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Michael Jackson's Son -- Healing the World

9/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's son Prince is taking after his father -- TMZ has learned the 13-year-old went on a field trip last Thursday ... but instead of going to a museum or an aquarium, dude packed food for starving children.


It was all part of a charity event organized by The Buckley School -- we're told Prince and his classmates stopped by an L.A. warehouse owned by the Children's Hunger Fund ... and assembled over 500 20-pound boxes for children in Peru.

According to sources, the boxes contained all kinds of food -- including canned goods, beans, rice, and pasta.



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Tammy LM    

Excuse me but Prince does not have vitiligo. His spots vanished over the last year. All he has is one spot left under his arm. It's already all over the internet that he had a skin fungal infection called Tinai Versid or something. Thats why all his neck spots cleared up. Michael didn't really have vitiligo either. He was bleaching. Everyone who was close to Michael during the eighties knows this. Don't be so stupid. You think Michael's gonna really admit to bleaching? He was always gonna stick by that skin illness story. He was full of it. Wait til the trial and it all comes out in the open. Theirs gonna be a lot of heartbroken fans out there crying that Michael was a liar.

1457 days ago


Are we picking on 13 year old kids now? It doesn't matter who the kid looks like. He is obviously a nice kid, we can tell that from everything we have heard about him so far. His Dad, whatever you may think of him, obviously raised him & his siblings well. The boy did a nice thing by helping these kids, let's just leave it at that.

1457 days ago


Michael a lot of nasty things have been said about you by hateful people who is immersed in jealousy of you, but you know what Mike? Those same haters can NEVER walk in you shoes. God did indeed have your back, I know it was hard fighting against the evil forces (the tabloids mainly the British and the MJ haters) Your character, your humility and your teaching of what is most important in life to your kids, and they are yours, is now being shone through them. All the evidence shows that you were an awesome dad to have such well mannered and caring kids. That is a rare find in Hollywood where 99.9% of the rich and famous have snooty spoilt and drug out brats. Instead you taught your manners and humility. You did an excellent May God protect them from evil and may your light shine through them always. Jehovah God I ask you in the name of Jesus to cover MJ's kids with the blood of Jesus and keep them from harm, danger, drugs and evil influences. I love you Michael, I love you More!!!

1457 days ago


The reports of the MJ's autopsy confirmed that Michael Jackson had vitiligo,now Tammy LM wants to refuse the coroner report..O_o OK hater!Get a life instead of spreading lies and slandering people!Are you perfect or what the ****???At least Michael Jackson helped millions of children around the world,thanks to MJ,they received food and education ,so they could one day rule the world..Just like he did to his biological kids or not,he was the one who raised them,who fed him,who loved them and taught them that helping people is what everyone should do!!!

1457 days ago


Tammy LM, Jemma and all you MJ haters, if you hate MJ so much then why are you always reading any and every thing about him. Cant you find something constructive to do with your lives other than to wake up every day looking for something on MJ. You are truly pathetic, but then dont tell me as Kelly Rowland said haters never take a vacation because Michael was everything they wish they could be (handsome, kind, caring, humble, sensitive, intelligent, business like,and the list goes on). So go ahead, while the money is rolling in for MJ because he sowed goodness and now according to the law of sowing and reaping, he is reaping his just reward in monetary blessings and God is enlarging his territory in every way possible, so go ahead and hate on him you pathetic, broke, sorry losers. MJ you dont have to car anymore about the haters. We you fans will never stop loving you. WE LOVE YOU, We LOVE YOU WE LOVE YOU over and over until the end of time.

1457 days ago


WOW..a tabloid actually posting a GOOD story, and not using the term "Jacko"...

And the story gets lots of hits because of Michael. Imagine if they had posted all the stories of all the good things Michael did..those would have gotten hits too..

I hope they will post some redeeming stories about will only help them.

1457 days ago


Tammy LM you are full of lies.

Arnie Klein has even confirmed that MJ did indeed have the vitilogo disease and as well as Lupus. It is even confirmed in MJ's autopsy report that the man definitely had the vitilogo skin disease. Go read it for yourself.

Michael went through a re-pigmentation process for his skin because his condition was so severe. & of course he had to use certain special kinds of bleaching creams on his skin to help treat his vitilogo. Many patients with vitilogo use bleaching creams.

1457 days ago


deep down the tabloids want MJ to be alive..they have to resort to stories about 2nd rate "celebs" like Linsay Lohan (yawn).

They didn't appreciate him and perhaps they realize that now.

1457 days ago


***ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***



1457 days ago


People post the dumbest stuff on here. This is TMZ!! A site that reports stuff surrounding CELEBS. MJ's kid fits in with the type of stuff TMZ would talk about. So WHY, some of you are posting, "what about the other kids", makes no sense. It said his school was doing the damn thing so that is their credit. WTF would TMZ say Bobby Ray Noballs, child of Karen Hairytit, was seen volunteering for the school. Nobody knows them!!

And why the hell do so many people even care if these are MJ's kid. You call him Wacko, say he's a child molester, and yet you seem to feel that your going to pop a vein if you don't comment some ignorant **** about the dude. For one, black people come in all colors. I don't appear to be black, and both of my parents are black. I have relatives with 1 white parent, and their kids do not look black. So why is it, of all the mixed kids born to parents from different races can look totally different from 1 of the parents and MJ's kids can't is stupid.

Let the dude RIP and his kids be whatever race they are and move on. DAMN!!!

1457 days ago

Brad G.    

If you think this white kid has one drop of Jackson blood, you're certifiable. Maybe Andrew Jackson, but not Michael.

1457 days ago


How is this anything about how Jacko raised these kids? It's a Buckley School field trip. Prince is there because he's a student at Buckley- something his father didn't want, especially if Buckley is letting Prince be used as a prop in a PR stunt so Buckley students looking all civic minded.

If Jacko was still alive these kids would be masked and home schooled. Dying might have been the best thing Jacko did so his kids could experience the real world and not be sheltered and isolated being home schooled and kept from meeting normal, albeit very wealthy peers.

1457 days ago

mj fan forever    

One of the many hypocrites actions by a stupid school for rich spoiled that pretends to do something for the usuals 'unfortunates'children (it's in fashion for these kinds of schools). And the fact that people say that "now" they finally (?!) can live a normal life is monstrous, as if losing own father was suddenly became an opportunity to take. What a sucks.

1457 days ago


So here we go again!!!....We have a positive story about Prince doing some great charity work, some beautiful pictures...and than BOOM!!!

We are back to the ...Bio questions. What is it with everybody???
Why does every story that comes up where MJ3 are pictured, have to turn into a debate about there genes?????

It's no ones business!!! Whatever way these children were brought into Michaels life, there is no denying that they were blessed with unconditional love from Michael and vise versa.

He Loved his kids, and those children loved him deeply. PERIOD.
What these children know , is that Daddy loved them, Daddy raised them and Daddy is no longer here for them.
Heavens forbid that they read all of these horrid comments from some people who are so shallow , and clearly have no family members in their lives , who may be adopted,have a step father , step Mother etc. Would that make there relationship to a child less valid??

Would you have all been happier if Michael had jumped on a rooftop and screamed to the world....."these are my Bio Children "...No, you would have all thought he was Nuts!

NEVER have I seen a man and his children come under so much pressure to appease the world with the knowledge of their genetics.....It saddens me to think that this is the way people get there kicks.

Posted at 2:11 PM on Sep 27, 2010 by Lee lee

You hit the nail on the head with this post Lee Lee. That is why I wish TMZ would just not post anything on his children. No matter what the haters would just post their b.s. Even if their were DNA tests done and they said they were his biologically the haters would just say the people were lying. These are kids and need to be left alone no matter how you feel about their father.

And as for the story, I think Michael would be very proud of his son. IMO out of his 3 kids, i feel Prince is the one who is going to carry out Michael's humanitarian legacy. That is just the way I feel. He seems to be the one with big compassion and heart. I may be wrong also. I just know that Michael is smiling down on him right now. Michael, you brought your kids up right the short time that you did have with them.

rip mj

1457 days ago
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