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Jerry Brown -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Whitman's Ex-Maid

9/29/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's rival Jerry Brown is wasting no time making hay off her undocumented worker scandal -- saying the former maid has a "compelling story."


In a news release, the Democratic candidate for governor of California said he wants Nicky Diaz Santillan to be "treated with respect and dignity as this story unfolds."

Brown added, "After more than a year of Whitman demanding immigration policy that 'holds employers accountable,' we learn that accountability doesn't extend to her own actions."

Whitman's camp claims Santillan lied about her immigration status ... and they believe they have the documents to prove it.


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Didn't Jerry hook up with Nicky at the nunnery?

1484 days ago


Jerry Brown is a complete moron.

This ILLEGAL immigrant LIED on her application and gave false information. SO she was fired. End of story.

I hope she gets tried and thrown in jail for fraud.

1484 days ago


So basically what we are really being told here is that neither Brown nor Whitman are against illegal immigration. 3 1/2 million illegal immigrants in our state, which we cannot afford, and both candidates for governor are okay with illegal immigration. Just dandy.

1484 days ago


So Meg Whitman is SO SMART that she can run e-bay and now California, but she could not see her housekeeper had a different name then what was on the social security card?

FOR 9 YEARS.... then fires her, what is so wrong with people wanting to work hard for this country ?

1484 days ago


I really want to know how this illegal immigrant has managed to stay here after she was fired from a very lucrative maid's hourly wage of $23 p/hr. This story stinks as if the Anti-Megites have managed to threaten the maid with immediate deportation of her if she didn't cave in to their demands and publicly disclose her previous criminal acts which were all done under the guise of betrayal of her employers. She sure was crying and overly emotional unless she got pumped and primped by Allrod to make it really salicious for the cameras.
Bet she has some nice cushy job with an understanding Democrat supporter of Jerry's now, the pay is less but they "feel" her pain and can be more understanding of what it requires to be illegal in this country.
She's not doing it for any love of the United States, of that we can be completely certain! It must be some major money bringing her out into the glare of the cameras alongside that joke of an attorney. At least Allrod isn't slumming around with classless hookers and s***my waitresses this time, she's moving up in the world!!

1484 days ago


we want the truth DAMM IT who is harvy really voting for meg or brown

1484 days ago


Lyin, two faced, opportunist, hypocrite, morally bankrupt...sorry I just went back in time to Rupublican quotes about Bill Clinton. Its just awful isn't it?

1484 days ago



Lyin, two faced, opportunist, hypocrite, morally bankrupt...sorry I just went back in time to Rupublican quotes about Bill Clinton. Its just awful isn't it?

Posted at 6:01 PM on Sep 29, 2010 by roz


Lying, two-faced, opportunist, hypocrite, morally bankrupt? Are you talking about Obama?

Seriously dude, that describes every politician on both sides of the aisle. Don't be duped by this left/right nonsense. Both parties are corrupt to the core and only attract those who see politics as a path to power.

1484 days ago


This is politics at its sleaziest. "Dignity and respect" in a California election? My A$$!

1484 days ago


Well California - you probably will have Jerry "MOON BEAM" Brown to kick around instead of Arnold!! Ah the good old days are back!!!!

1484 days ago


Dont like Whittman or Jerry and this really has nothing to do with either of them at this point.

Nicki is illegal, she came here illegally, she made 345.00 bucks a week for 15.00 hours plus a few more a week, for 9 years, a pay that most of us American would Love to SEE!!! She used false do***entation to get hired.
She is illegal, and continued to commit numerous crimes, its jail or deport her NOW.

Gloria you must be seriously in need of clients love, some of your office staff dont even make near 23.00 an hour. So you really dont want to be saying anything in support of Nicki's claim of slave labor and all the other mismosh you said today.

There is NOT a jury in this country that will award this illegal Mexican a penny, so give it up Gloria, and Whittman if you settle this out of court you are an idiot.

The US and California people want illegals and immigrants out, and all their anchor babies NOW. We are easily and closest to a Civil War to see this accomplished because our politiciians are too scared(except arizona) to attack this problem head on, get these people out of our aid programs, give them 30 days to get out of our country, and then we round them up county by county with our soldiers, just like we did in Iraq. Round them up and dump them all back over the border, they come back, they get hard labor on the WALL we will build between Mexico and USA. All illegals in our jails now will be the first ones living on the WALL doing hard labor instead of us paying 40k to keep each one of them in a nice jail.

So Jerry and Whittman you can fight all day, neither one of you are promising us what the USA and California people want, so you arent going to get the job anyway.
We need a regular type working Joe who knows what we need and want as a bottom line to get this country and California back on its feet and it starts with getting these people OUT OF HERE and not letting anymore back IN! Simple

1484 days ago


Actually Susie, sadly one of them will in fact get the job as governor. That's a given at this point. The election is a month away. No "working Joe" is going to come forth from a third-party and win the election.

1484 days ago


Respect? Limo to the border...

1484 days ago


What's the problem? Bill her for back taxes and deport her. Problem solved.

1484 days ago


I'd love to see Whitman go down, but this is obvious garbage. It's revolting.

1484 days ago
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