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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehabbing ... Her Image

9/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan did something for others yesterday by visiting the Dream Center homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

As we first reported, Lindsay will check into a live-in rehab center for addiction in the next few days ... so she says.



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I don't care what Lohan does. Her life does not affect me in the least. I am bored with the fact that people think her actions are news.

1494 days ago


Please. This girl is a self focused witch with no regard for others or for herself - except for her drug.

1494 days ago


She goes to a homeless shelter, and passes out purses from her clothing line!

She wore her clothing line to court. She thinks this is a game. One big chance for her to get free publicity.

And what did the homeless ever do to her? Poor people, they already have so much to deal with.

This pr stunt just proves how delusional she actually is...she believes that homeless teens would want her autograph and hag bags. That she is some kind of role model for them to look up to and is doing them a favor by gracing them with her presence.

Her narcissim is on an epic scale.

1494 days ago


Anybody gullible enough to swallow this load of overwrought baloney? This ludicrously token attempt at doing something decent is WAY too little, WAY too late, and no substitute for actually getting sober!

1494 days ago


Her publicist arranges a photo opportunity at a homeless shelter and we're all suddenly supposed to think the mean girl isn't a complete douche? This is as fake as her so-called humanitarian efforts in India which ultimately resulted in her no longer being welcome in India. Lindsay Lohan means fake. Fake hair, fake tan, fake nails, fake lips, fake compassion, fake behavior, fake human. The only one who believes her publicist is Lindsay.

1494 days ago

Landon D    

Well it's obvious that the only thing stopping her from completely revisiting the "old days" is the standing court order. I think the real problem that most people are overlooking is that her addiction isn't likely based in narcotics. It's the whole lifestyle that her peers are engaged in. As a person who has beaten a 13 year meth addiction, I can tell you... Lose your "friends" and you'll do much better. However, in Hollywood (and her age group) that may be asking a bit more than she is prepared to give. I for one couldn't imagine having to give up what, in my mind (as a young famous addict), is such a fun and glamorous lifestyle. When I quit the drugs, looking back at the very UNglamourous life I was living made it a bit easier for me to do so.

1494 days ago


Remember Folks, there is a whole Generation of young people out there who are just like her and you don't have to look very far to find them. The Decline Of Western Civilization as we know it!

1494 days ago


Hollywood manipulates these people into believing that they're "special" but are their motives nothing short of the bottom line? In a sense, Hollywood promotes failure like hers. It's a beast that feeds on the weak. Chewing them up and spitting them out. All without the slightest inclincation of a concscience. It uses and abuses. And subsequently creates users and abusers. That's why LL is dysfunctional, delusional and was destined for destruction from the moment of conception, imo. She is clearly a worst case scenario (as was many others such as RD Jr.) as she is seemingly bereft of guidance, intestinal fortitude and most importantly, self worth.
To grasp unconditionally onto what little hope there is left for her in order to live a life with real "substance" and purpose has never been more palpable. However, the chances of it happening in the steely arms of Hollywood Hell offers less than an iota of encouragement. One cannot expect change within the same environment as they are wanting to make a change. Best of luck towards a healthy outcome. She's gonna need all she can get.

1494 days ago


Shut UP. Just shut up TMZ. This girl is a looser. Any other normal person would be in jail. For the crap that she got away with, any of us, including the writer, editor of this stupid article would be in the slammer for our full 30-60... days and not be running around like some dimestore floosy. She's a looser. Just because you Tweet that your going to do good stuff doesn't mean that you're head's in the game. How stupid are you folks!? Apparently...Very stupid.

1494 days ago

jek 27    

where:s the bracelet?

1494 days ago


They don't realize that everyone can see through this and will likely reason that this was the workings of a PR firm? Why can't she just go to rehab? Stop with this "Look at what I do for others" ****, it's not going to change anyone's opinions. The only thing that will help is if she really tries to get better, comes back and keeps her head in the right place. That is literally the ONLY thing she can do-they need to stop wasting everyone's time with this "giving back" bull****, cut to the chase, get help and pray you don't get thrown back in jail for another 3 days.

1494 days ago


I don't have any problem with her visiting the homeless, feeding the hungry, or going to rehab...after she does a month or more in jail! She did coke while on probation and being drug tested, her stupidity is monumental!

Not a sentence of 30 days, that would get her about 6 actual days. I want her sentenced to enough time so she actually serves 30 days or more.

1494 days ago


About the pictures from the Daily Mail: the ones of her kissing Paris look legit and don't shock me at all. The ones of her with the needle look like someone who just looks like Lohan, honestly... It doesn't look, at least to me, like that is really Lindsay...especially the last one.

The first picture of "her" injecting herself is really heartbreaking though, but she'd have had to be supremely f*cked up to let someone take a picture of her doing that-that would have taken a serious lapse in judgment but I guess her judgment doesn't seem to be top notch in general...

I'm leaning toward photoshopped/not real on the drug pictures, definitely real on the kissing pictures.

1494 days ago



The pictures you mention are actually stills taken from a video shot at a party. So if one of the still is actually Lohan then all of them are. If you have some time to do a search you'll find comments left on the Internet back in 2007 from people who were actually at the party where the video was shot who are expressing concern that Lindsay was shooting up drugs.

I think the person in this thread who said that Paris was behind this video is probably right. I bet Paris released this video to make the press focus more on Lindsay's drug problems than with her own drug problems.

1494 days ago

Alan Carver    


This chick is undeniably in denial and delusional. Why NOW after days OUT of REHAB are you getting the PAP's to follow you to a HOMELESS SHELTER?

All this does is show Judge Fox that she is PATHETIC, DELIBERATELY TRYING TO SWAY his decision to throw her back in JAIL (WHERE SHE BELONGS) on Oct 22nd.

She is a PATHETIC, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, CHRONIC RELAPSER and is trying to MINIMIZE the damage but this JUDGE WILL NOT STOOP to the poop level that is LOHAN and let her off! She is going to JAIL!

She needs JAIL she need to be PERMANENTLY REVOKED OFF PROBATION SO SHE CAN GO BACK TO HER drug riddled, pill-popping BOOZE BAG ways!

She is NOT FOOLING ANYONE! Just another trailer white piece of trash trying to improve her image when she has NO redeeming qualities left . . . why bother! Just throw this piece of garbage in jail!

1494 days ago
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