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Oksana's Lawyers:

Mel Gibson Mediation Illegal

9/27/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ her lawyers will argue the mediation agreement Oksana signed with Mel Gibson was illegal, because it allegedly involved the destruction of evidence.

Mel Oksana tapes.
TMZ obtained the agreement Mel and Oksana signed on May 16, in which Mel promised to give Oksana and Lucia approximately $15 million in return for Oksana turning over all "evidence" and that "all evidence will be destroyed ..."

Oksana -- who disavowed the agreement after signing it -- claims she was bullied into signing the agreement by Mel's lawyers.

As for the claim that the agreement involves destruction of evidence, sources directly connected with the mediation tell TMZ ... the words "domestic violence" or "prosecution" were never mentioned in the mediation.  Sources say there was never mention of destroying evidence of a crime.

As for the tapes, we're told only snippets were played to Mel's lawyers, and each snippet involved the racial and other slurs that would have ruined his career but not subjected him to prosecution.  We're also told -- Oksana's lawyers never played the portion of the tape where Mel says, "You know what?  You f**king deserved it."

As for Oksana's claim that Mel's lawyers bullied her into signing -- and threatened legal action and deportation if she didn't -- we've learned Mel's lawyers never had contact with Oksana during the two-day mediation.  The only people Oksana had contact with during the mediation were the judges and her lawyer.



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1386 days ago


For crying out loud, this is taking toooo longggg !!!!!!!!!! Just charge her already !

1386 days ago


Is the DA getting some kind of financial kick back so this will be drawn out until Oksana the scammer's PR campaign is complete? Because that is what it is beginning to look like.

1386 days ago


Greetings my dear Holmes.

It's certainly turning into an interesting day.

1386 days ago


Convict her, jail her, deport her! She deserves Russian justice! Their daughter deserves a better mother!

1386 days ago


Everything Mr. Gibson said about that woman is true. The latest PR stunts just make her look even nastier. What kind of mother is that? What kind of woman is that?


Gaaaak, ptui, ptui, ptui

1386 days ago


This man on the Today show theatened anyone making unsavory remarks about Oksana made me have the wildest dreams last night, here is a list of things that occured in my dreams.

1. Oksana with several others planned to record conversations with Mel Gibson.
2. Oksana saught assistance in how to record conversations with Mel Gibson.
3. There are undisclosed parties as yet revealed to the public that have information concerning Oksanas plan to record conversations with Mel Gibson.
4. Oksana was trained in how to provoke Mel Gibson verbally while recording conversations with him.
5. Oksana was trained by an unknown party or parties on how to antagonize Mel Gibson during recorded conversations.
6. Oksana is still advised by undisclosed parties that trained her how to provoke and antagonize Mel Gibson.
7. Oksanas legal advisers may or may not be unaware of the identity of the parties that helped Oksana make the recordings of Mel Gibson.
8. Not disclosing who planned to record these conversations while you are using these recordings as evidence is bad.
9. Oksanas legal team and publicist don't want to reveal the idendity of the parties that helped Oksana plan to make recordings of Mel Gibson while he was antagonised and provoked.
10. Okasanas lack of employment is proof that she does not care about the welfare of her children, if she did care she would be providing for them as everyone with kids does.
11. Oksana with unknown parties planned to provoke Mel Gibson with the intention of gaining money from the recorded outcome, the staged events were intended to hurt Mel Gibson financially and socially.
12. Oksana was advised by an unknown party or parties not to sign the agreement made in May in order to continue legal action against Mel Gibson, in order to hurt Mel Gibson and in order to publicly humiliate Mel Gibson while keeping the identity of the party that planned these events secret from the public and government authorities.
13. With the aid of several people and parties Oksana researched methods and secured tools needed for recording people she intended to provoke reactions from, on more than one occasion.
14. After the incident on Jan 6th Oksana, with the help of another party, created a video of her face and teeth. This video has been kept from certain parties.
15. Oksanas son made a video using his phone of Mel Gibson involved in a phycial altercation with his mother, a video which still exists.
16. Oksanas son was stealing from Mel Gibson which was the cause of the altercation.
17. I am out of time and unable to tell you more of my dream.
Has anyone else had these dreams, if so what are you doing to stop them?

1386 days ago


Another lie. And it looks like Eric George signed these papers.

Hi everyone! Here for a few minutes. :-)

1386 days ago


Hi Genna :)

1386 days ago


Reminds me of that old curse - - "May you live in interesting times."

Whoever these "sources" are, I hope they're right!

And, HARVEY - - where's that letter?

1386 days ago


I am a bit confused now.

O's favorite song and dance seems to be


from Chubby Checker


1386 days ago


Goodmorning dear Curious

1386 days ago


Anyone surprised by this, raise your hand.

Anyone thinking this will be tossed out, raise your hand.

Anyone suspecting this is being done to appease Oksana, raise your hand.

Anyone who gagged while reading, take a drink.

1386 days ago

John Lloyd Scharf    

If the agreement was illegal because evidence was destroyed, then the crime can be termed as blackmail.

1386 days ago


Curious, help me out here. Has anyone ever mentioned that OG backed away from the agreement because - - she was not in a position to turn over the "evidence"?

Mr. Horowitz has some backpedaling to do it seems to me.

1386 days ago
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