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Polygamous Family: TV Show is Worth the Risk

9/28/2010 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The polygamous family featured on the TLC reality show "Sister Wives" is speaking out after learning they've become the target of a felony bigamy investigation in Utah ... claiming the show is a "risk worth taking."

TMZ just received a statement from the Brown family -- saying, "We are disappointed in the announcement of an investigation, but when we decided to do this show, we knew there would be risks."

The family continues, "But for the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking."

Yesterday, the Lehi Police Department in Utah announced that the family is being investigated for felony bigamy ... and plans to turn over all evidence to the Utah County Attorney's Office for review and possible prosecution.

The show features a 42-year-old man named Kody Brown -- who has 3 wives, a prospective 4th wife and 13 children.


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y'all really need to read up on plural marriages. Once a woman is no longer of child bearing age, she is put out to pasture and given little money - life ruined. In comes teen to take her place (could be 12, 13, 14, 15). These guys are child molesters (though it's not shown on the show). I am so against woman slavery, I just want to puke. Many of the woman are unable to make this decision, as the parents make it for them, for fear of not going to heaven. Educate before you put a positive spin on it.

1432 days ago


I suggest anyone who believes in this carp to read "the 19th wife". NOT the movie (totally different). Ann Eliza Young (September 13, 1844–1925) also known as Ann Eliza Webb Dee Young Denning was one of Brigham Young's fifty-five wives and later a critic of polygamy. She spoke out against the suppression of women and was an advocate for women's rights during the 19th century. Polygamy is nothing short of slavery for women.

1432 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Why don't these guys just take one wife and then have a bunch of hoes on the side? They can have a little ceremony and pretend they are legally married but just not file the paperwork with the county. At least then they could live how they want and it wouldn't be illegal.

On a side note I wonder if he has the child bearing wives and the fun wives. From the look of them I suspect that is the case.

1432 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Ok NM I see he is only married to one. Then big deal. It is a show about a guy with a bunch of mistresses. Should be on the playboy channel instead.

1432 days ago


Shame on TLC for keep giving dysfunctional people/families a platform to promote their immoral behaviors. I am glad I never watch TLC and if I had children, will never let them watch either.

1432 days ago


Saw most of the first episode and honestly, the affection and interaction between the members of this "family" seem genuine especially kids with the various parents. Curiously, the guy "married" all three wives before any children were born so they have always had the three moms. The oldest kids were questioning bringing in the fourth because they had never experienced that before. There is always a bothersome element of whether the girls brought up this way truly grasp what a monogamous relationship would be like. The first wife only had one child and never got pregnant again while the other two had several each. She seemed a little sad. And of course, the new girlfriend is younger, prettier and thinner than any of the other three. Just sayin'! I thought the middle wife was interesting - she never wanted to be a first wife cause she did not want to be alone with a man. That's weird!

1432 days ago


it's another reality from the main stream. when they showed the first wife for the first time, it looked to me like kirk douglas in drag. on a bad day. the show was boring anyway. "big love" has tension, plot, drama, etc. the reality of the situation is a zero.

1432 days ago


When people hear the word Polygamous they tend to assume it is a horrible thing with horrible people because they have watched the news and heard of the Polygamous compound in Utah where children are married off to much older men against there will and girls do not go to school, from a young age they are taught they are basically a slave to there husband but the fact is this is not all Polygamous families. There are Polygamous families that are normal and live off the compound and are actually against the way things are done on the compound.

I watched Sister Wives last night and if I understand correctly two of the wives work, one is in school and another is pregnant so they have plenty of income to support themselves and there children. There kids seem to be very behaved children and well taken care of.

1432 days ago


How old are his daughters? Has he gotten any of them pregnant yet?

1432 days ago


The LEARNING Channel brings such uplifting and educational programming again. No wonder they have "visitors" storming their headquarters.

1432 days ago


I don't think alot of you watched the show. I watched it last night out of curiousity and frankly what i saw was a very loving and working family that seem alot better off than alot of "normal" married couples that i see. He's been with the first wife 20 years and the third 16 so they are doing better than most of us. the kids all seem well spoken and well behaved and they work as a team. Frankly i was shocked at how well it worked.

In this day and age when gay marriage is supposedly OK i don't see how anyone could possible have a problem with this when they all seem willing and are doing better than most of us.

1432 days ago


This guy has been watching too much "Big Love." He and his wives are going to jail. They're going to make an example to the underground Polygamy community to make sure they stay underground.

1432 days ago


Get real and Jim:

You two are retards. Talk about knuckleheads.

Yeah, the government will pass a law that will allow us to date and marry cows and chicken next. Oh the humanity of it!!!!!

Wake up, on one hand its the consenting adult thing, and now we have turned to marrying a barn yard animal in fell swoop?

Beisdes, like we give a smack about staying married in this country, ya, the whole sancitity of it is a joke to most. Most people go into it wondering when they will divorce!

So please do not put that spin on this! These 4 are a bunch of knuckleheads too.

Wow. Oh, and please don't challenge me on the marriage thing, married 23 years since I 19, still married, I have a feeling I have both of you beat on that one. Oh, and happy to boot. MOST can't say that who are married.

I take it seriously, so why wouldn't a gay couple? Shame on you both.

1432 days ago


I don't get the 6.5 wives comment. What Am I overlooking?

Posted at 9:43 AM on Sep 28, 2010 by Will

Duh....fatty McFatterson's :P

1432 days ago


This is just like the gay marriage debate. Live and let live. They are happy. Their kids are happy. They don't hurt anyone. Why should the law get to choose who and how many we love?

1432 days ago
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