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Michael's Bodyguard -- Blanket Resemblance?

9/28/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former bodyguard of Michael Jackson thinks he might just be the biological father of Blanket -- and he's offered up his childhood photo as proof. Ehh ...


Matthew Fiddes
says he donated sperm to MJ back in 2001 ... and Blanket was born in 2002. He says he doesn't know for sure if he's Blanket's daddy ... but says several people have told him they see a resemblance between Blanket and himself as a child.

So we ask you ...



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First of all why would you donate your sperm to give to someone for a child and then many years later come out saying it could be your child??? When you donate sperm you no longer have rights so why would you want to know if the kid is yours, move on already and get a life!!!
Blanket does not look like him at all so he needs to stop trying to get his 15 minutes of fame and go somewhere and shut the F**K up!!! All these people coming out after MJ’s death saying this and that needs to fall back and leave these kids alone so that they can have a normal life!

1456 days ago


I think Gomez from the Adams Family is Blankets father.

1456 days ago


His comments were cruel. MJ's children should be able to grow up without this unnecessary publicity.

1456 days ago


His comments were cruel. MJ's children should be able to grow up without this unnecessary publicity.

Posted at 5:31 AM on Sep 28, 2010 by Sally

It's Wacko's fault for buying children instead of acting like a normal man and having sex with a woman to create a child.

And it's Wacko's ghetto family's fault that people are still talking about this because they still want people to believe that Wacko was normal and was the natural father of those children when he is clearly not.

The only people who believe that Wacko was the real father of those children are his very stupid, lunatic fans who have their heads up his skin bleaching, freak ass and don't want to admit that Wacko was not normal.

So if they are getting publicity, they are the ones to blame. If they tell the truth, people will finally leave them alone.

1456 days ago


put michaels jacksons picture next to blanket , prince and paris. he is their father.for tmz to keep peeking this issue is really tacky..

1456 days ago


That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard! If someone said that those two resembled each other, then their mind must be playing tricks on them. I personally don't see anything that those two have in common. (Not in this pic anyway)
Check out

1456 days ago

carla gibson    

I can see that Blanket is Michael's Biological son.He has Michael's everything....I do mean everything (except hair).
forhead, eyes ,big hands ,lips chin everything for his dad Michael Jackson:) The quastion... is who is the mother of this child ?That is what I want to know.
WHO IS IT!!!!!!

1456 days ago

fast freddie    

Some of you really need your eyes checked.MJ is the biodad of Prince,Paris,and Blanket. They are not "white" they are clearly biracial,and have the "caramel" skin tone.There is law stating that AA genes will be dominate,people seem to forget these children do have mothers and will carry some of her traits aswell.

Posted at 4:38 AM on Sep 28, 2010 by Missy

Oh Missy thanks for the laugh, you are without doubt the dimmest bulb on this board. You really are delusional.... If by "caramel" skin, you mean "white" caramel then you are right on the $$$. You're too funny....

1456 days ago


OMG Leave these 3 innocent kids alone...Is everybody forgetting that Debbie is the mother of two of Michael's children. Last time I saw a pic of Debbie she is white very light skinned. Emphasis is always on Michael and his skin color. He even said that being a black man there are different shades of color in being a black person. As far as having blue eyes, I am sure Debbie has them as well as Grandpa Joe (or he has light colored eyes) WHY is it SO important that this topic still is being discussed. As far as the latest with this Matt guy, more BS plain and simple. I cannot help thinking that since Michael's "passing" that all these so called" sperm donors" there should be other proof. It is a known fact that Michael paid Debbie for her giving birth to two of the children. Don't you think he would have also paid a "fee" to those that he supposedly asked to "donate sperm". IF he was so desperate to have children then these donors should be able to show proof of their payment say in cancelled checks etc. Doubt if any of them would do it for free and doubt also if they were paid for their sperm that Michael paid them in cash. I really feel for his children and what they are going to have to endure in the years to come. Yet somehow I think their Dad taught them how to ignore the crap. Let's all hope so.

1456 days ago


I swore a long time ago that I wouldn’t waste my time with this trash anymore. I am visiting with my mother out of town today and unfortunately stupidity got the best of me. How sad that I should find another dirty story about MJ’s children. As much as I hate to comment on this filth, I can't ignore what the children are being forced to endure.

If MJ was not the biological father, maybe TMZ can explain the reason for a newspaper article shortly after MJ died. The article stated that MJ’s sperm had to be moved from a bank in the US to the UK under armed guard. MJ contributed the sperm because he wanted a fourth child at some point but the family was concerned that someone would use the sperm to create another heir to the estate after he had already died.

If MJ did not use his own sperm, who’s heir would that fourth child be since he was no longer here to accept the child as his own? Blanket has MJ’s eyes, Kathryn’s eyes and Janet’s eyes. He bears no resemblance to the guy pictured here. TMZ prefers this story because they like rolling up their sleeves and digging in dirty trenches. Maybe they should spend some time digging through that news report and tell us the truth instead of hurting innocent children.

1456 days ago


I've got all sorts of B.S. stories....maybe TMZ will report on them too.

These may not be the bodyguards kids, but anyone who thinks they are Michael's are high. Remember when Michael was a black guy? Just because he changed his skin doesn't mean his DNA changes.

Michael has white children with long flowing hair. They aren't his.

1456 days ago


HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE HIM! why come out now, if he supposedly doesn't want any problems with the Jackson family and doesn't want Blanket? Obviously he wants the attention.

1456 days ago


all three MJ's kids are genetically grandchildren to Marlon Brando, so stop the comparisons with all those low lives who have come forward claiming paternity. MJ was their father and the one they love and owe their lives to.

1456 days ago


Seriously, if MJ hadn't lied to the public so much during the Martin Bashir special, most people would not be making these observations.

2 nose jobs, 2.

These kids were not conceived normally, and we have the right to speculate, seeing that MJ chose not to have a family nature's way.

2 nose jobs, just 2.

1456 days ago


lili,you were not there none of us were,we do not know whether or not he and Debbie and Blankets mother had sex. I would have lied to ba**** too,the guy was a jerk! Those are MJs biokids

1456 days ago
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