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Oksana's Former Lawyer: Back Off!

9/30/2010 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer who scored Oksana Grigorieva a $15 million parting deal with Mel Gibson has fired off a letter to one of Oksana's current lawyers, telling him to stop talking trash about him ... or else.


Eric George
sent a letter to Dan Horowitz Tuesday -- a copy of which Horowitz gave to TMZ -- in which George mentions Horowitz's "veritable media blitz you recently initiated ..."

George takes issue with Horowitz's statement that Oksana signed the mediation agreement "because she was threatened and told she would go to jail, be deported and lose immediate possession of her children."  George says there was "never any threat or comment of any such nature ever discussed ..."

And George is ticked at Horowitz's comment that the mediation is "morally ambiguous."

George tells Horowitz to "cease and desist" with the false statements.

Here's what's really interesting -- George mentions ... by talking about the mediation, he could be blowing up the attorney-client privilege for Oksana, which could really be interesting if George is allowed to tell the whole story.

For his part, Horowitz sent George a conciliatory email saying, "Nothing negative intended toward you.  Hope to work together and resolve existing differences."


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so what I think that DH is doing and might succeed at is getting everything out in the open. The other lawyer is saying keep your mouth off me and remember the laws that govern this.

right legal people?

1485 days ago


Horowitz and Oksana are so much alike. They just keep throwing stuff out there hoping something will eventually stick.

Could it get anymore bizarre than this 3 ring circus? It's like sitting in the front row watching the elephants dropping humongous piles of poop.

1485 days ago

fuddyduddy, that is not THE LETTER. Harvey, I believe, is sitting on a letter where OG stated she would ruin Mel's life. I think Harvey is waiting for the opportune time to release it.

1485 days ago


The only thing that makes sense as to why Horowitz is releasing this information is that Oksana is making him. This is probably what Oksana fought about with her previous lawyers - she wanted them to tell the media her side of the story and the lawyers said "no way". That is until Horowitz came along. Then he took over the PR and Legal stuff. He seems to have basically agreed to do what she wants. And in this case he is releasing information because she (as his client) has asked him to do it. None of the stuff Horowitz has said in public would have been said without Oksana's permission.

Question to TMZ - how is Horowitz getting paid. Horowitz said in one interview that Oksana is broke. Mels probably supposed to pay legal fees for child support lawyers, but I dont think he has to pay for defending extortion.

1485 days ago


Oksanas lawyer is acknowledging that he knowningly lied to radar online, TMZ and possibly the Today show concerning any and all cases involving Oksana. I don't know the exact age of Oksanas lawyer but he looks to be too old to be able to stop lying. There comes a point in human development when your defense mechanisms can't be stopped.

1485 days ago


Fuddybuddy -
You're gonna kill me for being so dense here, so I'mm gonna hide behind wondering while asking this next stuff, lol.

Realist did explain it well, I'm just slow. I was under the impression the demand letter was the prelude to the civil suit of battery. Or did I get chronology mixed up and the demand letter was actually for the mediation? (Dang, I've been reading too many legal do***ents lately.)

Totally get the loss of privilege, though, AND what Attorney Arons meant. I feel vaguely proud about that, lol.

PS. Do you replay that TMZ Live bit about Mr. Harvey on the phone with Attorney Arons, too? Wheee, I love it.

1485 days ago


Horowitz response to George:

"Nothing negative intended toward you"

What?? Isnt this a contradiction?

Horowitz smears George but its not negative? If its not negative what is it then?

Posted at 4:16 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by voice of reason

Exactly, Voice. How could Horowitz slam George any better by stating he conducted mediation with false pretenses and outside of the bounds of law. Sounds like a negative comment to me.

1485 days ago


Horowitz and Oksana are so much alike. They just keep throwing stuff out there hoping something will eventually stick.

Could it get anymore bizarre than this 3 ring circus? It's like sitting in the front row watching the elephants dropping humongous piles of poop.

Posted at 4:18 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by Diane



1485 days ago

just curious    

Hi everyone. Notice how E. George said he found out DH was talking smack about him by reading RadarOnLine. I wonder if George reads TMZ? He'd get an ear full here. :)

1485 days ago



I hear we're going to get a ton of rain here tonight and tomorrow!

1485 days ago


George was doing the right thing. If it was like what Horowitz said about the mediation - Oksana was threatened and it was illegal. Horowitz trashed lawyers, the retired judge as welll besides Mel. Horowitz said nothing negative intended toward George. But guess what, did you believe what this crocodile said? His true face was he didn't care the negative brought to anyone.

1485 days ago

Just Saying    

Eric George is not breaking client-attorney confidentiality by talking about what went down at the mediation (because others were participating in it). Horrorwitz was definitely IN THE WRONG by making defamatory statements about the mediation. I think he knows it, but was just pushing the envelope since the Oksana bandwagon seems to have gotten away with so much.
Now if Horrorwitz publicly reveals what transpired between Oksana and George based on what Oksana told him (now this IS privileged), it potentially blows open the silence imposed on George. Especially if what Horrowitz says is defamatory to George, I think George has a good case to argue that he should not be constrained by client-attorney privilege in order the defend his reputation, record and practice.

1485 days ago


Hi Fuddy,

there is something "rotten in Denmark". Apologies to Sorn.

Either Horowitz is just totally out of his mind, or he really has something up his sleeve.

I'm having trouble with the last paragraph. Is George saying that OG resisted turning over the recordings, or is this another swipe at Horowitz, for calling the ethics lawyer? Or is he saying that OG resisted filing a civil suit?

1485 days ago


oksana just brings out the best in everyone!!!

1485 days ago


Genna...LOL on the attorney client privilege!! And how convenient that the LA DA wants to talk with George about mediation. Another f-up in the long list by OG!

Posted at 4:16 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by fuddyduddy


Oh I sooooo want to be a fly on the wall when George meets with the Sheriff's office special investigators.

1485 days ago
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