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Jerry Brown -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Whitman's Ex-Maid

9/29/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's rival Jerry Brown is wasting no time making hay off her undocumented worker scandal -- saying the former maid has a "compelling story."


In a news release, the Democratic candidate for governor of California said he wants Nicky Diaz Santillan to be "treated with respect and dignity as this story unfolds."

Brown added, "After more than a year of Whitman demanding immigration policy that 'holds employers accountable,' we learn that accountability doesn't extend to her own actions."

Whitman's camp claims Santillan lied about her immigration status ... and they believe they have the documents to prove it.


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Hey NutMeg - "Actions speak louder than your constant lying words" You are a hack and do shady've been on the negative smear campaign for months now..still never mention how your going to change and fix the OBVIOUS problems plauging this State. You are untrustworthy and there is something evil about you..Any more shady business deal with Goldman-Sachs to help **** the American taxpayers..She's a CROOK and a LIAR and doesn't know **** about Politics. You don't even vote..Your motto should just be like most politicians "I tell you what you want to hear, vote for me"

1488 days ago


I bet her birth certificate says Cabbage Patch on the top it.

1488 days ago


Outsourcing is huge!!!

Ever call your cell ph company after business hours, Time warner cable, etc and they are from the Filipines, India, and yes Argentina, and other places
And doctors from other countries read your xays, MRI's, etc too.

Globalization does it include the maids too?

1488 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Screw Jerry Brown. Team Whitman! I could care less about this housekeeper.

1488 days ago


My God. My God. Look Jerry Brown would sell the Earth to an interstellar Scrapyard if he could be President of the United States. He is still in the hunt. One term as California Governor and then he makes his move. I still remember Bill Clinton in the Debates telling Jerry "listen if you go after my wife one more time you won't have a place in my administration". Well now Bill is defanged except for his hit squad that's killed sixty people. It's Jerry's time once again to go a hunting. First step. Calif. Governorship natch...

1488 days ago


Jerry should be careful cause he has himself a VERY BIG skeleton in his closet that he'd never want made public. Just sayin Jerry! Meg could screw you over with certain information. Careful there buddy throwing stones! Your skeleton would pale in comparison to Meg's illegal worker. Secrets don't stay secrets for long no matter what the payoff was.

As for Meg, I don't really buy her story, unfortunately. I think she is lying through her teeth but I also think the Nanny has also blown the story up considerably and the News Conference was just another Allred joke. You'd think she'd set up the stage differently for each "victim" she is defending but it's just the same script and format. Victim is given tissues and starts to cry on cue. Gloria gives assinine hug at end of conference. For god's sake Gloria, mix it up a bit!

The outcome should be that Meg pays the Nanny her fair amount due (which would be tens of thousands of dollars) and then the US needs to deport the Nanny right out of the states.

Between Jerry and Meg, is there a third damn choice? I had respect for Meg up until now. Now I just believe her to be a complete liar. I would have more respect if she'd just fess up.

1487 days ago


How dare Meg Witman take advantage of her maid and pay her $23.00 an hour. Poor maid was so abused she stayed for NINE YEARS until she fessed up she was illegal & wanted Meg to help her get legal. How dare Meg not help an illegal get her papers & then has the nerve to let her go.

I was undecided who to vote for, but now I am voting for Meg Witman.

Allred & Brown, this backfired as far as I'm concerned.

1487 days ago

Christina G.    

Gloria Allred needs to do a press conference on why every single employee and contractor at ebay's headquarters in San Jose is an Indian from overseas. All the hiring managers and workers are Indian or Asian and they only hire Indians or Asians. The rest of the work is outsourced to India. The janitors are all Mexican. The only Americans there are the top brass, secretaries, and security guards. I worked there...know what I'm talking about.

1487 days ago


Still laughing at why TMZ or other LIBERALS can't bear to actually say ILLEGAL ALIEN.. Undo***ented sounds so much sweeter.
This incident confirms that I will vote for Meg, rather than the sleazy, Government LIFER Brown. He really scraped the bottom of the sewer to get Super Gloria to do this pathetic, desperate business. Can you say GOVERNOR WHITMAN? MEG, MEG, MEG! Thank you Jerry :-)

1487 days ago


Deport this bitch NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1487 days ago

Bill Fike    

How much longer are the American People going to continue allowing ILLEGALS to get away with all the lawlessness? And then to add insult to injury, an American useless lawyer takes the illegals side to protect her crimes. Throw her out of the country with a one-way ticket and she can take her lawyer with her.

1487 days ago


I'm sorry... but had it been me or any other poster on here, if we were to use somebody else's security number, identity theft, and criminally trespass... we would be locked up and crying to prove our innocence with no truly caring public defender to make it all better! Oh no... she has Gloria to defend her and say that of many things, she has been financially abused! WHAT? Who's SS was she using and abusing? AND at $23 an hour, she was doing better than many Americans!

What a crock of B.S.!

1487 days ago


Nicky should get the same level of respect she showed for our immigration laws- NONE.

1487 days ago


I was leaning toward voting for Jerry , but after this Democratic joke maid "scandal" I will vote for Meg 100% now.....I hope Gloria gets called out on this one!!!

1487 days ago


Ask someone if they're do***ented if they are,they'll tell the truth and say yes. If they're not do***ented they'll still say yes. Ms. Whitman implies she's unaware of how people might lie about their immigration status. She attempts to shift blame to the agency through which she hired this person. The agency, no doubt has filed away xeroxes of fake do***ents provided by the person Whitman hired. The agency will say they're no forgery experts but they inspected the do***ents and they seemed fine. So everyone's off the hook but the Mexican national. Well not exactly because one of the guilty parties is running for governor and this kind of thing disgusts voters.

1487 days ago
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