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Oksana's Former Lawyer: Back Off!

9/30/2010 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer who scored Oksana Grigorieva a $15 million parting deal with Mel Gibson has fired off a letter to one of Oksana's current lawyers, telling him to stop talking trash about him ... or else.


Eric George
sent a letter to Dan Horowitz Tuesday -- a copy of which Horowitz gave to TMZ -- in which George mentions Horowitz's "veritable media blitz you recently initiated ..."

George takes issue with Horowitz's statement that Oksana signed the mediation agreement "because she was threatened and told she would go to jail, be deported and lose immediate possession of her children."  George says there was "never any threat or comment of any such nature ever discussed ..."

And George is ticked at Horowitz's comment that the mediation is "morally ambiguous."

George tells Horowitz to "cease and desist" with the false statements.

Here's what's really interesting -- George mentions ... by talking about the mediation, he could be blowing up the attorney-client privilege for Oksana, which could really be interesting if George is allowed to tell the whole story.

For his part, Horowitz sent George a conciliatory email saying, "Nothing negative intended toward you.  Hope to work together and resolve existing differences."


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What we just read folks is one attorney saying You cant pin Ox's lies on us or the judges and if you do you will slapped with a law suit....and DH revoked attorney client prvledge in doing so George is now able to freely speak on teh matters he listed in the letter.....George called them liars....I LOVE IT

1483 days ago


Fuddy my Buddy -
I owe you a ton of cheese curls. =D Thank ya hun.

Tell -
Maybe his office did inform him.
LOL, if you need a looong vacation after just reading all this stuff for the last few months - imagine being Attorney George and actually having to DEAL with Miss Oksana and her ka-ka for several months.

Hell, if I was Attorney George, I wouldn't cut short my vacation to deal with even more deep steaming stuff from her.

1483 days ago


I think once George is interviewed he is going to sing like canary. I don't believe he is under any legal obligation as far as attorney client privilege. He is just waiting for that interview IMO and not going to open up about it until asked:) Well, I think each day we are getting a little closer.

Returning hugs from the west coast:)

1483 days ago



That's exactly how I read it! The more Horowitz discloses to the media...the less George has to worry about atty/client privilege. Horowitz is breaching that privilege and most certainly leaving the door WIDE open for George to discuss legal matters that happened in the mediation. Horowitz not only opened the door....he put a wedge under it to keep it open!! What a media whoring idiot!!!

Posted at 4:31 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by LA me


I suspect this is true. For quite some time, OG has inferred that George was an ineffective attorney. This nonsense about not knowing or understanding that the mediation agreement didn't include the stipulation that Mel was to have supervised visits, etc. It is inconceivable that an attorney of Eric George’s stature and experience would misrepresent his client during the May mediation process, or serve her in any way that did not address all of her specific needs. He couldn't say, "Whoa...wait a minute...that's not what happened." Now, perhaps he can.

1483 days ago


Horowitz was hired to talk to the tabloids--that was Oksana's intention in her "PR war", but it sounds like she lied to Horowitz about what happened in the mediation. I wonder how much longer Horowitz will stay on a case with a client that lies to him and gets him in trouble with other lawyers?
Posted at 4:29 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by Tara21

I don't think Oksana is EVER straight with her attorneys, which is why she goes through them every few weeks. In Horowitz's case I'm guessing she gave him an "alternate" explanation for the mediation and now that he's throwing things against the legal wall, it's coming back to bite him.

Horowitz may have no scruples and limited morals, but he isn't stupid. At some point he's either going to realize Oksy is playing him, or he's going to bail like so many others have done before him. Or, he knows something that nobody else does. I'm guessing he lasts another week, maybe two.

1483 days ago


yeah Jenny I know that. I am thinking what cat and mouse game the dude is playing

1483 days ago


I'm having trouble with the last paragraph. Is George saying that OG resisted turning over the recordings, or is this another swipe at Horowitz, for calling the ethics lawyer? Or is he saying that OG resisted filing a civil suit?

Posted at 4:24 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by realist

Okay...let me break this down...piece by piece so I can understnad too...

No evidence legally obligated, revealed or produced--to me that means that none of the evidence was by law part of any case pending at the time of mediation. it right there--on the OG bit--he is stating that OG did not seek any legal processes and vigorously resisted doing that prior to her retaining him and AFTER retaining him.

1483 days ago


Are they trying to tie everything up in knots so that it takes a decade to get through? Which means Mel gets to give every cent he posess to the attorneys and Oksana gets a free ride because she has the help of whoever is helping her pay for this madness.

Maya 28

1483 days ago


Keep in mind what Oksanas lawyer is having you read right now on TMZ is typed and incorrect copies of what may or not be exactly what Oksanas lawyer stated in interviews. They are not fact, they are photo copies, that does not make them real. Just because someone mumbles something under their breath that does not make it FACT. Once you have a firm grasp of this concept you will begin to understand that all that Oksanas lawyer is doing is filling the media with lies.
They are just words mumbled by Oksanas lawyer. They are not fact. The reason you are seeing this on TMZ is to make you think that the phrases Oksanas lawyer mumbles are truthful but they are not.

1483 days ago


Azlee, Kickaloo, thanks for your comments.
Azlee, I grew up in Russia, about that pregnant russian women do not having sex, there is not such cultural thing. But I can't be responsible for all pregnant or was pregnant women. Probably, is up to person.
I read a few interview of Oksana's parents or "fiend"'s in russian sites, and, there is always complaining to the people with who Oks or her family had to deal. Some kind of family tradition -try to be pure by splashing dirt to others. And it's work exact on opposite way-In Russia people or don't know her,or, who know her-HATE HER AND HER FAMILY.
Presonally, I'm glad that she is not russian. Her ethic principles is not common to majority of russians.

again...sorry for english...

1483 days ago


Horrowitz deserves Ox as a client - maybe they can share a cell together.

1483 days ago


Morning Team Mel:)

Read the latest Oksana's allegation regarding Mel.

It's hard to hate the recipient of threats and sickeningly vile rants from a bona fide crazy person, but Oksana Grigorieva is doing her best to defy the odds.

The Mel Gibson rants she taped are what they are. Profoundly disturbing.

But her smear campaign and possible extortion of the actor is obliterating her image. Oksana Grigorieva's latest claim? That Mel "dropped" their baby daughter Lucia after leaving her alone and going out for a cigarette at his Malibu home.
Mel's no saint, but it's hard to believe a word out of this woman's mouth at the same time. Her motives and credibility are highly questionable at best.

The shocking charge was made during the Russian musician's deposition in their bitter court battle over custody of the child, now nine moths of age.

Oksana Grigorieva told Mel's lawyer, Michael Kretzmer, that Lucia needed to see a doctor "because Mel dropped her and she needed (a) chiropractor."

"I ran downstairs and he already picked her up and told me that he did something stupid," Oksana testified in the August 2 deposition, under oath.

"I ran downstairs and he already picked her up and told me that he did something stupid," Oksana testified in the August 2 deposition, under oath.

"He (Mel) didn't say very much, as he was upset and I took Lucia and I was - I didn't say anything to him. I asked him how it happened, and what had happened and how he found her, and he explained everything to me."

"Showed where she fell from. I analyzed her and looked at her eyes."

Oksana said little Lucia cried for up to 20 minutes after the incident.

"I looked at her bruises and analyzed them," Oksana said. "After initial shock of crying and, of course, I consoled her and she stopped crying eventually."

Oksana said she and Mel contacted a doctor but "since Lucia didn't show signs of serious injury... there was no need to take her to an emergency room."

Pressed further, Oksana recalled how Mel propped Lucia with a cushion on top of a table, "So literally she was sitting on a slide on top of the table."

"I think he went to have a smoke and she slid down."

Kretzmer questioned Oksana on whether Mel reenacted the accident. She replied: "There was no reconstruction. He just explained it to me."

Follow the link to keep reading Oksana's latest allegations ....

1483 days ago


russian, you English is fine. Don't even worry about it.

Darn, I was hoping there was something within the culture about sex for a period of time after having a baby. You know the unclean thing and all that. I'll have to keep digging. Of course it could be she just didn't want to put out after finally obtaining her goal of pregnancy and denined him (but that isn't much fun to research).

1483 days ago

Curious it right there--on the OG bit--he is stating that OG did not seek any legal processes and vigorously resisted doing that prior to her retaining him and AFTER retaining him.

Posted at 4:41 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by fuddyduddy

Right, that's what I got. And that's what worries me.

1483 days ago


lol, let me add Russian. Your English is fine but mine seems to be lacking (stupid typos).

1483 days ago
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