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MJ's Ex-Bodyguard -- Blanket Might Be My Son

9/27/2010 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Michael Jackson's ex-bodyguards has come out with a video statement, claiming he has reason to believe that Blanket is his biological son -- a fact that, he says, MJ even confirmed himself.

29-year-old Matthew Fiddes made the statement after court docs allegedly leaked, describing how he donated sperm to MJ back in 2001-- sperm that may have been used to conceive Blanket Jackson ... who was born in '02.

0927_Blanket_getty_sm_02Despite several coincidences -- the 2001 sperm donation, the resemblance -- Fiddes claims he's still not 100% sure of his paternity ... telling TMZ, "As far as I'm concerned, Michael Jackson is the father."

As for custody -- Matt tells us, "If anything happened to Mrs. Jackson, I think Tito Jackson and his sons would be best suited to look after Michael's children." He adds, "I don't want to create a war with the Jacksons again about something so private."


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lili-MJ did not do anything,it was the media all MJ did was try to protect his children.This guy does not look anything like ANY of the children. MJ is their biodad,accept it and move on

1487 days ago


Stop the bull ok you not getting no money you aint going to get Blanket he looks like Micheal go find a job or somebody else to con leave the Jacksons along you people made Micheal life hell with all the bull leave his damn kids along they could care less what the hell you think they know there Dad so step off jerk

1487 days ago


What we are to observe is in a way MJ's fault... If he had fathered his own children or at least had chosen a doner of black orgin no one would keep asking questions.
Now we can only make assumtions why.....was it because he was infertile or he didnt want his children to be black.

1487 days ago


What we are to observe is in a way MJ's fault... If he had fathered his own children or at least had chosen a doner of black orgin no one would keep asking questions.
Now we can only make assumtions why.....was it because he was infertile or he didnt want his children to be black.

Posted at 5:07 AM on Sep 28, 2010 by Ewelina

We know from the autopsy that Michael was NOT infertile. That is a FACT. Proven.

And those children are most likely Michael´s biological offspring. Each of them have features which point to that.
But that is not our business.

1487 days ago


Mchael's been dead for over a year now, let his kids and I mean his kids find a life without their father. Michael is the only dad they have ever known and to say when Mrs. Jackson dies you and Mark will go to court to take the kids is damn heartless. You both are heartless bastards.

1486 days ago


.Look back at the people who have made these claims:
Klein-being sued,media whore,is in desperate need of money,klein can't have kids,and he never said he donated to MJ,he said he donated to a sperm bank,hell he couldn't even sell his uglyass car without using MJs name.
Lester-washed up hasbeen actor,from the early 1990s threw 2002 had no contact with MJ,his ex-wife even stated he was lying(yet people brushed her off),only made the claims after the Jackson's cut off contact with him,admitted he only made the claim to keep in contact,the daughter lester claims Paris looks like just so happens to want to be a model(what a better way to get your face splashed around the world)
Fiddles-In his interview done I believe it was last year he said he never met MJ until after 2002(now he claims to be the father of one of the childre),he just so happens to be opening a new martial arts studio(again what a better way to get known)
The names the media has thrown out there as being the "father" were:Mac Culkin,Miko Brando,Omer Bhatti-and these men deny this,even stating this is a rumor,yet again people dismiss the men denying these rumors.
Now how so many men can be the father of the same children? They can't! They are MJs biological children.

1486 days ago


#148-stealing names,thats not nice.Get over yourself,MJ was proud of his AA heritage,those are his kids,he just took some time off to raise his family.MJ didn't lie,the media always has to twist things and put any negative spin on a story.

1486 days ago


My vote for Father of Blanket is still Miko Brando. The little boy looks just like a mini-Miko.

1486 days ago


My vote for Father of Blanket is still Miko Brando. The little boy looks just like a mini-Miko.

Posted at 6:35 PM on Sep 28, 2010 by openyun

umm,no. Blanket looks just like MJ.

1486 days ago


He respects Michael ?
Oh really...
Backed into a corner ?
Oh really...
Did the jerk ever consider Blanket and Prince, Paris and
Mrs.Jackson when he opened his big mouth with his 1/2- _ _ _ _ _ _
prediction ?
Wouldn't matter if it were true or not because Michael will always be Blanket's real father.

1486 days ago

Jane (England)    

The claim by Mark Lester's ex-wife that Michael and Mark had not spoken to each other since the early 90s is an absoloute lie. Even if it was true, and they hadn't spoken since say for instance 1991, and as you say, they didn't get in touch until just before Michael's death, that would mean that the pair hadn't spoken for 18 years! LIE.
As I have pointed out to you before in previous posts, Mark donated his sperm to a London clinic in late 1996. in 2002, Mark was also staying with Michael when he dangled the baby from the balcony incident-remember? Michael & Mark were very good friends, Mark was also godparent to Michael's kids. Whenever Michael was in London, Mark met up with him and the families, Mark even took all of Michael's kids shopping. Early in 2009, Michael came to London and took his and Mark's kids to see the musical Oliver. You can also find photos of the last ever Christmas Michael had, he is clearly seen with Mark and all the kids, posing happily for photos.
You can believe what you want, but if the pair hadn't spoken for at least 18 years, then Mark couldn't have known any of Michael's children!!!
Mark was at the Staples Centre for the memorial, because Paris saw him there and she spoke to him briefly.
The Jackson's only severed all ties with Mark AFTER he made those claims that he was the biological father to Paris.
Since Michael's death, his siblings have always maintained that DNA would NOT be carried out to determine whether Michael was the biological father to the children.
Those kisd adored Michael, whether he was their real dad or not, it doesn't matter, they along with many true fans miss him terribly.
One thing is for sure, the person that knows the truth, took that secret with him to his grave.

1486 days ago

Lee lee    

Once again...the time Zones are killing me. I'll be on in the morning. Oz time LOL. Keep the faith people ; )

See you in the morning....or midnight........hugs to you all x

Posted at 4:44 AM on Sep 29, 2010 by Lee lee

1486 days ago


Jane (England)-it does not matter when lester was cut off the point is he is a liar,yes even his ex-wife said he was full of it.Also I never said they hadn't spoken until his death,I said they did speak from the early 1990s until after 2002! Which is AFTER all the children would have been born! I'm sure the family knows the truth,those kids are 100%Jackson's.

1486 days ago

Modest Scotland    

I am replying to your comment Jane as I think you want to get your facts right.Mark Lester was on GMTV 19th Nov 2003 and in his own words MJ got in touch with him during the nineties to see if he could relate to him being famous so young.He lost touch and never gained contact again till 2002.Wish GMTV would re-air it and show the god dam slime up for what he is.But you are right about 1 thing MJ did buy him & his family lots of gifts & free air fairs.Why u think this guy waited so long b4r coming out with this crap coz they all in cahoots including Uri Gellar.What will they come up with next?Cant believe they bring their own children in2 this it shows how greedy and shallow they are.God bless Michael Jackson's kids.

1486 days ago


Modest Scotland-thanks,I wish could find that interview.

1486 days ago
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