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Bristol Palin -- The Cheesiest Evidence of All

9/29/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the newest, tastiest twist in the underage bar investigation surrounding Bristol Palin -- photos of the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant stuffing her face full of delicious NACHOS!


So why are the nachos important!?

Alaska officials have reportedly launched an investigation into Bristol's night out -- because state law would only allow the 19-year-old to be inside Rumrunner Bar and Grill if it's been designated as a bona fide restaurant, and she was there to eat.

As TMZ first reported, sources extremely close to Bristol are adamant that the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant was all clear to be inside the place when they shot a segment for the show last Friday ... insisting she only consumed the nachos.


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@moe (comment #2) do you reside in the US? I would like to know where you got the information that as you stated:

"In most states, once someone has a child they are considered an "emancipated minor" and have the same rights as one over 21. ?????????"

I have never heard this before as law in any US state.

So does that mean when some 14 girl has a baby, she has the right to go to a bar and drink? Or go to a liquor store and purchase alcohol? And when she is carded can she just reply "well I had a baby, so I'm an emancipated minor"?

Not trying to be catty, but seriously would like to know where you got this information.

1429 days ago


Quite frankly I find it amazing how many people feel that they are so above others, that they are entitled to write trash about someone they do not personally know. To the people who wrote nasty comments about Ms. Palin, your vulgar and uneducated remarks obviously show your lack of intelligence. Perhaps you should find something better to do with your life - like get a job or go to school.

1429 days ago


I'm quite certain if they were able to get a photo of her "stuffing her face" with nachos, they would have been able to get one of her drinking,don't ya think??? I see menus and a table cloth, and OH MY, cups with Cocoa Cola on them, what could be in those???? I can go to the local Applebees or TGI Friday's and get a beer while I eat, would that damn her if she decided to eat at one of those places as well? Oh, I can also buy beer while I shop for groceries, does that put grocery stores off limits? Seriously, I think the Palin clan are a bunch of brainless Alaskan hillbillies, but this is just the biggest non-story of the whole bunch.

1429 days ago


#49 faz:
I thought the same thing. Why not go to a TGI Friday's or something. But I know when we entertain people from out of town, we like to take them to non-chain restaurants...give them a taste of the Northwest (where I'm from originally). I'm not saying there aren't more "Mom and Pop" restaurants she could have gone to, but this place kind of sounds like a "hot spot" and maybe she just wanted to show it off. I think they are making a mountain out of the proverbial mole hill here...

1429 days ago


If the place let her in, then it is THEIR problem. Eating is not a crime. This ridiculous attempt at drawing the name PALIN in to the news is political and desperate by the DEMS

1429 days ago


TMZ people better step up on the celebrity news game. You guys have been sucking will end up like Perez website with no credibility or bloggers at all.

1429 days ago


TMZ has a bad case on PDS-Palin Derangement Syndrome!

1429 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

She's not a celebrity and this isn't news.

Maybe a better story to look into is why minor Miley Cyrus is allowed to have 20+ year old men stay with her at her parents' house? Seems like statutory rape is a much bigger issue than whether or not a 19 year old had booze in a coke cup. What, since Miley dresses, acts, and looks like a 24 year old hooker, she's 'got it coming'?

1429 days ago


She isn't a kid! She is an adult who btw got pregnant. A pretty adult thing to do, HUH??

She is bringing all of this on her self with her choices. She never had to do a dance show on nationl tv. She didn't have to have sex and get knocked up. She didn't have to go on stage and do all that garbage for her mom. SHE WANTED THE SPOTLIGHT!!

And when you are in the spotlight, you gotta know people are gonna watch you, your actions and talk bout you!

1429 days ago


Seriously, leave her alone. Good Lord. A girl can't even go to a restaurant without the paps making a boring case out of it? I highly doubt the law is tracking down this story. The paparazzi is, just say it. Maybe one day you guys will grow up and make an honest living your families will be proud of.

Some of you commenters are so ridiculously rude. Using message boards to insult people TMZ writes about doesn't really make you much better than the ones you're bashing.

The dumbing down of America is obvious on this site.

1429 days ago


This is lame. So Bristol Palin went out and ate nachos. Why is that news? News reporting truly is dead.

1429 days ago


This is exactly why Sarah Palin said adios to Alaskan politics. There are Alaskan officials investigating this???? If that is the case, budget cuts are called for.

1429 days ago


Anyone else notice that gay men and unattractive women have a borderline psychotic hate of the Palins?

1429 days ago


I bet you Obots wouldn't be nearly as "catty" if Michellebacca were to go on that miserable show....she could dance to that quirky music from the bar scene in Star Wars....

1429 days ago


There's a girl in the background of picture number 4 who seems to be removing a deer tick from her eye!!! Got to love Alaska!!!

The guy in picture number 13 seems to have a very forgettable face!!!

1429 days ago
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