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Lindsay Lohan --

No Time Limit for Rehab

10/6/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will definitely be in rehab at least until her court appearance later this month -- but how long she stays after that will probably be determined by the judge.

Lindsay Lohan rehab.
Sources tell us ... the plan is for Lindsay to stay in rehab at least until her October 22 court appearance before Judge Elden Fox.  As for how much longer she stays ... we're told by the time of the hearing, Judge Fox will have docs from the doctors at Betty Ford, evaluating Lindsay's problems and progress.

If the judge determines Lindsay would be better served with rehab than jail, it's all but certain her stay will be extended.

As for the October 22 court appearance, Lindsay does not have to show, because in misdemeanor cases lawyers can appear on behalf of the client.  But ... Judge Fox clearly thought Lindsay would be present since he assumed she'd be in custody until the hearing ... so it's a good bet she'll be there.



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so sick of hearing about her, just die already you piece of trash. you already squandered everything.

1441 days ago


She will one day be spit out at the bottom of the porn industry. She will be nominated once but never win a porn award.

1441 days ago


I posted this earlier...She should do her jail time for breaking probation and then go back to rehab...this is her 5-6th time of rehab. We would be in jail no breaks giving.

1441 days ago


Great, get her to stop smoking and drugging and drinking, and then find a cure for those hideous DUCK LIPS that make her look like a creature from Sea World.

1441 days ago


She hasn't been in a movie that made any money in 5 or 6 years. She's famous for being a F-up drug addict who keeps begging her ex girlfriend who spins records in a nightclub to take her back.

1441 days ago



Great, get her to stop smoking and drugging and drinking, and then find a cure for those hideous DUCK LIPS that make her look like a creature from Sea World.

Posted at 1:31 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by Lisa


That sure sounds like something a character in the movie "Mean Girls" would say. That's what teenage girls do I guess ... pick on a girl for the things she can't do much about like her basic physical features. Ya gotta blame God and genetics for things like lips, noses and boobs.

No wonder half these actresses and models in Hollywood are risking mangling their faces with plastic surgery these days. Even the young ones in their early 20s are doing it.

1441 days ago


Wasn't she one of the original Kabbage-Krotch Kids? Datsa some spicy sauerkraut...touche...

1441 days ago

Know how they are    

Just another crack whore. Someone needs to remind her that she isn't important. Let her do whatever it is she does, she's going to anyway. You can't change people who don't wanna change. When her money is gone hopefully she will be too. Our economy is crashing and this is what people are concerned with? And to you people who feel bad for her, get a life. You think she cares about you? Hell her own parents don't like her. She's nothing but a BE-ATCH!!! Put her ass away judge! She'll like the butches in there, plus theres plenty of dope in our prisons. She'll love it! Losers.

1441 days ago


44- if anyone's a loser, it's YOU.

1441 days ago


They really just need to go back to the original judge's sentence: 90 days in strict residential rehab, and add 60 days or whatever to that for the more recent probation violations. This way she really serves the sentence rather than skipping out of jail in a few days. The court can't just overlook the probation violations - probation is a chance to prove that you're really a solid citizen, the actions that got you arrested were an anomaly and won't be repeated. She keeps blowing it, proving just that she's irresponsible and can't be trusted to carry through on her promises. It's not "hardball judges" that are the problem, she keeps doing this to herself and forcing the courts to follow through with the legal consequences. The only reason it is so dragged out is because she can afford to waste more money on lawyers to delay the inevitable. Ordinary people would be done with it all by now and back to getting wasted in private.

It's not the court's job to fix her, but if she does get "fixed" then she is much less likely to show up in front of a judge again. Lindsay just needs a long time away from her usual environment so she has a chance of getting control over the stuff that's destroying her. That's why jail sometimes works for people, it gives them a timeout. Having to put all income-producing activities on hold for a good long time might be incentive enough to give up driving under the influence - which, if you all remember, is why she's in this legal mess in the first place and is the reason the law is coming down hard on her, to discourage a repeat. Drunk/drugged drivers are a very hard nut to crack, they typically keep doing it again and again until caught and forced to face serious legal consequences. So they're like a ticking time bomb wandering through our city streets.

1441 days ago


I think the rehab is great, its not a country club there! She regaining her life back and I think this time for good.

I wish her well.


1441 days ago


sarah- Is being gay a bad thing? You're teh one coming across like an ignorant bee-yotch.

1441 days ago

Maisie Gallagher    

No matter what people say. Lindsay is a person , with feelings who is going through a hard time. People criticising when she's down is awful , its hard enoughh to work through these problems without harsh media.
Good on you lindsay , any educated person will know these problems don't get solved overnight. Stay strong and keep your head high , I have faith you will get through this and emerge stronger. You are talented and that will show in time to come , you deserve an oscar for your talent.

1441 days ago


The 90 days in rehab was a joke and the only reason she got 90 days is because of the disgraceful Judge that decided after having the case from January 09 that Lindsay being discharged from the Cirque Lodge after 60 days instead of the 90 days wasn't good enough.
Prior to July 6th this Judge had at least 7 status/progress hearings and on July 6th after no failed drug tests or new arrests she determines that the 90 days should have been completed and takes action almost 2 years later.
July 6th was a joke and she should only have got jail time which was all the prosecution asked for.

1441 days ago

nene martinez    

love the show, keep up the good work

1441 days ago
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