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Michael Jackson's Son -- Healing the World

9/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's son Prince is taking after his father -- TMZ has learned the 13-year-old went on a field trip last Thursday ... but instead of going to a museum or an aquarium, dude packed food for starving children.


It was all part of a charity event organized by The Buckley School -- we're told Prince and his classmates stopped by an L.A. warehouse owned by the Children's Hunger Fund ... and assembled over 500 20-pound boxes for children in Peru.

According to sources, the boxes contained all kinds of food -- including canned goods, beans, rice, and pasta.



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That's great! MJ was a great dad. Taught his kids well!

1381 days ago


Daddy is smiling in the Heaven now Prince. LU

1381 days ago


Why don't you shut the f*ck up Ohwell...I am not an animal hater...Just do NOT like cats. Post my address and phone number all you want...yeah..real big crime i committed by NOT liking cats!...Leave me out of your and DEBS sick posts...I have not even commented to you..the date on that post was from August 12th...Susie reposted it...and you know what...i hope someone does come looking for are a sick POS that talks about rape and child porn!!!

I need HELP??? Better look in the are the twisted freak that posts about a 12 year old girl making SEX tapes and raping someones wife...YOU ARE TRULY SICK! And as much as I do NOT like cats, i actually feel sorry for yours cause GOD only knows what you do to that poor thing!!!!

1381 days ago


Dear Prince,

You look so nice in that red t-shirt, red is much better than yellow behind you

Say hello to your sweet Daddy ;)




1381 days ago


Thanks for helping my country ♥

1381 days ago

Lee lee    

Ok .....I'll say it again..Leave the children alone!!!!

So here we go again!!!....We have a positive story about Prince doing some great charity work, some beautiful pictures...and than BOOM!!!

We are back to the ...Bio questions. What is it with everybody???
Why does every story that comes up where MJ3 are pictured, have to turn into a debate about there genes?????

It's no ones business!!! Whatever way these children were brought into Michaels life, there is no denying that they were blessed with unconditional love from Michael and vise versa.

He Loved his kids, and those children loved him deeply. PERIOD.
What these children know , is that Daddy loved them, Daddy raised them and Daddy is no longer here for them.
Heavens forbid that they read all of these horrid comments from some people who are so shallow , and clearly have no family members in their lives , who may be adopted,have a step father , step Mother etc. Would that make there relationship to a child less valid??

Would you have all been happier if Michael had jumped on a rooftop and screamed to the world....."these are my Bio Children "...No, you would have all thought he was Nuts!

NEVER have I seen a man and his children come under so much pressure to appease the world with the knowledge of their genetics.....It saddens me to think that this is the way people get there kicks.

1381 days ago


Daphne (hiding and lurking) let me say you are a coward and a liar. Thank you.
Go to FB to cheat your friends.

You are evil.

1381 days ago


Where the hell is it written that kids have to look like their fathers? All you people that know absolutely nothing about genetics and/or heredity sound so asinine.

For those of you for which I am sure are many that don't know what asinine means, here is the definition: of or like an ass; esp., having the qualities regarded as characteristic of asses; stupid, silly, obstinate, etc.

I'm surprised that your minuscule minds (I'm sorry let me break that down for you, I mean extremely small or completely insignificant minds) don't say or believe that Debbie isn't Prince's 'real' mother because he looks nothing like her. I mean it's not like you were there when she gave birth to him. Perhaps she was never preganant at all?? Maybe she was wearing a fake belly??? (*raises one eyebrow)

1381 days ago


why do you all people keeping going on about Michael's children being normal. THEY IS NOTHING ABNORMAL ABOUT MICHAEL'S CHILDREN WHILE HE WAS ALIVE OR NOW THAT HE IS GONE. MIKE ALWAYS SAID THAT YOU PEOPLE NEVER WANTED TO GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR ANYTHING THAT HE DID..But guess what? You can not take away from the goodness and genius that is MICHAEL JACKSON...The more these kids grow...the harder it is going to be for the haters to deny that their are Mike's kids...Mike did the best he could under the cir***stances raising these kids....Their could not asked for a better parent.........LOVE YOU MOST MIKE....YOU REWARD IS IN HEAVEN

1381 days ago


Honestly...I´m tired and sad to read how someone is a hater just because doesn´t see any resemblance on the kids with Michael.
Look, I can tell you, each time I look at Prince, I see Arnie! Sorry but it´s what I see! I don´t see Michael in him! Neither in Paris, even Blanket!! Yes Blanket! I know he´s a bit more tanned than the older kids but I don´t see great resemblance in him also!
Am I a hater just because of that?! Please, it´s just what I see!!
I´m a fan, you can believe it!
I´m perfectly aware that a black man can produce white children so it isn´t ignorance! I just don´t see Michael in them!
I don´t know if that spots on Prince are vitiligo signs. If it was vitiligo so he and the other children are his bio kids for a fact. doesn´t change the fact that they don´t look like Michael-In my opinion!
Someone talked about a surgery Klein made. Ok but he could have kept the sperm right?!
I´m not saying he´s the father.
I just don´t want to be called a hater just because I can´t see any resemblance.
I know some fans are very sensible for Michael own words and he always claimed they´re his...
But Michael was human like us and his words weren´t the gospel.
I´m a fan but I can also see his human side.

That´s all

1381 days ago


Great job Prince. WHO TOOK THE FREAKIN PICTURE OF PRINCE AND SOLD IT? ITS OBVIOUSLY A CAMERA PHONE! He's not looking like he knows the person, like they walked up to him and just took it. Probably someone at the school with him and or at the help house they are at. Seriousl? he's a kid at school. Love to see MJ living on in his kids. MJ would be proud. I'm proud of you Prince. ...AND THOSE ARE HIS KIDS. TAKE A BIOLOGY CLASS. XX XY YY YX PEOPLE. SHEESH.

1381 days ago


348- ohwell=deb=who knows how many others??? you are a sick coward and you are so fake and so pathetic it is really sad!!! you would think that you would have more respect for your stupid self!!!! ABSOLUTLY PATHETIC IS WHAT YOU ARE, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU !!!!sue from tampa

1381 days ago


This is why Michael covered their faces so they wouldnt have to here the negative comments about not looking like him etc. Who cares if he wasnt the Bio. father. He says he was so he knows. He loved these kids with all his heart and tryed to protect them from the media. They will always be Michaels kids know matter what. I glade he was able to have a family before he pasted away. But his kids their life will never be the same without their Dad.

1381 days ago


Michael Jackson did a GREAT job with HIS CHILDREN!! Bc THESE ARE his children like it or not. They have so much of Michael. His shyness, his kindness, his great sense of humor, his smile and many other things. AND THEY DO LIKE LIKE MICHAEL!!! They have many features of Michael!!! must be proud of YOUR children. I'm sure you're watching over them now angle! We love you and miss you so much!! R.I.P Love...

1381 days ago


prince what a precious little man when i saw him on tv i saw kindness in those eyes i knew he was going to do something to help others and i guess i was right i just hope that people respect no matter what they thought of micheal that prince hears that and thats the only father he knows and he seem be turning out to be a great person so i hope that what micheal taught him in helping other he will continue to do so something micheal must have done right for at this age to start helping others

1381 days ago
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