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Meg Whitman's Housekeeper: Undocumented

9/29/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's former housekeeper was an undocumented worker and claims working for the Republican candidate for Governor was a "nightmare."

Nicky Diaz Santillan, Whitman's housekeeper of 9 years, held a news conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, and claims Whitman had all the clues she was an undocumented worker but closed her eyes to it because she was cheap help ... $23 an hour.

Allred claims the housekeeper was "exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused" by Whitman.

Allred claims when the housekeeper was hired 9 years ago through an agency, Whitman never asked if she was in the U.S. legally.  And, during her employment, Santillan told Whitman she couldn't travel to Mexico.  And, Allred said, Whitman found out Santillan's Social Security number didn't match her name, but Whitman did nothing.  Allred said it's the classic case of "don't ask, don't tell."

0929_whitman_debate_videoThat all changed, Allred says, when Whitman launched her campaign for Governor, realizing having an illegal alien on board was a liability ... and fired her.

Santillan says Whitman treated her "like a piece of garbage" by letting her go.

Allred says Santillan is filing a claim with the Labor Commission for back wages and mileage.

Yesterday, Whitman said in the debate with Jerry Brown that employers should be held accountable for hiring undocumented workers.

Click here to read Gloria's written statement.



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What's wrong with this picture? If she's illegal, why is she still sitting there? Shouldn't she be arrested and deported?

1483 days ago



You rock!

1483 days ago




So now we have to pay travel expenses when the illegal immigrants cross our border and take a job that pays $23 an hour that would otherwise go to one of millions of unemployed, TAX PAYING Americans???

How much are the Democrats paying this VICTIM? Gag me.

1483 days ago

Average American    

I was born in this country and have lived here 42 years and have never held a job that pays anything close to $24.00 an hour! And to boot the criminal is filing for back wages and miliage! It's no wonder all of Mexico wants to sneak in and exploit our nation!

1483 days ago


This is Politics 2010. Slimeballs, every darn one of them. And we the people just keep on allowing it. If meg whitman had donated what she has spent, she would have become another oprah and could have walked on water. Now she is just more of the same old BS.

1483 days ago


First of all when you hire through an agency you are assuming the person who comes into your home is legit and bonded. That's why you go through an agency!
It is not up to the client to verify her contracted employee is legal, that's why you go through the agency!
The only problem would be is if the client bought out the contract from the agency, and actually personally hired the employee, then it would be the employers responsibility to verify all do***entation. But I can see that if this gal went from temp to perm, and her contract was bought by the client, the client would just assume the employee was legit.

1483 days ago


I vote for
comment #125 for being
the best one so far.

1483 days ago


If she did not keep the maid it's: "Aha! You threw her out likea piece of trash! You don't value her!" If she did keep the maid, it's: "Aha! You're a hypocrite who hires illegals!" This is a shake down if I ever saw one! Gloria & her client are disgusting people.

1483 days ago



1483 days ago



This will backfire on the idiot cali dems REAL fast.

Poor liitle illegal immigrant was only making $23 an hour while millions of Americans are unemployed and probably another 100 million Americans make LESS than that.

Oh the horror!

What a crock of s^&*!

1483 days ago


I couldn't agree more. What a disgrace, I support a family of 4 on much much less than $23/hr. I am an engineer, with robotics, and other very high tech abilities. Wish I could get "abused" for that much! Send the slut and her lawyer to Mexico! I wasn't sure about Meg before, but now, I see Jerry and his *******s for what they are! Is that the best you have Jerry!

1483 days ago

Yeah right    

The temp placement agency hold all liability for confirming that they have hired a legal citizen. If Meg paid her directly then it could propose a problem. Seems like we should be able to get taxes off of the ILLEGAL alien now. Let's see... standard 40 hours a week for 9 years, the illegal would owe taxes on $524,160.... Pay up!

1483 days ago

Short Hairs    

Gotcha politics at it's best. Isn't that special?

1483 days ago


Meg Whitman didn't ask the woman if she was legal. Sooooooo, you're pissed because she didn't racially profile the woman and assume all Hispanics are illegals, is that it? We're told illegals are the "backbone of America," and we should give them amnesty, so why are the same Democrats who say that pissed at Meg Whitman when she -- albeit unknowingly -- welcomed one of these wonderful people into the workforce?

1483 days ago


Will she be taxed on that $23 per hour now?

1483 days ago
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