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Meg Whitman -- Target of 'Personal Destruction'

9/29/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's camp tells TMZ ... they are the target of "personal destruction" and claims the "sleaze machine" on the left is now in overdrive.

Spokesperson Andrea Jones Rivera tells TMZ, "Gloria Allred is a shameful manipulator and the timing of today's news conference so close to the election should serve as a warning to Californians that they are witnessing dirty political smears at their worst."

As we first reported, Whitman's former housekeeper has teamed up with Gloria Allred and plans on making a legal claim stating how she "suffered" while working for Whitman.

Whitman's camp claims Allred is a Jerry Brown supporter and is "playing shameful politics again."


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ALL LIBERAL LOSERS: Gloria Allred is a shameful media whore whose only interest is herself (fame). None of her clients have any credibility or legal merit. She is a disgrace to the profession which says a lot.

Liberals hate wealthy Republcans-is it because she is a woman? Jealous? Threatened?

Do you even know ANYTHING about Jerry Brown? He is a typical lawyer-turned-politician who IS bought and paid for by unions (and others). HE ran this state into the ground before. How many times is enough? Of course liberals want him in power- take take take take from the government. The government owes you nothing. CA has nothing.

PATHETICALLY predictable slimeball politics by DEMS-Jerry Brown is a snake- no wonder he got that media whore on board- she loves the camera more than him

1488 days ago


Ha, Meg is so full of it! She's spent over 100 million on this election and She's still tied with Brown.... He's barely spent any money. What does that tell you?

1488 days ago



1488 days ago


career politicians ARE the problem- at least WHITMAN is NOT a politician- she is a BUSINESS woman- that is exactly what CA needs- conduct business NOT politics- look at what politics has gotten this state-in the RED. Arnold masqueraded as a Republican, but we clearly see he was a DEM in disguise. Guess those Kennedys rubbed off.

Experience in politics is NOT needed- it is a detriment to the entire process. It is couple with corruption, greed, lobbyists, agenda, and no accountability. WHITMAN has business skills- BROWN does NOT. He has pockets full of union $

1488 days ago


"Liberals hate wealthy Republcans-is it because she is a woman? Jealous? Threatened?"

Most democrats ARE women! Love how republicans pull that card ever since Palin came around. How did you treat Hillary for years before Palin?

1488 days ago


Allred is a sleaze who loves the camera, but let's be real here....Whitman has previously been shown to be abusive as an employer. All this pre-emptive stuff Meg's doing actually gives Allred's client credibility.

1488 days ago

i pee freely    

vote for the one with more hair,hands down jerry

1488 days ago


Notice that she's more focused on the timing than the validity...

just say'n

1488 days ago


A pair of wire rimmed glasses and Meg is ready to play the "Ben Franklin Story".

1488 days ago


Funny how the major networks have not said a word about Gloria Allred's news conference. I think she has cried wolf too many times, and even if this was newsworthy, they will ignore her. It is getting to where TMZ is her only outlet.

1488 days ago


Meg Whitman looks like the Crypt Keeper with a little flesh on its bones.
You want THAT for a governor?

1488 days ago


So Meg is getting a taste of her tactics against Brown and she doesn't like it, no surprise there.

She's a witch, for sure.

And interesting, this is NOT a denial on what is about to unfold. Simply labeling the revelations as sleaze tactics, etc., is "Generic Response 101" when you know what's being said about you is true.

Her response is like politicians who go on trial for corruption and they accuse the govt. of wasting taxpayers money. They don't deny charges, they simply bad mouth the accuser.

1488 days ago


Is anyone really surprised that Jerry Brown would be so pathetic and desperate enough to pursue such a tactic? This was expected. This is what the Dems have been reduced to. They cannot tout one single policy of the Obama administration that is a positive. Not a single one. They cannot handle the discussion of the issues. This is all they can do. Behave like pi$$ed off middle schoolers that are jealous of the most popular kids in class and seek to destroy them personally from the shadows since they lack the courage to debate them face to face.

1488 days ago


Gee Harvey, if you hadn't have been such a coward and ditched your "POLITIX" section since you didn't approve of what the majority of Americans think of your failing Messiah, this story would have been perfect under that tab. But instead, being the hypocritical, gutless Comms that you are, you took down the POLITIX section since most of us aren't idiotic liberal sheep in lockstep with their socialist agenda like you are.

1488 days ago


So Meg....if you state the facts and they aren't flattering to YOU, it must be a smear campaign from the left? This is classing Republican nonsense. I'm a Californian and at times, I've been in your party. I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR YOU IF YOU WERE THE ONLY PERSON RUNNING FOR GOV. You are and have been an arrogant sleaze ball. This is probably TRUE.

1488 days ago
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