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Mel and Oksana -- Remember The Good Ol' Days

9/26/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson may be best know for hurling four-letter words at baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, but back when they first met ... he proclaimed his love for her in an embarrassingly intimate love letter.


TMZ has obtained the handwritten letter in which Mel begins, "To my sweet beautiful little Russian."  Sources connected to the couple tell us that Mel wrote this letter after spending a passionate week with Oksana in the beginning of their relationship.

Mel continues, "Firstly -- I LOVE YOU!!! ... I could never let you go ... I could derive more fulfillment from a mere thought of you than anyone could imagine."

The love letter is a glimpse into a time before protective orders and lawyer shopping -- when Mel seemed to care for Oksana unconditionally, writing "I'll have soul gasms and perhaps even orgasms thinking of you!"

The letter concludes with Mel stating that he feels like a "new man," and promising that "There is no way I will squander something so precious!"


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Something's not right. There is a break between pages 1 and 2. It looks like something was chopped off the bottom of page 1 when making the pdf.

There are also colorings that are different, although that may be coming from my laptop. Some pages have a definite blue tinge. I've never had that happen viewing pdf files though.

He was definitely smitten at this point. But then that is hardly newsworthy.

1490 days ago


He was definitely smitten at this point. But then that is hardly newsworthy.

Posted at 5:22 AM on Sep 26, 2010 by ThinkingWoman


Hi think! :-) I agree...this letter only shows what we knew all along. I don't get the point of the letter at all...especially, since there is no date on the letter. It makes Mel look better in the eyes of the world...he loved her before he realized who and what she is.

1490 days ago


I do not believe this letter is from Mel
I think it is just a dirty tactic from dirty lawyer
just another media nail into Mel

On Sunday Oct. 6, while Susan was away, Felix Polk phoned a criminal lawyer, friend Barry Morris, to say he feared for his life. Felix told him he was embarrassed that his wife of 20 years, the mother of his three youngest sons, wanted to kill him, and he, a therapist, was incapable of stopping her. Morris urged him to ask for police protection.
Susan returned home Thursday Oct. 10. Felix moved to a hotel. The next day, he obtained a court order giving him possession of the house and custody of the children. His monthly payment to Susan was reduced to $1,700.

Recognizing how incendiary his action was, Felix called his grown son and daughter from his first marriage to say he was afraid that his wife was going to shoot him. Sheriff's investigators said the daughter told them her father had left a voice mail message that Friday saying "things were getting critical and that Susan had threatened to kill him. She said she never got back to her father and then learned of his death."
Susan's defense attorney, Daniel Horowitz, claims that she had long been a battered wife under the physical and emotional control of Felix. The defense claims Felix Polk had a history of mental illness and he was not taking his medication at the time of his death.

Out-Of-Control Rage
Polk's defense attorneys will try to show that Felix Polk would fly into a rage when he felt he was losing control of his wife and that he used his sons to try to maintain control over Susan. The defense claims he was in one of these rages when Susan Polk stabbed him five times to defend herself.

The prosecution paints a different picture of Susan Polk, claiming she was calm and collected on the night of his murder and took steps to cover up her involvement in his death.

Evidence Destroyed?
Prosecutor Tom O'Connor claims Susan Polk acted guilty after her husband's death and changed her story after physical evidence placed her inside the pool house. She first denied having anything to do with the murder, O'Connor said.

O'Connor said Susan got rid of the clothes that she wore the night of the murder and disposed of the murder weapon, which still has not be found. He says she also moved her husband's car to a BART station to mislead investigators and her son, Gabriel, who found his father's body and called police.

During the opening statements of the trial, "Horowitz stated that expert testimony would be presented concerning Felix Polk's mental history," McCulough continues. "He stated that the evidence would show that Felix Polk had a narcissistic personality disorder with grandiose features. Horowitz said that the defense would show that deep down Felix Polk had great insecurity, gaping holes in his personality that led to delusions interspersed with violence and rage."

A defiant Susan Polk refused to express remorse or ask for mercy before she was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the stabbing death of her psychotherapist husband in their pool house in 2002.

1490 days ago


Are we reading this to convince ourselves that she's not the crazy b*tch extortionist we all think of her as? Somehow, leaking a private letter just reinforces to me what a puke she really is.

Morning, everybody!

1490 days ago


just a thought

narcissistic personality disorder with grandiose features
that is Oksana!

1490 days ago


narcissistic personality disorder with grandiose features
that is Oksana!

Posted at 5:47 AM on Sep 26, 2010 by canook

You nailed it.

1490 days ago


Oh, man! NEVER give a lovelorn Irishman a pen and paper and tell him to write a love letter.

Mel! Stab your eye out with that pen!

Although I have to say "the rest of your very well tabernacled spirit" is an AWESOME line.

All the religious connotations... the seeking goodness and beauty in there... the blindness that she was NOT vulnerable at all. That she would wound HIM. Narcissists are wonderful at turning themselves into just what the mark needs in order to get what they want. She played the part.

Poor deluded Mel. And that line in there that bespoke his downfall: I'll call, I'll text... DON'T DO IT MEL! SHE WILL SAVE THEM AND PUBLISH THEM FOR THE WORLD TO READ SOMEDAY!

Oxana singlehandedly has destroyed what was left of romance in Hollywood. Mel just became the last man stupid enough to write love letters and text a girlfriend.

How many ladies would like to get such a letter... his enthusiasm for who he thought she was.

Those with no experience with a narcissist.... you need to know one thing: They start out as the answer to every hope and dream you have. They make you delirious with happiness. (If something sounds too good to be true, watch out!) But when the mask comes off, your disillusionment and anger is JUST as great. And you are angriest at yourself for having been taken for a fool and deceived.

There is no imbalance in Mel. It's a very very common cycle with the victims of narcissists. And yes, MEL is the victim here. SHE stalked and preyed on HIM and got HIM wound around the axle about her. It was all calculated like a predator and prey. You can see in this letter that HE really cared about HER in the beginning. All she had was dollar signs in her eyes. Good ol Pyotr must have been laughing his arse off when he read this letter... score!

1490 days ago


Her choice of attorney is certainly experienced dealing with these types of cases. Eerily similar.

1490 days ago


I can see Ox the preteen cyber bully is at it again.

What stood out to me the most "Your vulnerability is something I want to put my arms around and secure as well as the rest your well tabernacled spirit." I guess she played the "I'm so vulnerable, I need to be cared for and protected" card just like those Russian bride sites. Mel didn't know then that the only place her spirit was tabernacled was in hell.

The release of this letter says more about Ox than it does Mel. It makes her look like a shallow, desperate, cruel, immature, egomaniac releasing something so private. And it only succeeds in making Mel look human and under the influence of mind-blowing sex and emotional manipulation.

1490 days ago


Does she understand that after she completly destroys him..there is no more money to come in? Does she comprehend that when she kills the golden goose..their are no more eggs?

Posted at 5:12 AM on Sep 26, 2010 by gonesi
She is so consumed with rage at being rejected and not getting the payday that she thought was coming to her, that no, I don't think she can't even see what she is doing.

1490 days ago


Thanks to her own doings and tapings and selling and realeasing.,.

Writing like this makes me fall out of my chair laughing and this is why I love Sweets! Sweets, you are funny as crap!

1490 days ago


She is so consumed with rage at being rejected and not getting the payday that she thought was coming to her, that no, I don't think she can't even see what she is doing.

Posted at 5:58 AM on Sep 26, 2010 by Catnip

Which makes me wonder what the lawyers are getting the big bucks for. Even if SHE can't see what an idiot she is for shooting herself in the foot, you'd think a detached lawyer would see what it's doing.

1490 days ago


Oh, man! NEVER give a lovelorn Irishman a pen and paper and tell him to write a love letter.

Posted at 5:53 AM on Sep 26, 2010 by kpacota

-------------------------------------------- the very best of ways. Mel is so creative...this letter shows that extraordinary spirit of his. This letter also shows his vulnerability and caring. Such a shame that a man like this was bamboozled and used by OG.

I am embarrassed for him because this letter is now online. This was a very private love letter to the woman he thought he loved, and has no bearing whatsoever on the DV and extortion cases. Whoever released this to TMZ should be ashamed of themselves. I won't post any more messages on this particular thread.

1490 days ago

ZB nothing private?...if releasing all these private things is supposed to make her look good...its just the opposite...there is absolutely no reason for this to be in the public.

1490 days ago


The skank is hurting the woman who deserves all of Mel's love and affection and that is ROBYN. What a K unt this skank is. No one in Hollywood is going to touch her after this. NO ONE!

Posted at 4:48 AM on Sep 26, 2010 by barnswella

Yes, and all his family.

Oki is just a putrid little blatter of silicone spewing hatred and venom on everything that was good in his life.

I wish the Judge would call her in and fine her right on the spot. Or throw her whole case out!

1490 days ago
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