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Meg Whitman's Housekeeper -- 'Explosive' Allegations

9/29/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0929_pete_wilson_thumb_Getty_100UPDATE:  Meg Whitman's campaign chairman, former California Governor Pete Wilson, tells TMZ he is unaware of any claim by Whitman's former housekeeper, but, "The timing of this is highly suspect."

The former housekeeper for Meg Whitman -- the Republican candidate for Governor of California -- is about to make "controversial and explosive allegations about her former employer," TMZ has learned.

Whitman housekeeper.
We're told the housekeeper has lawyered up with none other than Gloria Allred. The housekeeper and Allred will hold a news conference today in Gloria's office at 11 AM PT, "to tell how she suffered as a long-time, Latina household employee in Meg Whitman's home."  

We're told the housekeeper will be filing a legal claim against Ms. Whitman.

From what we're hearing, the disclosures could have a significant impact on the campaign and possibly the election.

We will, of course, live stream the news conference.  It doesn't matter where you live -- Don't miss this one.



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Entirely political, put up to it by Meg's rival. No truth whatsoever to any charges.

1455 days ago


I wonder if it has to do with Meg, or one of her odious sons.

1455 days ago


the problem with meg is you shouldnt be able to buy an election or spend that much money on her campaign, i dont feel she is in touch with the majority of the people of california or even understands the problems of middle class or people on a budget. she just doesnt seem sincere, and i have heard negative feedback on her over the years.

1455 days ago


It does seem a little odd that someone running on the platform of fiscal conservatism would spend upwards of $119 million of her own money on a political campaign. Particularly if that person didn't even bother to vote, for decades.

1455 days ago


Haha I always hated this b*tch for ruining eBay. I'm looking forward to her going down in flames!

I hope it's humiliating for her... then she can kiss that Governorship goodbye! :)

1455 days ago


I will not be buying into this kind of BS CRAP I am sick of politicians Dems and Republicans both. All of suddan towards the finishing line of the campaign this woman comes out and hires Gloria Allred of all lawyers. True or not I don't really care (I'm sure someone got to this woman). This kind of BS is not going to change my mind on how I will vote on election day.

1455 days ago


I not only smell a rat, I smell a BROWN Ratt !! I wonder how much Moonbeam's camp paid or promised this 'Latina Housekeeper' if she did this?? Nothing has to even come up in court, just the accusation has to be there to hurt Whitless.. This is why sooo many people are sick and tired of 'Status Quo politicians' and the games they play during the Election Cycle. This is one reason I am voting 3rd party this election. And I really like what Chelene Nightingale has to say.. After listening to the J&K interview of her yesterday, and then the debates after, Whitman is nothing but Nightingale Lite... VERY VERY LITE !!

1455 days ago


#16 I am a California resident born and raised and I have never paid for Mexican Labor, So I guess I am a Liar.

#27 Yes I did watch the Debate from start to finish, and all Meg did was repeat all of her commercials verbatim.
She is nothing more than someone with 2 much money on her hands and doesn't know what to do with it. She is a 2 faced piece of work. She says what you want to hear, and if she is elected ( that is a big IF), she will do just the opposite.

#29 my statement was suppose to be against her, I can't stand her 1 bit. I will not be voting for her.
Sorry if it came off as being in support of her. She is someone who if elected will be putting my disabled children's services on the chopping block just like our current governor is doing. And I will and other like me will have to continue our fight against her.

So please don't think I am for her, because I am not. I do not support her in any way. I have even gotten to debates with my husband about her. He likes her and supports her. ( but here is the thing he is not a registered voter).

1455 days ago


Maybe TMZ should look into which candidate political contributions Gloria Allred has been contributing?

1455 days ago


I'm guessing Meg treated this housekeeper like a high-on-angel-dust Naomi Campbell treated her assistant. Like maybe got physically violent with her. What about that woman Meg physically roughed up in the eBay conference room and had to pay off?

I watched her debate with Jerry Brown last night. She came off as a creepy smiling marionette with a sound chip with prerecorded sound bites. But she spouted off the sound bites in response to the wrong questions!

My husband and I tried to make a debate drinking game, where we had to take a sip every time she smiled at an inappropriate time. We had to stop with 5 minutes.

1455 days ago


Thanks TMZ. I will now be voting for Meg. I was thinking of not voting at all. If the Demos are this desperate, there must be something about Jerry Brown that is scaring them he wont win without this smut. I could care less how she treated an illegal. They have the option of returning to MX and being treated with all the respect and dignity they like. My question is...WHY DONT THEY EVER LEAVE. THEY PUT UP WITH THIS AWFUL TREATMENT...UNTIL THEY REALIZE THERE IS A POTENTIAL LAWSUIT....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1455 days ago

robert gibson    

The voice of reason says "lets wait" before passing judgement on either side.

1455 days ago


Gloria's crusade here is just an indication of what a miserable person this Hispanic woman really is. Gloria only represents complete losers and trainwrecks.

1455 days ago


If Allred is being used to manipulate the vote, then MEG just got mine.

Allred is an awful person, and thats the one thing I know for sure.....


1455 days ago


Hate on Gloria as much as you want, but she's not the one running for office. If this turns out to be nothing, it won't hurt Meg. She might even get some sympathy. But if the housekeeper has the goods, it will damage her campaign immensely. Meg can't win in California without the Latino vote, and she's already walking a fine line on the immigration issue.

1455 days ago
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