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Lindsay Lohan:

I'm Of Sound Mind,

and I Didn't Do It!

9/28/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is fighting back at a company that sued her for allegedly stealing spray tan secrets, and she insists two things -- she's of sound mind, and she's not a spray tan thief.

Lindsay's lawyers filed a motion -- obtained by TMZ -- to dismiss a lawsuit filed by White Wave International Labs. According to the federal suit, White Wave claims a company called Lorit stole its "secret formula" for a spray tanning product.  Lindsay, who was a spokesperson for Lorit, was also named as a defendant in the suit filed in a Tampa, Florida federal court.

In her motion to dismiss, Lindsay submitted a declaration in which she says, "Although I have been a spokesperson for Lorit, LLC, and its Sevin Nyne product, I had no involvement in where or how the Sevin Nyne product is marketed and sold or in the marketing strategy for the product."

Lindsay's lawyers also want the case dismissed on grounds the Florida court has no jurisdiction over LiLo. In her declaration, Lindsay says, "Although I occasionally visit Florida for pleasure, I have never had any acting jobs in Florida ... "

Lindsay also says, "I am of sound mind."  Discuss amongst yourselves.


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Nothing about HER surprizes me!

1449 days ago


This is getting beyond stupid. Lindsay was involved in advertising the product but no where was she involved in constructing the formula! Bless her, I doubt if she would know what a formula was if you held it up in her face LMAO! This opens the door for any non principled company to sue ANYONE who advertises a product. Oprah, George, Ellen, all other celebrities and models who helped promote anything, hold on to your hats! LOL

1449 days ago


For the last several years - AND the foreseeable future - it seems that the State of California (and in all probability the United States in its entirety) has no jurisdiction over the snatch, either. Right, NICOLE?

1449 days ago


Funny how she didn't address the claim of theft!

1449 days ago


I highly doubt she is a mastermind chemist who developed her own tanning spray formula regardless of whether or not she claimed to have helped invent it. She is just a spokesperson who likes to take credit for the success of her projects. There is no way this will hold in court. Whatever, people love to kick others when they're down. She's an addict. It is a devastating illness and she is famous because underneath all of her baggage she is beautiful, talented, tragic, and fascinating. If she gets clean she will be successful. I am going to wait a year and then see what people are saying.

1449 days ago


@ Post 31 Lindsay was involved in promoting the product but at no time was she involved in its makeup. This matter first arose in 2009. She released a statement on her twitter page (old twitter acc if I remember) from the MD of the company and that person said the formula was theirs alone. Based on the MD's statement Lindsay said their accusation was false.

For goodness sake, Lindsay is a talented girl but a science grad creating tanning products she ain't! If you showed her a formula she would probably sketch a dress over it. I doubt she knows the content of any tanning product Enough already.

1449 days ago


Because she is simply associated with the product she will be named. Sean Astin was named in a lawsuit for the death of a stunt crew member on a movie he was a co-producer on (which basically means he helped fund the movie). They just name the celebrity to get some added publicity.

1449 days ago


Sticky fingers lifts something at every photo shoot
Did they ever recover the missing $400,000 Dior jewelry?

1449 days ago


@Jay: '...and an 8 ball in a pear tree! HAHAHA! I would add to Lindsey's 12 days of Xmas:

12 photogs flashing
11 vodkas swilling
10 cigarettes burning
9 extensions matting
8 debts outstanding
7 lawsuits pending
6 relatives leeching

1449 days ago


@38-I'm being sarcastic. Lohan couldn't come up with the formula to make mud. However, she did in fact declare numerous times that she helped with this tanning formula-one of many lies I know-but still a lie just the same. Also, I can't understand why anyone would want her to endorse a tanning product as she looks ridiculous most of the time with that fake orange skin. She could make millions endorsing adult sex toys or posing for Hefner. She should look into that.

1449 days ago

AutumnFairy She might have been getting on our nerves lately but it doesn't mean she is now a thief. Unless proven otherwise I consider her innocent.

1449 days ago


Lindsay isn't accused of anything. She has been named because she advestised the product. Her name is mentioned because of that and for publicity of course.

@Post 40. LMAO do you really think Lindsay in some way got into the Lab in Florida, rifled through the scientific do***ents and formulas and came up with the one on tanning procedures? LMAO!!!
Maybe you should be locked up.

1449 days ago

Tom Jones    

Spray-tanning has "secrets"?

1449 days ago


What is this? The Lindsay Lohan channel? She is not news! Give it up, TMZ. Every article, every day does not need to be about her. We don't care about every stupid detail of every single day. It's getting boring to come to this site.

Remember what they used to say about children? Some people always need attention. Negative attention is better than NO attention. Well, I disagree.

Move on, already.

1449 days ago

Big D    

Having met a few manipulative,sick people like this myself,because that's what they are is sick,I feel NO sympathy for her shena****ns at all...put her away someplace before the 'stupid' bitch kills someone and oh yeah she will blame someone or something else for her problems.Get over yourself sweety you ain't all that hot.

1449 days ago
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