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Oksana Scores Cash

in Child Support Case

10/1/2010 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva just nabbed $15,000 more a month from Mel Gibson, because the judge in her child custody case has increased her child support.

Judge Scott Gordon issued an order Thursday afternoon, upping Mel's child support payment from $5,000 to $20,000 a month.

We've learned Oksana's lawyers had asked the judge to increase the award to $60,000 a month.

Still ... $20,000 a month buys a lot of formula.


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Ze German    

Child support in Germany is EUR 250 a month, regardless of what the father earns!

1483 days ago


kinda seems someone of a cruel joke on oksana by the judge....
to tell her she is gonna get 4ok a month, but then loses it before she begins to get it due to her being charged with exortion and possibly convited.... awwwww sooooo close.....

1483 days ago


I bet 5% goes to kids the rest goes to the gold digging fugly bitch

Posted at 9:22 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by Nikki
Well she needs to be kept up with her botox... And yes, she is one fugly bitch.

1483 days ago


Why should Mel provide a home for Alexander and Sascha? They are not his responsibility.

1483 days ago


I am totally disillusioned now, what is this Judge thinking.

1483 days ago

bring back recent posts I the only one who doesn't see this amount of money as bein..nuttin much..seriously!!!...she is gonna get a good pay day with the baby makin..plain and simple...doesn't have anything to do with what the babies needs r...geez...still shocked..$ 20..g's..nuttin
this is juuuuust gettin started...4 sure..poor kids

1483 days ago


wonder if Mel's lawyers can go in and fight the amount? Or drop the house (if he would).

20,000.00 is good enough to have a little girl live like she would have. Shoot she is the house she has lived in a whole few months.

We should look and see what other stars and the rich pay a month.

1483 days ago


Hi Realist!

LOL on the great minds think alike!

Yes, I thought of you and the calculator. Didn't you come up with something like 30k per month? But she wanted 60k per month! Unbelievable! I knew she was pushing real hard to get more child support (for herself!)

I am inclined to think like you also and wait for more information. I can't shake the feeling there is more to this than we know. She may have to move, which I can see Gordon justifying an increase then. I know Mel's lawyers wanted to pay 6k per month, so they were willing to come up some, but perhaps she does have to give up the house.

Recall also one of the those 'amba' posts where she called the 10k per month 'funny money' and that an attorney had told her 30k per month at least for Mel. And actually, there was a People article a while back where an attorney was quoted as stating between 20k and 30k per month for Mel. So, hopefully, she did lose some things in the process. And you made the point a long time ago that even if he has to pay more child support, it's less than the 15 million initially.

1483 days ago


But one day Ox will meet her maker and she will pay for all she has done.

What a pig this woman is.

Posted at 9:08 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by Diane
Indeed. That day of reckoning will be a bad one for this woman.

Posted at 9:12 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by rg1
That day is just around the corner. Wait. "IT WILL ALL COME OUT IN 'THE' COURT" - she can't spell, she can't talk, she can't sing, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE... yet, she fools so many fools... FOR NOW. FOOLS, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FISH LIPS.

1483 days ago


There may be more to this that we do not know. Fuddy may be correct that she may have to leave the home she is currently residing. It could also be that the judge feels that Lucia is entitled to twenty thousand a month. As long as that is who it is being used for there should be no problem. If she is seen going shopping in a lavish fasion for herself it will harm Ms. Oksana's image even more.

1483 days ago


How ridiculous - her house, car, and every need of the child is already paid for by Mel.
She just wanted more money for spa visits, pedicures, clothes, bags, and jewlery I'm sure.
What a greedy b!tch.

1483 days ago



I'm pretty sure the $5K per month was less than what the short form May agreement provided for. Since OG did not sign, he drpoped the payments down to $5K as he was not obligated to give her more since she refused to sign the long form.

1483 days ago


Quite a raise!

1483 days ago


How can this judge give her $240,000 a year in Child Support. How is this possibly justifiable in any way shape or form?

1483 days ago


and lawyers can't have a portion of it like I guess they could with the 15 million. I still have a hard time believing that but DH said it. bluff maybe?

1483 days ago
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