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Michael Jackson's Son -- Healing the World

9/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's son Prince is taking after his father -- TMZ has learned the 13-year-old went on a field trip last Thursday ... but instead of going to a museum or an aquarium, dude packed food for starving children.


It was all part of a charity event organized by The Buckley School -- we're told Prince and his classmates stopped by an L.A. warehouse owned by the Children's Hunger Fund ... and assembled over 500 20-pound boxes for children in Peru.

According to sources, the boxes contained all kinds of food -- including canned goods, beans, rice, and pasta.



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Thanks for this positive story TMZ. Michael raised his kids right...go Prince!

1451 days ago


LOOK at Quincy Jones's bio daughter, Rashida Jones! Quincy as we know is a black man but Rashida's mom is Jewish!

Notice how both Prince and Rashida even have the same dark complexion?!?! They DO NOT look completely white! PJ is totally mixed you idiots! & unlike some of you retards I know for sure that he is MJ's bio son! ALL of MJ's kids are from his OWN sperm!

1451 days ago


Yes, I'm proud of you Prince, and so is your father!!

Listen world, this is what Michael wanted us to do; help each other. Do we really need a 13year old to teach us, maybe that is the reason Michael loved all the kids in the world!!

Lets focus on the positive!!

1451 days ago


No good Deed goes Unpunished-II......
Soooo........everytime there's a story about PPB, I cringe. What are they going to say about them now.....get ready for the inevitable discussion of biology, weight, and poor influence by the Jacksons......UGH!!!
Thing is, I wasn't even going to post on this story--I had already bypassed that one on the LYING, Matt "Fibbers"--yeah, we REALLY believe you're the father, and you tried to keep it from the Press....He tried REAL hard, so hard in fact, that the Press FOUND OUT. Previously, I had decided I would boycott any story on the children, Klein, and Murray--ones that don't involve the case, that is....
Then I saw that this IS after all, a POSITIVE story, so I plowed through....needless to say, I have my regrets. If PPB read this, they would be just as mortified as they are sure to be reading the Matt Fibbers, one...I just hope they realize that not everyone in the world has a brain on auto-repeat regarding their parentage--WHO CARES!!! They're Michael's children, they belong to him, were raised by him, loved and nurtured by him, and as they grow, they will continually show who their Daddy is.....
-#12: T, so you think PPB were "too sheltered" with Michael? Well, REALITY CHECK: they are the children of the GREATEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD, so constant precautions needed to be taken to ensure their safety, hence the masks and home schooling....which were necessary when they were younger. Anyone who paid ATTENTION TO DETAIL knows that in recent years, Michael had done away with the masks and the children were seen around LA with him quite often WITHOUT them. And I'm sure if Prince pressed the issue, Michael may have considered putting them in a regular school, but his issue was he wanted them with him at ALL times so he knew they were safe, per his Barbra Walter's Interview.....
Thing is, those children saw more of the world through Michael than the average person will in their entire LIFETIME......
Bottom line, given their maturity and well-mannered behavior, maybe more parents need to have THEIR kids be "too sheltered", wearing masks and being home-schooled....
The way most children behave these days is a crying SHAME!! The parents have allowed their children to run amok....especially here in the US....
WAY too many glass houses, folks.....
-#56: BNS, you are totally on point! You wrote:
If people would look beyond the surface what they would find is Michael's EXACT body type (torso, shoulders, legs...)and a face that quite resembles the features of Michael's face on the cover of "Off the Wall." Face shape, eyes, and (yes!) nose. But the body-type is the ringer. You can also see this body-type when you look at Paris. There is a whole lot more to "looks like his father" than most people want to see. So they choose not to see it.
Posted at 11:50 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by BNS
I totally agree! And when PPB get older and begin their own careers, we'll be able to see even more of Michael in their mannerisms, reactions, etc.....
-#76: Yna, you were at the BUCHAREST SHOW? Were you at the one taped for HBO? That thing was OFF THE RAILS!!! There were so many people packed into that stadium it was scary....and Michael had every one of them in the PALM OF HIS HAND!!!!
-#117: MJackson, I don't think there's any need for worry of a "bad" influence from the Jacksons. Remember, Prince and Paris are teens who would've normally formed their own ideas and opinions of their relatives by now. They had met them often enough to have an opinion of them, and I trust that they are mature enough to act accordingly and with respect as Michael taught them to....
As for Blanket, he is at the impressionable age, but children his age normally follow after whatever their older siblings are doing, so he should be fine, too....
In essence, Prince is the head of their little family and has a HUGE weight on his shoulders to be a role model for them and to children of the someone said, he's in a similar position as Prince William....I know he'll live up to it and make Michael proud.........
-#151: Katie10, you said it--my sentiments EXACTLY! These children are more well-rounded from their travels and experience than most people on this site will EVER be.....and they're worried about PPB? LOL x100!!
-#151: Tammy, and you know this because you lived with Michael and PPB? You don't know, you're spouting off a bunch of crap that you got out of YOUR bible--the "WORD OF THE MEDIA"....
Talk about being stupid--it's the HEIGHT of stupidity to declare they don't have Vitiligo based on some tabloid you read. I guess the Coroner's report that stated he had Vitiligo counts for nothing, right?
And as for Michael's fans/Supporters CRYING over crap that may come out during the upcoming trial, speaking for myself, there will be no crying. Just because someone makes accusations during a trial, doesn't make it true. We can count on Murray's team to bring out ALL SORTS of craziness--it's their job in defense of their WORTHLESS client...
HOWEVER, no TRUE SUPPORTER of MICHAEL's would turn tail crying, even if we did find out some of the things were true--SO WHAT? All it proves is that he was HUMAN--hello....something WE'VE known all along which is why we're so AMAZED by him! You and your ilk are the ones that have him labeled as some kind of superhuman creature, and I predict YOU'LL be the ones crying, when this travesty of a trial doesn't live up to your expectations of sensationalism.......
-#179: mj fan forever, you hit the nail on the head! It KILLS me that even many "FANS" are saying things implying that PPB are better off now than they were with Michael, simply because they're going to some random Private School--LUDICROUS!!
PPB were doing just fine with MIchael, definitely better than without him....

1451 days ago

sivan king    


1451 days ago


The other day, susie said Hi to Greg. Hmmmmmm. Hope she knows what she's doing. Sad.

Posted at 11:02 PM on Sep 27, 2010 by Daphne
Susie is FB friend with Greg/Ohwell/Deb. Wonder if she knows what's going on. One drama, after another. Geez. Goodnite all. FPIC, please keep us posted. Thanks.

Posted at 11:10 PM on Sep 27, 2010 by Daphne


I know his name cause someone posted it on TMZ board, check!!! I think Pauline or Paulette don't remember the name.She posted his adress. Ask sue from Tampa, I remember she said something about it.
I'm doing nothing and HE ISN'T my friend on FB.
Gimme a break Daphne, I told you, you are not my mother.
I'm really angry with you.

1451 days ago


Well, who is "P". So, now its Greg, then what happened to Ohwell. OK, I got it. Greg=ohwell=deb=whatever, we really don't care what other nics. Whatever her little heart desires. LOL x 2.
Posted at 10:16 PM on Aug 12, 2010 by Daphne
And you were there, Daphne!

1451 days ago


Teresa Deafenbaugh-no he doesn't,klein has nothing to do with the Jackson children

1451 days ago


What a lovely young man. Certainly someone to be proud of. Job well done, Michael!

1451 days ago


jemma-you will be burning in hell for your sick thoughts.

1451 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

But the body-type is the ringer. You can also see this body-type when you look at Paris. There is a whole lot more to "looks like his father" than most people want to see. So they choose not to see it.
Posted at 11:50 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by BNS

Posted at 2:20 AM on Sep 28, 2010 by Cherwood

I foud this on a website...:)

1451 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Memories of Michael Jackson
Stephen King talks about working with the king of pop on his music video for ''Ghosts''
By Stephen King | Jul 03, 2009
Stephen King .

''STEPHEN?...Stephen King?...This is...ummm...Michael? Michael Jackson?'' The voice is high, anxious, hopeful, excited, elfin. ''I'm, oh my God, I am such a fan!''

I assure him that the feeling's mutual, but what I'm mostly feeling is flummoxed. It's 1993, I'm on the set of the Stand miniseries, and out of the blue someone's handed me a phone with the self-anointed King of Pop on the other end of the line. What he wants, it develops, is for me to write the scariest, the absolute SCARIEST, music video ever, called Ghosts. It will be like the old Frankenstein movies, he explains, only scarier! TERRIFYING! ''Stephen,'' he says, ''we must do this. We're going to shock the world.''

I gave it my best try, not because it was Michael Jackson and not because I thought we were going to shock the world, but because I'm always interested in trying something new, and for me, writing a minimusical would be new. The core story he described to me that day was about a mob of angry townspeople — buttoned-down suburbanites, not torch-carrying peasants — who want the ''weirdo'' who lives in the nearby castle to leave town. Because, they say, he's a bad influence on their children. I associated that with the view parents held toward rock & roll when I was growing up, and still held toward the odder artists of the breed, like Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson (who in 1995 would release an album called Smells Like Children). I didn't know that rumors about Jackson and child abuse had begun to circulate, but probably would have pressed ahead even if I had. When you're famous, everybody accuses you of everything, from petty theft to the murder of John Lennon.

The film shot for three weeks, then shut down for three years. I may once have known why, but if so, I no longer remember. My old pal (and Stand director) Mick Garris did the initial filming. One day during preproduction, I was in on a conference call about the choreography, and Michael fell asleep. On another occasion, he called my wife, wanting the phone number for wherever I was that day. She gave it to him. Michael called back five minutes later, on the verge of tears. He hadn't had a pencil, he said, so he'd tried to write the number on the carpet with his finger, and he couldn't read it. My wife gave him the number again. Michael thanked her profusely...but never called me.

Filming on the Michael Jackson Ghosts video recommenced as abruptly as it had stopped. Mick remembers getting a call from Michael in 1996: ''Mick, it's gonna happen! We gotta believe it's gonna happen!'' It did, but without Mick behind the camera. He was working on the miniseries version of The Shining by then, and Stan Winston took over the directing chores. The story had wandered a far distance from my original script, but that hardly matters. What does matter is that the video contains some of the best, most inspired dancing of Jackson's career. If you look at it, I think you'll see why Fred Astaire called Jackson ''a helluva mover.'' You'll also see Jackson's sadness and almost painful desire to please. Yes, I am strange, his eyes say, but I am doing the best I can, and I want to make you happy. Is that so bad?

This is a sadness that's all too common in people who possess talent in amounts so great it has become a burden instead of a blessing. Despite being extraordinarily beautiful (although he had probably already begun the elective surgeries that would ruin those amazing looks), Jackson was painfully shy, and difficult (sometimes impossible) to talk to, but watching that old video still makes me happy...and no, that's not bad.

It's worth noting that he was never convicted of anything in criminal court, and when I asked Mick — who hung out with Michael occasionally — he was emphatic in his belief that Michael Jackson was indeed innocent of the abuse allegations. In the court of public opinion, however, he was found guilty of Weirdness in the First Degree, and ended up secluded in one haunted castle after another. Finally, he died in one. Strange man. Lost man. And not unique in his passing. Like James Dean, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, and a dozen others we could name, he just left the building far too soon.
Because, man oh man, that guy could dance.,,20289166,00.html

1451 days ago


Prince just remember that you are a great kid and that your father is looking down and smiling. He is saying this is all for love and that he is very proud of you. Don't pay any attention to what everyone else is saying it doesn't matter. It is still a great thing that you are doing so you continue to do what you think is right and what you heart is telling you to do. You just remember what your father taught you and just remember that he will always be looking over you know matter where he is. As far as the negative thoughts of others they don't matter they know nothing. They have nothing better to do with there time. Your father was an Angel on this earth and he is MISSED LOVED BUT NEVERFORGOTTEN So you continue to do what you think is right in your eyes. My heart and love goes out to you and your family. Keep your head up and continue what your doing GREAT JOB YOU DAD WOULD BE PROUD


1451 days ago


alice...i love the stephen king article .its so moving and so true.thank u for bringing that one to my attn.

1451 days ago



1451 days ago
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