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Meg Whitman's Housekeeper: Undocumented

9/29/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's former housekeeper was an undocumented worker and claims working for the Republican candidate for Governor was a "nightmare."

Nicky Diaz Santillan, Whitman's housekeeper of 9 years, held a news conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, and claims Whitman had all the clues she was an undocumented worker but closed her eyes to it because she was cheap help ... $23 an hour.

Allred claims the housekeeper was "exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused" by Whitman.

Allred claims when the housekeeper was hired 9 years ago through an agency, Whitman never asked if she was in the U.S. legally.  And, during her employment, Santillan told Whitman she couldn't travel to Mexico.  And, Allred said, Whitman found out Santillan's Social Security number didn't match her name, but Whitman did nothing.  Allred said it's the classic case of "don't ask, don't tell."

0929_whitman_debate_videoThat all changed, Allred says, when Whitman launched her campaign for Governor, realizing having an illegal alien on board was a liability ... and fired her.

Santillan says Whitman treated her "like a piece of garbage" by letting her go.

Allred says Santillan is filing a claim with the Labor Commission for back wages and mileage.

Yesterday, Whitman said in the debate with Jerry Brown that employers should be held accountable for hiring undocumented workers.

Click here to read Gloria's written statement.



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bless two    

a fake social security and from an agency.....what a fraud.

1493 days ago


since when is $23.00 an hour cheap wages? Auto assembly workers are paid this much. And how does she have a claim? She is illegal and has no claim. What a bunch of crap from the biggest ambulance chaser on the face of the earth. Wonder what her daughter Ms Bloom has to say about Mom now?

1493 days ago


I don't care how much she got paid. Any politician in California that has a Mexican housekeeper and isn't bright enough to be absolutely sure they are legal, probably isn't someone you want in office. But we all know that those do***ents she's now waving around showing the maid lied were her fall back plan all along. And if your going to come out strongly against illegals, you had better be DOUBLY sure you don't have an illegal cleaning your house. I would also wonder if the maid actually got the $23 an hour. If she went through an agency, it likely THEY got $23 and hour, and paid her something much less. Regardless, its just another case of hypocrisy by a politician, pulling the "do as I say and not check to see if I do" routine.

1493 days ago


$23 an hour? I should be so "financially abused". Her job was a nightmare? I work a nightmare job at a nursing home for EIGHTEEN dollars an hour, and I am a registered professional. Gloria Allred is an insult to humanity, and this woman she is representing is an ironclad fool.

1493 days ago


An illegal alien is crying about getting fired? Gee whiz, what a shame. Twenty three dollars an hour is a great wage. She should be grateful to have worked in America for as long as she did and be ashamed for taking advantage of our legal system at all. Only in America. Please tell her to go home to Mexico where she belongs.

1493 days ago

interested bystander    

Whitman used an agency to hire the woman which means the agency was paid and the woman was paid through the agency. The agency would charge usually something like $40 per hour, of which they would get a percentage (like a management fee) and the $23 per hour would go to the woman hired. Temp agencies do this all time. The agency is responsible for providing do***ented workers.

1493 days ago


You guys are missing the point. Yes, TMZ is a shameful political arm of the DNC disguised as a "gossip" rage, but as today's articles clearly reveal, they are most certainly a mouthpiece for the radical left. I say, let Whitman and Fiorina lose. It serves the morons of California right. That would further illustrate just how idiotically stupid they are by continuing to cut off their nose to spite their face. They would deserve to have their new liberal leaders continuing to spend them into oblivion and to kill every job they have. They would deserve to lose their jobs and to be thrown out of their homes. I say good!!! Let them continue to destroy themselves for being ignorant, lazy, koolaid drinking sheep of the destructive left. It would be their bed that they made so let them sleep in it. Good riddance California!!!

1493 days ago


There are so many things wrong with this article I don't know where to start. Oh, I know- let's start by calling the housekeeper what she is: an illegal alien, not an "undo***ented worker."

1493 days ago


She only got paid for 15 hours of work so all you complaining she made $23 a hour. She didn't get paid for all the hours she worked and most of you wouldn't do the labor it requires to be a housekeeper. Additionally, she was willing to work for her money rather than live off the government and be on welfare. Immigrants are willing to jobs most American's won't do.

1493 days ago


I hope that Meg Whitman trounces Brown. I met her at EBay when our little company needed help. She was gracious and helpful

1493 days ago


How can you sue if you're illegal. She should be deported and not commended!!

1493 days ago


If she was hired thru an agency, wouldn't the agency (not Whitman) be responsible for know whether or not she was illegal?

1493 days ago


Last night during the debate she said something about PROSCECUTING EMPLOYERS!!!! who did the EXACT SAME THING!! Would she be able to run as an EX FELON?

1493 days ago


Why is nothing being said about her being yet another illegal who came here and lied? Everyone is putting down Meg Whitman because she thought she was legal, but not the lying illegal. And I don't care how much she made, I want to know if she paid taxes. I have to pay them and so should she. That is why this country is in the shape it is in, all of the bleeding hearts want the illegals to come here and work but not to pay taxes like the rest of us. They know she worked 9 years without paying taxes, now the state of California should go after her for the money and then send her lying butt back to where she came from!

1493 days ago


Its funny how the republicans have no problem with the hypocracy of it all. She is suing becuase she got fired, she got fired only because this woman is running for office. Only do as we say, not as we do republicans would not have a problem with this...

1493 days ago
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