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Lindsay Lohan -- Return of the SCRAM

9/27/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been reunited with her favorite accessory ... her SCRAM bracelet.

As we first reported, part of the conditions of Lindsay's bail is that she has to wear the bracelet again.

Third time's a charm (2010, 2007).


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WOW! I'm going to be 43 yrs old soon and I can proudly say I DON"T LOOK AS OLD AS SHE DOES!

1457 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan was calling around the pap agencies all weekend trying to get $10,000 up front to pose up in the SCRAM bracelet," a reliable insider tells "All of the major players passed, and she ended up doing the setup with a small agency."

Adds the source, "She was pimping it out all weekend, looking for 10 grand, but who wants to deal with that headache?"

1457 days ago



I wonder if she is getting paid for these pictures?

Posted at 7:26 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by chris


Yes, she was paid. Lindsay herself scouted around all weekend for a buyer for the picture but her asking price of $10,000 was too much. Apparently a smaller agency eventually purchased the photo. I don't know how much she was paid.

The story is on another news site.

1457 days ago


So what...she is wearing the SCRAM, that might be ok for the booze passing her lips, but it ain't gonna detect the SMACK shot in her veins.

1457 days ago

for now    

Beautiful supermodel Ali and gorgeous superstar Lindsay continue keeping busy
and earning millions of dollars while the ugly haters keep staring at them and then
complain that they don't like the lovely Lohan sisters.

1457 days ago



1457 days ago


What? She's not covering it up with thigh high boots?? and what is this reports - she "chooses" rehab? over what? Death? She's a player - will always be a player. And she is addicted to alcohol as well. she is a drug addict and alcoholic.
She should be in rehab right now. What are they waiting for? She has a problem - many of them.. too many to count... She needs to be in rehab or jail NOW. “F” her lawyer, her father, her mother - all these people are enabling her addictions. The judge "Fox" was smart tossing her in jail without bail. She should have spent at least a week in jail. Suck it sweetie.

1457 days ago

yeah right    

ok, once again this Lindsay in rehab BS is a waste of everyones time, she has proven to the world time and time again that she is not going to change and that she is going to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. I usually have sympathy for people that have an addiction, but most people that I've known who were addicts/alcoholics went through very traumatic experiences, most were either war veterans or had gone through sexual abuse as a child, Lindsay is just another hollywood junkie who thinks they are above the law, they should have just kept her in jail, no bail and throw her in general population, then she will probably learn her lesson and never do anything illegal again cause she will be too scared to go back to jail and get beat up by the other inmates. Lindsay really needs to get with it and stop blaming everyone in the world but herself for her problems. I hope they aren't giving Lindsay her "prescriptions" in rehab too, she is not sober if she is taking Adderal or pain killers, Adderal is like her legal cocaine and the pain killers are her legal herion, she has no hope though, she won't last long, it already looks like she is knocking on deaths door anyway, she is in her 20's and looks like she is in her 40's.

1457 days ago


to #120 - I completely agree with you.

1457 days ago


OMH! Give it a rest, this crap of we should feel sorry for her? She made her bed, no one forced her to do drugs. She had a choice. And she does look like ass. Thats what happens when you live a life of shame. So shut up with the crap of "walk in her shoes" etc. etc. CHOICES PEOPLE! CHOICES!

1457 days ago


HA! The little tweeker thinks it is a fashion excessory!

1457 days ago


Anyone else get this special kind of treatment when they get drugged up, boozed up, and break the law? Just let the spoiled over-previledge brat OD like the rest of em, and be done with it.

1457 days ago


$10,000 for this, TMZ??

1457 days ago
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