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Meg Whitman -- Target of 'Personal Destruction'

9/29/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's camp tells TMZ ... they are the target of "personal destruction" and claims the "sleaze machine" on the left is now in overdrive.

Spokesperson Andrea Jones Rivera tells TMZ, "Gloria Allred is a shameful manipulator and the timing of today's news conference so close to the election should serve as a warning to Californians that they are witnessing dirty political smears at their worst."

As we first reported, Whitman's former housekeeper has teamed up with Gloria Allred and plans on making a legal claim stating how she "suffered" while working for Whitman.

Whitman's camp claims Allred is a Jerry Brown supporter and is "playing shameful politics again."


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Meg raised prices on eBay .. they took a poll and 21% was what she got among the eBay'rs .. She used eBay's jets to fly her family all over . a lot of personal use . nasty woman .. she has NOT VOTED IN 28 YEARS and you want her to be governor? .. I am not for either of them . but at least Jerry has experience . she has NONE . does NOT know how to vote . .nevermind keep any (LIES) promises she is making .. She got rid of employees PIERRE ODEMYER hired (he founded eBay) and outsourced hundreds if not thousands of jobs .. we have a senator here doing the same thing 'outsourcing' .. GREAT .. AND
. if it were NOT for MY union in the film biz . I would NOT have health insurance & pension ..

1450 days ago


On the other hand... if it is true the best time to come out with it would also be now.

Anyway, welcome to politics Meg! If you can't handle it then go play in your big pile of money you made from ridiculously high Ebay fees!

1450 days ago


This woman is crazy. She lies and will destroy the state of CA if elected. Her son was kicked out of Yale for cheating so she donated a huge amount of money to get him back in. He's a racist, a drunk and now employed by a political consulting firm that Meg owns. These people ARE SLEAZE, she has no business being in politics. Ebays success would have happened no matter who ran it, it was created at the perfect time. Don't fall for this extremists lies.

1450 days ago


Gloria Allred is nothing but an ambulance chaser looking out for her own bank account and NOT the truth. The "demoncrats" will stop at nothing to stay in control and push their socialist agenda down our throats. Wake up America before it is too late!

1450 days ago


I think the Whitman camp would have cause to be concerned if the housekeeper retained a real lawyer, but Gloria Allred has become such a national punch line that nobody will take this seriously.

And there is a 90% chance that calling Gloria a 'punch line' will cause her to hold a press conference protesting the advocacy of Violence Against Women.

1450 days ago


ha ha Meg. no one is holding a gun to your housekeeper's head.

1450 days ago


Gloria Allred can get a bit intense about certain causes.

But I have a newfound respect for her ever since I learned that she was raped years ago as a student in Mexico on Spring Vacation.
No wonder she feels so strongly about certain issues.

1450 days ago


I never thought I'd side with Gloria Allred but this Meg woman is disgusting.
Hopefully, California is too smart to elect this biotch.

1450 days ago


why is the housekeeper waiting until this time to file charges/complaints? GA can never be trusted....she is looking out for her own pocket...period.

1450 days ago


The liberals using personal smear tactics? Never! Yeah right, look at what they did to Sarah Palin or any other conservative they fear could wreck their "spread the wealth around" utopian policies. If CA falls for this ridiculous scheme then that state deserves to continue down the bankrupt path the liberals have been leading them down for years....

1450 days ago


You mean Meg HITman.

She is a violent out of control woman. She did a hell of a job raising the two RACIST kids she calls sons.

I am troubled that someone who has failed as a parent can be a legit canidate. She blew $100M

1450 days ago


Why would someone pay 120 million for a job that pays 200k.... ?

She acts like she invented Ebay...
and was the reason ebay succeeded...
Ebay would have done fine with out her.

Balony Queen

Go buy something else HAG!

1450 days ago



Demoncrats?? Wow thats a pretty strong argument you just made. Maybe your right!-everyone should vote for the rich lady with NO political experience at all.

1450 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem with the people of California is they are so liberal that the state is dropping like a rock. Jerry Brown has never had a real job other than a government job. Companies are leaving by the truck loads out of California because of their taxes, so-called green agenda and crazy ass rules and regulations. Elect Jerry Brown and the state with it's unions running everything will be bankrupted.

1450 days ago


Dave- it was an ignorant comment the first time you posted it...its not getting any better with age.

1450 days ago
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