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Patient Theft Allegations in Dr. Frank Ryan's Death

9/30/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is trying to "steal" the patients of Dr. Frank Ryan -- the celeb doc who died in a car accident last month -- this according to several of Dr. Ryan's former patients.

One month after Dr. Ryan died on Pacific Coast Highway, many of his patients received emails from the office of Dr. Gary Motykie (pictured above right) -- explaining that several of Ryan's staffers have moved to his "team." The email also includes an invitation to an open house at his office.

But several of Dr. Ryan's patients are pissed that Motykie was privy to their contact information -- and fired back emails saying things like:

-- "I have NEVER met you, nor have I ever authorized you to use my contact information for YOU or anyone else other than Dr Ryan! This is a total breach of confidentiality"

-- "This soliciting for business is completely unethical"

-- "Dr Ryan would be FURIOUS! Shame on you for trying to steal Dr Ryan’s patients"

While it might be tacky, officials at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tell TMZ that it's not a violation of privacy laws to share contact information "as long as it's for treatment purposes or a doctor referral" -- and officials tell us this situation seems to fall under those parameters.

A rep for Dr. Motykie tells TMZ, "The assertion that Dr. Motykie has illegally solicited Dr. Ryan's former patients is untrue."



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ladee da    

i went to HS with Dr Gary, he wasn't a malicious guy back then, i'm sure it's just a case of really poor judgement on his part.

1447 days ago



Thank God for Dr Motykie! There were a lot of patients that were left abandoned without care after Dr Ryan’s passing. Some of us were fortunate to find Dr Motykie who offered to take care of us out of the pure kindness in his heart. He is pure angel sent from heaven. Shame on the jealous people who are trying to spread negative energy about such a wonderful man and amazing surgeon!!!!!

1447 days ago


You can't steal patients from a dead guy.

1447 days ago


I have been a patient of Dr.Ryan for the past 10 years his death was very tragic for me. Just after his death I made several attempts to contact his office and due lack of orginization in his office during this time NO ONE CONTACTED ME. The only person I heard back from was the office manager and sadly she could not give me any information. As Dr.Ryan's patient I felt abandoned with no access to my medical records, not knowing where my money for my laser packages went. Then I was fortunate enough to get an email from Dr.Motykie welcoming me into his office as well as honoring my last laser package. Although, Dr.Ryan's passing is EXTREMELY TRAGIC and absolutely devestating, the living keep on living and for someone like me who has a ton of money invested in surgery as well as lasers it was a relief that the email came from Dr.Motykie and Laurie (his office manager). I did not feel like I was being solicited or "stolen" as some people are claiming. I felt someone was reaching out and attending to my medical needs as other patienst have.

I attended Dr.Motykie's open house and was absolutely impressed by th professionalism that his entire staff portrayed as well as how BEAUTIFUL his facility is. He welcomed me into his office with open arms and I was pleased to see the familiar faces that I saw and to be honest happy to know that my new DOCTOR was smart enough to leave the "DRAMA" at Dr.Ryan's office. I am happy to have a consult set up with him and I look forward to my procedure!

1447 days ago


SHAME SHAME SHAME ON ALL OF YOU PEOPLE! I have known Dr.Ryan for 15 years he is a very dear friend of mine and he would be absolutely mortified to know that any of this was going on. He would be ashamed to know that no one contacted his patients until Dr.Motykie reached out to them.

Whoever started this disgusting rumor that patients were being stolen and all this junk, think twice because as Dr.Ryan's good friend I can say that he would be appauled at the way things have been handled and to Dr.Motykie if you are reading this Thank you from my heart for opening your doors to all of Dr.Ryan's patients.

1447 days ago


It will be interesting to see how Jason Bateman reacts to all of this. He's gotta have something to say about them using his picture in all these articles about Dr Ryan.


1447 days ago

heartbroken cousin/FLA    

Everyone here should read the story correctly about the Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Moytikie, who's new staff memeber, Lori Lara, my cousin's office manager at the time of his death, stole all of his patient list's and contact information so that this creep could solicite them to go to his office. She signed a confidentiality agree upon employment. The only way someone is allowed to even contact these people is if another doctor purchased his practice and the list then LEGALLY becomes theirs. And I can assure you NO ONE HAS DONE SO!!! I will do everything in my power to file all the neccesary complaints against this vulture!! Shame on you Dr. Moytikie, don't you have any morals or scrupples? Obviously, you don't have a conscience!! And to my cousins patient's who only care about their vanity, my cousin's so called office manager had NO RIGHT to take that infromation and shop it around to the highest bidder. Obviously, Dr. Moytikie was foolish enough to take the bait and now I will make sure he is written up with the AMA and the Board of Plastic Surgeons in California. This so called doctor and Lori Lara preyed on a man that never did anything to them. Not to mention that in a sudden death it takes time to find a REPUTABLE doctor to take over for a deceased person's practice. You act as if my cousin did this on purpose to all of his patients. Shame on all of you!! You can't hurt him anymore, but just remember that he and GOD see all now and I hope you can live with yourselves!!

1447 days ago


From the looks of the 2 doctors the people that received emails from Dr. Motykie should for sure take him up on his offer! Dr. Ryan seems like he was a bit over indulgent in his own plastic surgery. His face looks like plastic. And he also made Heidi Montag look like a freak. Now that is unethical! Doing that much surgery to such a young girl who obviously has a self esteem problem. Leave Dr. Motykie alone.

1447 days ago


Dr. Motykie is trying to exploit someones elses death for his success. He doesn't care about the patients care post Ryan's death, he cares about his pocket book and what this could gain for his own personal celebrity.

1447 days ago


In response to Dr. Frank Ryan's Cousin. #55 So Let me understand this? You are upset, pissed, because you have not "SOLD" the list of names to the highest bidder yet. Hummmmm lets see how ethical that is and how is that help Dr. Frank Ryan's patients get the care that they need????? Any concern for the patients and thier care, or is it only about your inheritance? You mention Morals??? This Lorie Lara came to work for him and sent out an Email to the people she had been dealing with at Frank's Practice up till the day of his untimely death. She announced where she was working so the "FORMER" patients of Dr. Frank Ryan wanted to contact her for any assistance, they could, since NO ONE else DID or assisted them ! Every single person who has E-mail also has a delete button on their computer, so if they did not want to talk to Lorie or even Meet Dr. Motykie they could have easily deleted the E-mail. So again what is the true Violation of anything here. To #57 Dr. Motykie offered FREE assitance to any of Dr. Frank Ryan's patients that had surgery and need to be seen after their surgeries and free consultations. So again where is his pocket book being filled??? Why don't you call his office as I did and get educated before you write slander? That so you no is truely illegal. Not what Dr. Motykie did. There is nothing illegal about what Dr. Motykie has done and if you do some research on him, as I have, you might acutually learn he has done an incredible amount of charity work and Free surgeries for people who have been in unfortunate accidents or had disfigurements from birth that can't afford a plastic surgeons fees throughout his career. You people need to do something with your lives.

1447 days ago


I first Would like to say may Dr. Frank Ryan R.I.P. I just don,t understand what are the patient,s supose to do with unfinshed bussines somebody have,s to take over.May the best doctor win.

1446 days ago

I am me bitchez    

I can't believe this does not violate the HIPAA privacy law. I work for 20 doctors and I can not disclose that a patient is going to a facility for treatment. It is wrong on so many levels.

1446 days ago


This Lorie Lara is a thief.
I did some research and found a lot.
Just look her up in Riverside Superior Court under her real name Eloise Lorie Lara aka Eloise Lorie Padilla.
I also found out she was fired from her last job at a bank in Indio California for theft and forgery.

1440 days ago

mary m    

I just wanted to say what that Dr Motykie is an incredible surgeon with an amazing heart. He gave medical attention to both me and my friend that were left without care after Dr Ryan’s passing. He helped take care for us out of the kindness in his heart and he did not charge us a single penny!! I wish we could clone Dr Motykie and make more of him to replace some of the people who are writing on this idiotic site. He is a prince among men and his skills as a surgeon are second to none. I am sure Dr Motykie’s IQ is far too high to bother even looking at these blogs which makes me feel better about its ridiculous existence. I am sure that the people writing here haven’t even met Dr Motykie in person which makes them akin to terrorists. They are cowards hiding in the dark taking cheap shots at a respectable, intelligent, decent human being that is a highly-skilled and reputable surgeon. I guess when your are as good as Dr Motykie there will always be those jealous few that are incapable of dealing with the reality of their own insignificant, trivial existence and would therefore waste their own time commenting on things they know nothing about. GO DR MOTYKIE!!!! YOUR PATIENTS LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

1433 days ago
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