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Bristol Palin -- The Cheesiest Evidence of All

9/29/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the newest, tastiest twist in the underage bar investigation surrounding Bristol Palin -- photos of the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant stuffing her face full of delicious NACHOS!


So why are the nachos important!?

Alaska officials have reportedly launched an investigation into Bristol's night out -- because state law would only allow the 19-year-old to be inside Rumrunner Bar and Grill if it's been designated as a bona fide restaurant, and she was there to eat.

As TMZ first reported, sources extremely close to Bristol are adamant that the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant was all clear to be inside the place when they shot a segment for the show last Friday ... insisting she only consumed the nachos.


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Ok all u idiots calling her fat is insane!!! This is what we call fat these days? Holy crap than I guess everyone of you writing this are probably fat too?? She has chubby cheeks but thats it jeeeeezas... So was Paul Mccartney fat too? Doods! I dont know why I picked Paul Mccartney lol Just the first chubby cheeks that came to mind. And thats all I have to say about that!

1384 days ago


You Americans have to wait way too long to drink ha ha ha... if this were in Canada wouldnt even be an issue, 19 in Vancouver baby ;) maybe thats why Americans are so hippocritical ha ha ha yes I said it hippo!!!

1384 days ago


It so sad that people and the media are constantly trying to destroy the Palin's. These people have done nothing to nobody, but yet have received more undeserving hate and lies told about them than any other family in recent history. And yet, they are still standing, smiling and as popular than ever! God Bless 'em!

1384 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

#84 LOL!!! In Italy, we basically have no drinking age almost.

1384 days ago

JR Jake    

That certainly looks good, makes me hungry. That picture is funny as well. It is like she is coaxing it into her mouth like 'Come to Momma'. Talk about anticipaion, that food is an arm's length away but she is definitely ready.

1384 days ago


whats with the bristol hate??? didnt see any negative press on here when michele obama rented out a whole floor over seas at an expensive hotel for her friends to stay michelle was on dancing witht he stars all of the liberal media would be talking about how elegant she is and blah blah blah

1384 days ago


Now she will quit and run away from the investigation, just like her Mommy!

1383 days ago


this is freakin retarded, why not report she went to ****in applebees next? i mean they serve booze too....

must be a slooooow news week

1383 days ago


Dancing with the stars has become a joke and it is time for the show to end. It was supposed to be celeberties dancing with the stars.What kind of celeberty is Bristol Palin? She can not dance ,yet the judges gave her high score> I am tired of looking at the chacha and ballroom dancing with a latin beat. What ever happened to the waltz, ,the hula, Greek dancing,jitterbug, square dancing and dances from other countries,like Japan ,Sweden Poland, Denmark,etc.Do you have any English speaking judges?exagerrated British accents are out.

1383 days ago


Tune in next week for a photo of edie eating a weiner

1383 days ago

midwest gal    

eating nachos is your hot gossip?? Um, why don't you ever dig stupid pictures like this on Democratic politician's children?

1383 days ago


Big friggin deal. My ex took my toddler to a bar (he was 2 1/2) and I called the cops and same thing . . .cuz food was served, all was well. . .and, even tho the ex was sitting at the bar while my son was around the corner (where he was completely out of view) playing a video game. . it was okay, cuz they serve food.

1383 days ago


Who else wants to see Bristol and The Situation hook up?

1383 days ago


Darklady, get a life. She was in a RESTAURANT!!! A 'role model' can't eat nachos in a restaurant? Applebee's sells booze. Gonna ban every family from going there too?

you liberal wackos are such hypocrites

1383 days ago


The Bob & Mark show set up this gig for Mark. Sarah and Bristol were on their show on September 21st. They mentioned the gig for Mark and they were giving away tickets and noticed how many women were trying for the tickets. Sarah then said that she thought Bristol couldn't go, because she's under 21. Bob and Mark both made it very clear to Sarah that Rumrunners was picked in order for Bristol to be able to go! Because, it's a restaurant

1383 days ago
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