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Michael Jackson's Son -- Healing the World

9/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's son Prince is taking after his father -- TMZ has learned the 13-year-old went on a field trip last Thursday ... but instead of going to a museum or an aquarium, dude packed food for starving children.


It was all part of a charity event organized by The Buckley School -- we're told Prince and his classmates stopped by an L.A. warehouse owned by the Children's Hunger Fund ... and assembled over 500 20-pound boxes for children in Peru.

According to sources, the boxes contained all kinds of food -- including canned goods, beans, rice, and pasta.



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People here on TMZ that post nasty comments about Michael Jackson's three kids they should be ashamed of themselves. That is beyond mean to make fun of vulnerable kids over the internet. This is called cyber bullying what you are doing to Michael Jackson's kids by calling them names and saying they were adopted and mean stuff like they were also molested by their own father. STOP!!!!! HAVE PITY ON THESE KIDS' SOULS. Do you want to destroy them like the media already destroyed their father? Bunch of criminals. That is what you all are.

1426 days ago

bring back recent posts    

That school is gonna get a legal letter , Katherine not going to be happy somebody is selling pictures of what he is doing at school, is nothing sacred anymore, and tmz..why did u buy this photo anyways? geez

1426 days ago


You are right Tellit. It is not proper to recognize one when many participated.

But hopefully the other children are old enough to know that Prince is the son of an Icon and unfortunately much attention will be placed his way whether it be intentional or not.

All of the children should be given a pat on the back for their efforts.

Well done!

1426 days ago


It's nice to see someone getting press for doing something good. I hope he and his siblings all grow up to be good people. It looks like they are well on their way already.

1426 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

MJ's estate needs to buy this kid some new jeans

1426 days ago


Now where is that Magic Eraser?

Oh. I think I hear it coming now.....

1426 days ago


I think Prince is doing a very good thing.I'm happy to see he is having a normal life.But please leave him alone..
It's not important whether or not he is Michael's biological son..
He is his matter what..
Those comments about that personal part of life are mean.
We are showing disrespect towards Michael,his kids and his family.
It seems that many persons are trying to share "their hate against the world" throught these comments..
I wonder Why??????

1426 days ago


I am sure Michael is smiling down from heaven. He raised 3 fantastic kids with great values. Those kids learned a lot of good things from their father. No matter what you haters say. Michael was the one and is the one they call daddy. He is the one that was with them from the day they were born. To all those haters get a life and look at yourself what have you done worth while in your life!! Michael J Jackson you are really missed. I love you MJ!! Great job Prince :)

1426 days ago


Debbie is jewish.

Posted at 11:47 AM on Sep 27, 2010 by Biggi

Debbie is adopted into a Jewish family. She looks Scandinavian.

1426 days ago


Christian Brando must be his father. They really look alike!

1426 days ago

bring back recent posts    

HAHAHA...yaaaaaaay! I was right then, I sure didn't think Debbie was Jewish. ( not that it matters)

1426 days ago


HAHAHA...yaaaaaaay! I was right then, I sure didn't think Debbie was Jewish. ( not that it matters)

Posted at 1:35 PM on Sep 27, 2010 by bring back recent posts!

No, it really doesn´t matter. But you have to educate people when they make inaccurate statements (and I hope and welcome if people do it to).
And in reality it is inaccurate to state that Debbie Rowe is of Jewish descent (if you regard it in a bilogical way.)
She was adopted into a Jewish family and is probably brought up with the Jewish faith, so in that sense she is Jewish.
I would guess her biological ancestors are Scandinavian or Nordic, more precicely, Swedish or Finnish, PERHAPS Danish.

So nice pictures of Prince (not nice they are out there!). He looks happy and healthy and very engaged in this chore. Good job! :-)

1426 days ago


I am sitting here in amazement and speechless about those ignorant comments about whether he looks like his father or not. WTF, this ain't about looks this is about the participation in charity organisation. Man get yourselves together for once most of you got to be adult age, so behave like some for christ sakes. And I got some news for you and a comment to make. DID YOU ALL SEE THE BABY FROM TIGER WOODS THAT HE WAS CARRYING AROUND TAKING TO SCHOOL - THAT KID AIN'T LOOKING NOTHING LIKE HIM AND IT IS VERY WHITE!!!! LET GO THE CRA. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY, IT IS EMBARRASSING coming from grown up people unless you are all 2nd graders. The kids are Michaels' are you sure your kids are yours??????

1425 days ago


He looks so much like Michael. Some of you are just blind.

1425 days ago


It is so obvious that Arnold Klein is the father of Prince. That is why the Jackson family will not seek charges against Dr. Klein in the death of Michael Jackson.

1425 days ago
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