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Mel and Oksana -- Remember The Good Ol' Days

9/26/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson may be best know for hurling four-letter words at baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, but back when they first met ... he proclaimed his love for her in an embarrassingly intimate love letter.


TMZ has obtained the handwritten letter in which Mel begins, "To my sweet beautiful little Russian."  Sources connected to the couple tell us that Mel wrote this letter after spending a passionate week with Oksana in the beginning of their relationship.

Mel continues, "Firstly -- I LOVE YOU!!! ... I could never let you go ... I could derive more fulfillment from a mere thought of you than anyone could imagine."

The love letter is a glimpse into a time before protective orders and lawyer shopping -- when Mel seemed to care for Oksana unconditionally, writing "I'll have soul gasms and perhaps even orgasms thinking of you!"

The letter concludes with Mel stating that he feels like a "new man," and promising that "There is no way I will squander something so precious!"


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Bug probably cause of her eyes.

1455 days ago


I don't know Mel, you have very nice penmanship. I just don't get hooking up with a jr high drop out. No education must play hard on self worth.

1455 days ago


Can't help but feel just horrible for MG, OG continues to try and humiliate this man at every turn. If OG is trying to prove that MG loved her sure this note (maybe from MG) may show that there was love/lust on his part. Reading this made me feel like I was looking into someones underwear drawer, totally uncomfortable. Releasing this unconfirmed note, is merely another shovel-ful deeper in the deep hole of contempt may have for OG. Lets all hope that some major development derails OG extortion tactics very soon. OG and her PR team have sunk to an all time low. They are perpetuating her very bad and malicious energy.

1455 days ago



Posted at 1:56 AM on Sep 26, 2010 by FLO
Yeah we have. After being lied, manipulated, ridiculed, turned inside and out and found out that he had only been used for his money, he let loose. Everything he called her is what she is. Good for him.

1455 days ago


You have to be pretty desperate to leak love letters on an internet website to try and prove someone loved you. Thinking about it I am not sure who you are humiliating more yourself or the object of the letter. Guess that gold digging whore image is starting to cause a problem, Oinky the loved would be so much better. Better try and turn it around before they nail you with extortion? Her high priced lawyers and her PR person whom I would hope no one is paying, as well as she herself should just slither back into the woodwork where they belong. But alas they won't. Guess between all those geniuses not one of them can figure out less is more, and the more desperate you become the guiltier you look.

If nothing else we can figure out who put in the idiotic got to write a letter to break up and get back together clause in the co hab agreement. Little Miss Leaker, after all you never when you might need a good I dumped you letter.

And on a really bright note the book I'm sure she hopes to write and Horowitz can plug on TV will make as much as her CD. After we've seen it all for free why pay for it. I would hope that somewhere along the line Mel would write a book now that would be interesting. Given a choice between say Oinkys Me and the King- A Rear Love Story or Mels Albatross around my neck I know which one I'd pick.

1455 days ago


This is sad he really loved her, Oksana has no shame. She should hook up with Joe Jackson they are made for each other.

Team Mel

1455 days ago


Yes, Natalia was in Moscow with OG in April 2010. Here is the photo:

The article states that OG received immunity from the Supreme Court (of Los Angeles????) on 06/24/2010. Immunity from what?

1455 days ago



If Oksana hooked up with Michael Lohan, TMZ and Harvey would have their own Dream Team.

1455 days ago


The skank is hurting the woman who deserves all of Mel's love and affection and that is ROBYN. What a K unt this skank is. No one in Hollywood is going to touch her after this. NO ONE!

1455 days ago


This is another failed attempt to humanize Oksana. The more she shares, the worse she looks.

1455 days ago


@ Sweetheart
"if this letter was form him it will be from janaury 2009.. 23-24 jan 09.

he saw her again onthe 11-12 fo february and they broke up a week later LOLOL!!"

Check facts. He has already bought her the house by January 2009 so this letter is from way earlier.

1455 days ago


LOL! the skank is the fatter sister!!

1455 days ago


How much money did she get for this one?

1455 days ago


So we are to assume "Me",and "Zorro", are Mel in undated notes?

He is gonna have Soul gasms? and orgasms? That was really a catchy phrase "I'm not pissing in your pocket"

Does she understand that after she completly destroys him..there is no more money to come in? Does she comprehend that when she kills the golden goose..their are no more eggs?

1455 days ago


Mel loved OG at one point in time before he knew where she was coming from...many of us knew that from day one. So what's the point of this letter? To show that he did love her? We already knew this.

TMZ, there is no date on this letter. Therefore, what impact does it have on the legal issues and questions surrounding the DV and extortion cases? I don't get why TMZ is running this particular article.

1455 days ago
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