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Lindsay Lohan --

No Time Limit for Rehab

10/6/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will definitely be in rehab at least until her court appearance later this month -- but how long she stays after that will probably be determined by the judge.

Lindsay Lohan rehab.
Sources tell us ... the plan is for Lindsay to stay in rehab at least until her October 22 court appearance before Judge Elden Fox.  As for how much longer she stays ... we're told by the time of the hearing, Judge Fox will have docs from the doctors at Betty Ford, evaluating Lindsay's problems and progress.

If the judge determines Lindsay would be better served with rehab than jail, it's all but certain her stay will be extended.

As for the October 22 court appearance, Lindsay does not have to show, because in misdemeanor cases lawyers can appear on behalf of the client.  But ... Judge Fox clearly thought Lindsay would be present since he assumed she'd be in custody until the hearing ... so it's a good bet she'll be there.



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49- You are exactly right, and I dont understand how people can even make the awful sexual comments about her. Is this how we have evolved as humans to look and treat at each other as though we are all wearing Lady Gagas meat costume? I guess so

1478 days ago


Can someone in the know answer this? When is her probation up to where she is no longer under the legal system at all?

1478 days ago


Can someone in the know answer this? When is her probation up where she will be totally out from under the legal system?

1478 days ago


Can someone in the know answer this? When is her probation up where she will be totally out from under the legal system?

Posted at 4:42 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by mousetrap

Her probation ends August 8th 2011
Before she failed the drug test her supervised probation was set to end on November 1st now it will probably continue into 2011.

1478 days ago


Why does anyone care about this person - there is nothing positive, she has little talent and her family should be in a trailer park. If she didn't have some money and fame she would have been in jail and on the road to progress a long time ago.

1478 days ago


I hope the next time I have to read about this twit, she is either a. an obituary, b. sentenced to 20 years, c. working on a farm in southern Alabama with my cousin Earl.

1478 days ago


Good, the longer she stays in rehab the more counselling she will receive. Coping skills are of the highest importance for this young lady. Hopefully this will set her on the right path this time. She needs to break away from all the people that claim to be her friends but really aren't because they're giving her drugs or encouraging her drug use. Would they be her friends if she wasn't into drugs? Probably not. She needs to realize this.
When she gets out I hope she surrounds herself with positive, drug free people that really want her to succeed.

1478 days ago


Where do you guys get these photos?

She looks like a duck billed lickalotopus!

1478 days ago


77@- it looks like she's in the process of doing just what you said, as I heard that she recently deleted all of her so-called "friends" from her phone, good for her!

1478 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

Hi Lindsay! Lindaisy! :-)

FINALLY! a little peace and quiet! no more paps from hell -- (like, where else would they come from, right? ;-)

OK -- i know -- long time no write -- looks like we've both been busy -- and it ain't over yet!

... but I've missed 'talking' with you -- maybe we can catch up on a few things now that you have a little extra time --

... so much to say, but the important thing to say right now is, remember --

He Loves you -- just the way you are ('cause that's the way HE made you) -- more than anybody ever can love you -- FOREVER!!

In His Love,

Your Affectionate Fan

1478 days ago


@61 amen to that excellent post. What she probably is also finding out - in a very hard way- is the fact she doesn't have ANY friends ( the folks she was hanging out with weren't friends,they were leeches ) and it's good to find that out now. Best thing to do for her is to make NEW - and real -friends in the BFC . Those folks are dealing with the same issues she is and are far more likely to stick with her regardless of what happens .

To some other folks : it must be extremely convinient to judge folks on the basis of what you read in the media .We don't know this woman ,we only know a artificially created image .

1478 days ago


OK, a couple of thoughts on this crap... One, she just was released from a top rehab center where several doctors said "she has no addiction problems" so she was released early, which means to me is that she just likes to party and get high... so she needs to go to jail and serve her time. This hiding out in every rehab center she can get into is just her way of tell us all to go get *u*ked. Next, there are a few stories of celebs getting arrested with drugs, one had several bags of coke in her purse... what do they get a little slap on the hands. I say lets not even stop them from now on, lets just let them kill themselves and or destroy their careers with it so we don't have to read about them anymore and until they get it accomplished it would be pretty good reading.

1477 days ago

jho moya    

Lindsay should be in REHAB i think its better to her,NOT in JAIL i dont care about bad thing happen to her i still like her...=)

1477 days ago


Lindsay could not have picked a better time of year to join us in Rancho Mirage.

The weather just cooled down, the sun is shining and Canadian license plates are starting to pop up like mushrooms.

A nice feature are all the Pap proof communities built by and for the old school Hollywood stars, behind the gates.

Rancho Montage is a great place to just be and we hope the girl is able to pull herself back up and come out a champ.

1477 days ago


Lindsay tweeted this from rehab, she seems to be a bit confused about the 12 step process:

"12 steps? Where's the elevator?"

about 12 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

1477 days ago
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