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Michael's Bodyguard -- Blanket Resemblance?

9/28/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former bodyguard of Michael Jackson thinks he might just be the biological father of Blanket -- and he's offered up his childhood photo as proof. Ehh ...


Matthew Fiddes
says he donated sperm to MJ back in 2001 ... and Blanket was born in 2002. He says he doesn't know for sure if he's Blanket's daddy ... but says several people have told him they see a resemblance between Blanket and himself as a child.

So we ask you ...



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fast freddie-you are not fast you are slow,they are MJs kids get over that fact and move on

1453 days ago


Soooo Friggin doesnt matter who the biological father is...anyone can be a dad (sperm donor) but it takes someone really special to be a FATHER, and that is exactly what MJ was to these children...these kids had someone that loved them more than life, their FATHER! PLEASE...leave these kids alone already!!!

1453 days ago


Only DNA can tell, looks are no judge.

1453 days ago


Please these are innocent children we are talking about. The only father is every knew was Michael J Jackson. Who was with them from birth. Who they really love and he truly loved them with all of his heart. NO MATTER WHAT MICHAEL WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FATHER. This guy is just another fame seeker. Leave these children alone. I love you MJ

1453 days ago

fast freddie    

@A-Nony is right. @anonymous your argument is just plain WRONG!!! Yep, Rahsida Jones looks more like her white mother, but her 100% biological sister is completely black in appearance, & so are ALL of Quincy Jones' seven OTHER mixed (Black & White) kids. (Funny how no one mentions that.) So it might be that one of MJ's bio kids could be more white in appearance, but there is NO WAY - we're talking mathematically impossible - that it happens 3x's in a row with ALL 3 of MJ's kids!!! Who are you kidding?

MJ's siblings (you know, the people who share the same mixed race DNA everyone here goes on & on about) have plenty of mixed raced kids between them & NONE OF THEM appear to be white!!!

We already know this makes no difference legally & we know as far as MJ was concerned the were his kids. Let it be. I just do not get why MJ's so-called "fans" would even care about their origins. This has NOTHING to do with any of you. If your opinion of the man can be so easily changed or swayed by his own PERSONAL choices in creating his family, then you have/had no real appreciation for the man anyway, (& much bigger problems of your own.) Poor MJ, no wonder the man only felt safe being honest on stage - his "fans", and MJ's desire for their acceptance made anything else impossible!!!

Why not give MJ in death what he never had in life?

Posted at 3:01 AM on Sep 28, 2010 by Amanda Sue

Hey Amanda Sue, you might want to find a bodyguard for yourself...

The crazy, lunatic fringe MJ fans can't handle when you try to tell 'em the truth... One thing MJ & Matt have in common is that NEITHER of them are Blanket's bio Dad.

I laugh my a@@ off every time a MJ crazy whines about QJones and his "white" daughter, but never his "other" kids.... I too wonder why none of the mixed=race Jackson cousins don't look "white"? Oh wait, is it because God not only gave MJ all the talent and brains in this sorry excuse of a family, but he also gave him "white" genes to pass off on his offspring! WOW! MJ must have been thrilled to death when he realised how much moo-lah he would save on skin bleaching creams down the road... LOL

1453 days ago

fast freddie    

Blanket is MJs son,he is clearly biracial. I bet if harvey came out and said he donated sperm,people would believe harvey is their father too!

Posted at 5:13 AM on Sep 28, 2010 by Missy


STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!!!!!!! Missy says Blanket is "CLEARLY" bi-racial, so it MUST be TRUE!!!! Guess everybody can go home now...

1453 days ago


Why do people think they have to know everything about Michael Jackson?

I believe all three are his children but let's say for arguments sake they're not.

Why is MJ attacked for not having children the normal way?

Who says he may not have been able to have children?

Why does he have to tell the public I can't have children, so this is how I'm going to do it step by step.

MJ was treated like everyone's commodity in which he was demanded to tell the public everything, and if they din't know about it, it was false. Not true.

Who says MJ didn't have a relationship with Blankets mother? It may have been sexual but he couldn't have kids so she did him a favor. So what?

Even if she came out today people would say she's lying, MJ never had sex.

People ought to be ashamed at how they think a 50yr old man spent 50yrs on earth and had no sexual experience except with 5 little kids 3 of whom said nothing happened. [to indulge you people]

Michael Jackson was a human being. And if any one on this board has ever lied about something then you too are a dirty liar.

Michael told us he had two nose jobs. We're lucky he told us that much because it is none of the worlds business.

1453 days ago


I could see it!

1453 days ago


Just because all these people let MJ give them *******s, it does not mean they donated sperm!

1453 days ago


Just because all these people let MJ give them BJ's, it does not mean they donated sperm!

1453 days ago


Was that a job requirement? It seems like they all had to donate spunk.

1453 days ago


Just another money hungry fool looking to milk some money out of Michael's fortune. None of these people claiming to be the 'fathers' and 'mothers' of MJ's kids were there before and they don't care about these kids now.
Leave the poor kids alone. They seem to well living with Katherine. They're just being kids. Let them be.

1453 days ago


I posted this in the other fourm and I am reposting here. Genetics does not always follow suit.

Not that it matters because MJ was/is the Father of those children in all sense of the word.

But I use to think that bi-racial children would always show some traits of their heritage. That is until I met my son's prom date.

She appears to be white. She is very light skinned, long straight shiny black hair, and no Ar. Am. features at all. She is a beautiful girl.

Her mom is black. Her dad is white with light brown hair. And her sister is white with flaming red hair and freckles, (explain that one) and none of them look like each other.

So I now believe that in today's world genetics does not always follow suit. Especially since there is so much mixing in the different cultures.

1453 days ago


MJ was a notorious spunk buyer, this kid could be anyone's kid.

1453 days ago


#88Well said I could not agree with you more. What he had to sad but yet he did.

1453 days ago
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