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Lindsay Lohan

Rehabbin' at Betty Ford

9/30/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan is undergoing treatment at the famous Betty Ford Center, a legendary and respected alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic in Rancho Mirage, California.

Lindsay checked in Monday -- and as we previously reported, the plan is for her to stay put in rehab at least until her probation violation hearing on October 22.

It's gonna run Lindsay a pretty penny too -- according to their website, 30 days of inpatient care at BF runs $26,000.

Betty Ford has treated scores of celebs -- a short list of former patients includes, Keith Urban, Chevy Chase, Elizabeth Taylor, Gary Busey, Johnny Cash, Kelsey Grammer, David Hasselhoff, Mickey Mantle, Liza Minnelli, Ozzy Osbourne, and Anna Nicole Smith.


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Joe Blow    

Did Nicole Enabler seriously just say that Lie-ho "only" failed one out of her 7 drug tests? Let's look beyond that fact that it should have been ZERO failed tests as per her parole terms, but I guess Nicole Enabler is now simply ignoring the second failed test for Addrell because the prosecution chose to focus on the cocaine violation instead. That doesn't mean that the second failed test never happened, but in Nicole Enabler's happy-go-lucky world of Princess Lindsay the Innocent and Persecuted, it might as well mean it never happened I suppose.

1447 days ago


Looking at the rehabs clients list shows me Lindsay won't be cured!

1447 days ago

Joe Blow    

And I mean why should Princess Lie-ho continue to be held to such inhumane standards like continuing to be on parole for another year? It's not like she's continued to violate her parole for the last 3 years already, numerous times at that right? What an outrage! What a travesty! Screw everyone else who has to follow the law, she's mother f'n Lindsay Lohan for Christ's sake! Viva la Lindsay Lohan, free the Linnocent!

1447 days ago


You know rehab might work if Lindsay actually wanted to get sober but it's obvious by her actions that she doesn't even think she has a problem. The only reason she is in rehab right now is because she wants to avoid jail. This is typical behavior by an addict. She's just trying to show the judge she's a good girl now who's getting help for her problem so he just can't send her to jail. Believe me. I know. I have dealt with addicts for years. Most end up dead, sick or in jail. She will only get sober when she really wants it and that's not going to happen until all her enablers stop enabling and make her face the consequences of her behavior. If Lindsay continues her relationship with her mother, you will know that she is not really serious about sobriety. Addicts have to change their behavior and friends. She needs a better support group than her crazy dysfunctional family.

1447 days ago


The only thing that's going to end her party? JAIL...these rehabs, cushy or not, do NOTHING but take the patients money and play on the fears of the families.

the return to drug and alcohol rate for these places EIGHT out of TEN and that's being generous.

JAIL...for the DUI, JAIL for the DRUGS...and then start talking about stopping the behavior. No fear? NO QUITTING.

1447 days ago


She is trying to pull this rehab crap to stay out of jail. She should have to serve her full time since she broke her probation terms. I hope the judge throws the book at her. She is disgusting.

1447 days ago


It say's "TMZ has learned" really? where's the pictures? Wheres the proof that she's in Betty Ford...according to OTHER sources? She's not there.

Better start staking out the Rehabs Lindsey was courted by...might be interesting.

1447 days ago


Too bad she doesn't have a strong family to lean on. Not one person too really support unconditionally. She seems all alone in this fight for life.

1447 days ago


@83 BS. Like I said : jail does NOTHING to make you quit ,quite the opposite ( abstinence isn't the same as quitting, ask any former addict ) . You see, most folks who are addicted or suffer from a dependency on prescription drugs already have very low self esteem. Jail only worsens that. Why do you think she has been prescribed anti-depressants for years on end now ? Because she's feeling dandy??

If you were to check relapse rate after jail you'd see far worse figures ( in fact some come out of jail being addicts and weren't addicted yet when they went in ) .

1447 days ago


TMZ Really means Betty Ford Center is babysitting Lindsay

They sent her there because she cant be trusted to stay clean till her court day

1447 days ago


@89 you can't look inside her head anymore than any of us can. And if you're such an expert you should know it is the frame of mind doing the quitting ( not the clinic,not the doctor ,not anything but yourself and how you perceive your addiction ) .

1447 days ago


Stop buying into her game
She's a repeat offender

1447 days ago

The Truth    

Betty Ford Clinic has a posted 98.6% failure rate. Look at the list of names. Even Betty who it is named after failed several times with her drinking.

What a joke. It is all for the court as PR in hopes of not going to jail.

The senior judge needs to be voted out of office. He has also released 19 other celeb's before. Pathetic on his part. Allowing bail on a probation violation. So now everyone on probation (and you are on probation for being sentenced already) can bail out.

Vote the judges out of office.

1447 days ago


I'm sure most people in here have seen the pictures of Lindsay (allegedly) injecting some drugs like cocaine or heroin.

What Lindsay might not realize is that you're playing around with DEATH with these drugs. It can be like "Russian roulette". There's some very powerful drugs out there ... street drugs AND prescription drugs. You take the wrong thing at a party or trust the wrong person who hands you some sort of drug and you could be laying on a cold slab at the coroner's office like on the show "CSI".

That's what happened to promising young Hollywood actor River Phoenix at the "Viper Room" on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood in 1993. He went to the bathroom to get an injection of heroin and cocaine and was dead within a half hour. I wouldn't be surprised if he was drunk and didn't know what the hell he was doing before he got the injection. That stuff happens.

Lindsay needs to take a trip to THE CORONER'S OFFICE and see some drug overdose deaths. She needs to be "scared stiff by the stiffs" in those drawers at the morgue. There's PLENTY of arrogant, "know it all" young people who thought that drugs wouldn't kill them ... but they SURE DID!

All over America, those arrogant, wild and crazy, "cool kids" from wealthy families end up in the morgue after an overdose. They're the same type of people that Lindsay probably hangs out with. In one stupid night of being a "party animal", their life just "fades to black" like those old black and white TVs ... permanently.

1447 days ago


@94 stop with those pictures already.They're about as fake as they can get. Daily mail /news of the world as source, says it all.

In my personal opinion it's the extensive use of prescribed drugs which is most disconcerting. She's addicted to those for sure and has been taking them for years . TMZ should do a story on THAT and examine how it is that doctors can apparently prescribe that kind of heavy anti-depressants and painkillers - in those quantities - to a 20-something girl for years on end without - again: apparently- any sort of regulation .

1447 days ago
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