay has given up and now will become Marsha Revelle's poster child for gov't mandated rehab.
This does disappont me.

"Gambling" is the new addiction fad...they say the next addiction fad is going to be "sex addiction"...just in time for Tiger Woods comeback.

Something to look forward to, you think? Strapping Tiger Woods to a board and playing with his genitals...maybe then they will leave the girls alone.

1489 days ago


I smoked cigarettes for over 50 years. I had one hellova time quitting. To say I was addicted is a understatement. I thank God it was only Nicotine I was addicted too. As long as I associated w/ friends that smoked was the one main reason I had a problem quitting.
Lohan is going to have to sever her connection w/ friends that do what she is hoping not to do any longer. May God smile upon her and give her the strength she will know doubt need to get her through this. God bless you Lindsay. I for one am here to cheer you on. Pay no attention to the jerks that post negative about you here.

1489 days ago


this isnt lindsay's idea, she doesnt realize she has a problem, its all a load of bull. she is only doing rehab to look good in front of the judge when he is just going to throw her back into jail. or at least attempt to.

1489 days ago
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