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'Pawn Stars' Make It Rain ... on a Budget

9/29/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Treating Las Vegas clubgoers like a mob of hungry strippers, the guys from "Pawn Stars" grabbed an economically-conscious stack of singles this weekend -- and made it drizzle all over the place.

Our friends at shot photos of Rick Harrison, Big Hoss and Chumlee throwing around their hard-earned cash at Vanity nightclub in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Saturday night.

No word on exactly how much money the crew dropped that night -- but judging by the shallow puddles of Washingtons all over the floor, we're guessing the gang was probably down around $43.

Lil' Wayne would be proud ... maybe.


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Yeah, they were stone pimpin it with the Washingtons.

Then they went and cleaned off the "ALL YOU CAN EAT" $3.99 buffet at the casino.

1487 days ago

Preston Ray    

love their show lol intersting 2 see them outside the shop.

1487 days ago

Blue Craze    

Is this show on Hulu?

1487 days ago


These 2 clowns are waiting to happen. They don't have enough common sense or street smarts to survive outside of the store.

Dropping $! bills like that is an insult, no??...especially in Vegas.
I hope it was staged.

All he ever says is ..."Let me call in a friend of mine.

1487 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Um. Boyz???

Those HOT babes???

Uh. They will basically begin to THINK about going home with you if you tuck several 100 dollar bills in their G-strings.

1487 days ago


A strip club is probably the only place those fat, pasty mofos can get women to pay any attention to them...

1487 days ago


Love the show, but seriously, could these guys
be any more unattractive??? FUGLY. That's fat & ugly.

1487 days ago


I'm really sick of seeing obese rich people. Sorry, I know that sounds really mean, but are these people still too stupid and trashy to go on a diet already?? It's not as though they can't afford to eat healthier. After all, this guy is showing us he has money, now! It's like HUGE is the new average. I'm grossed out by big guys as seen here with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths (recipe for a heart attack!!!) and wads of cash in their hands. What? They can afford wallets and pants with pockets? Put your damn money away!!! That just makes this photo op trashier than it would be if they were sitting on a couch watching NASCAR drinking beer! Just sayin!

1487 days ago


Love the show, I just cant bring myself to like these 3 guys, especially the 2 younger guys. Classless buffoons. Once the old man and Rick retire this company wont survive.

1487 days ago

Jon-Paul Stone    

I love "Pawn Stars", such an awesome show and a great concept. Who would have thunk that a show about a pawn shop would be so interesting and weird. The **** that comes through that store amazes me, and sometimes I wonder if some of the stuff is not set up. I know those skits they do with Chumlee are fake, no way he would not have been fired if he really did some of the **** he pulled at the shop. Rick, or old man if you read this, I am a self proclaimed history buff and I need a job. I live near Los Angeles but would move to Vegas for a job at the Shop.

1487 days ago


This friggin dudes are REPULSIVE!! Gawd I just threw up in my mouth after looking at these fat slobs!! Poor strippers... having to sell out your dignity for a few singles from these real life Jabba the Hut's!

1487 days ago


Yeah, their at that new club on the strip, I think it's called "The Lane Bryant Girls"!

1487 days ago

Y do he got    

Lam show lammer still in real life even harry old harvey would never hire these flamming fatasses and he`s got alot of`um at tmm Dj am zz stop[sic]

1486 days ago


That is straight up gangsta'! Droppin' the ones like it ain't no thing...

1486 days ago


Congrats on the ratings success, Pawn Stars! Chumlee needs a raise and a trip to the Playboy mansion (pic next to the pool surrounded by bunnies in bikinis).

How about a dream sequence where the Pawn Stars take over the Playboy Mansion for a day, and Chumlee takes over Hef's job (he will need a bigger smoking jacket).

1486 days ago
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