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Meg Whitman: My Maid's Full of It

9/29/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's campaign just gave us documents suggesting that her former maid, Nicky Diaz Santillan, actually lied to Meg about her immigration status when she was hired back in 2000.

Whitman maid.

The documents, which Whitman claims Nicky filled out and signed back in 2000 during her application for employment, appear to show that the maid stated under the penalty of perjury that she was a "lawful permanent resident" of the United States.

Whitman also claims Nicky provided her with a social security card and valid California Driver's License with her employment application ... which Meg kept and has now handed over to TMZ.

Whitman has also issued a statement on the matter, saying ... "After 9 years of faithful service, Nicky came to us in June 2009 and confessed that she was an illegal worker."  Whitman continues, "Nicky has falsified the hiring documents and personal information she provided to the employment agency that brought her to us in 2000."

And, Whitman continues, "I believe Nicky is being manipulated by Gloria Allred for political and financial purposes during the last few weeks of a hotly contested election."

Whitman concludes, "This is a shameful example of the politics of personal destruction practiced by people like Jerry Brown and Gloria Allred.  The charges are without merit."


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The Truth    

Thats funny (not really) they are totally using the maid to smear Whittman, they coerced her to file a lawsuit, she is screwing herself, she is guilty of fraud and all kinds of other charges, come Nov. 3rd none of these Democrats will care about her, we will never hear of her again, meanwhile she will have to face all kinds of charges... She is being used like a tool.. And then will be discarded......

1487 days ago

The Truth    

oh and j, she didnt know she was illegal, he hired her through a hiring service, which she was on file as being a legal resident.... quit drinking the koolaid and use your brain... do you really think Jerry Brown is gonna help California?? get real........ Why not elect someone who knows how to make money rather than take it (I.E. a career politician..)

1487 days ago

Sick of Uninformed People    

AMERICA WAKE THE F##k up...seriously, I am not sure what else you expect Meg to have done aside from going to Mexico to the courthouse to see if she was legit, that is what an Employment Agency does, and that is what Meg did, The Maid is the only one at fault here, or possibly the Employment agency for not having a tighter control of who they are hiring. HOwever, she had a fake drivers license, she had a fake ss number and then afer working for 9 years probably thinking that she would not be fired if she went to Meg to confess that she is illegel since she had put in a long amount of time. MEG~~GET FIRED UP, YOU SHOULD BE PISSED YOU INVESTED 9 YEARS TO SOMONE WHO HAS BEEN LYING TO YOU. That is the problem, our society isnt used to people actually doing the right thing, Its refreshing to see someone that still live on this planet that understands the LAWS and wants to abide by them!!!! Actually the only thing I see that Meg did wrong her was not immeadiately report her to the authoritys to have her deported. My God, this happened in 2009, its 2010, this is all about sympathy and money and if people dont see that, well then you are just plain stupid..I am sorry but if you cant seem to understand who the victim is your a Dumba##!!
And lets just say that she decided not to hire her because she didnt beleive her, then we would see her being sued for discrimination...its really hard to even watch people that have no clue as to what is going on, just even listening to a town hall in california made my stomach cringe at how people just really dont know facts...
Meg~~ Take your money and Run, California does not deserve you and let Jerry dig the hole deeper with people like the maid who is liar, and an opportunist!! Where was she in 2009 when she was interesting!!!
COme to the eastm, we can use you out here...Actually, I hope you do get into Washington Dc because someone needs to hurry up and fix the train wreck...

1487 days ago

Lynn Voss    

Gloria looks like your little stunt is going to bit you and Jerry in the ASS.
Dirty Politics...Gloria you and Jerry are pathetic

1486 days ago


This just goes to show you that you cannot treat people badly, no matter how much money you have. They will bring you down. To think that this woman cleaned her toilets, lived with her for 9 years and Meg just threw her out. Why didn't she hire an American to clean her toilets? Oh, I know why, no U.S. citizen applied for the job.

1485 days ago

Watch Dog    

Comment from yet another left wing, koolaid drinking idiot, "Am I missing something here? On the first page of the do***ent, the maid checked off that she is NOT a US citizen. It's as plain as day."

Hey Dummy, you don't have to be a US citizen to work in the US. My husband is from England. He went through the US immigration process and is not a US citizen but a "legal alien" with a green card as that lying felon Nicky Diaz claimed to be.

When are we going to pass laws that prevent morons like #22 from continuing to pollute the gene pool???

1484 days ago


Help Nicky, not deport her. There's a lot of mis-placed anger out there. Stop the hate.

1483 days ago


Help Nicky, not deport her. There's a lot of mis-placed anger out there. Stop the hate. http:www.//

1483 days ago


Help Nicky, not deport her. Hate doesn't solve anything.

1483 days ago


TMZ sucks.

1481 days ago


Your an ass! Nice picture, are you purposely trying to make her look like a blow up doll.. maybe you should have to state... oh btw, I don't like this candidate, so I will show the most unflattering photo of them! just by your photo states your position

1480 days ago


Anything Gloria Alred gets involve in is dirty. She just looks dirty. Brown looks like a liar. So you have a dirty woman and a liar teamed up. Outcome will be ****.

1478 days ago


Nicky Diaz Santillan is A PROVEN LIAR, who has already proven herself a LIAR by FALSIFYING papers in order to get a job. Meg Whitman was given papers indicating Diaz was here legally. Attorney General Jerry Brown should (instead of ignoring his current job while he campaigns for Governor and refers to women as "whores) do his current job and PROSECUTE DIAZ for perjury for falsifying state do***ents and the federal government should also prosecute DIAZ for falsifying federal do***ents. DIAZ should be prosecuted, do some time in jail (where she can contemplate on what she's done) and then after release be sent back to Mexico from whence she came. I know I'll press to have her prosecuted, both by the state and the federal government.

DIAZ is already a PROVEN LIAR. She's just an disingenuous, generally unintelligent pawn being used by Gloria Allred and Jerry Brown to try and harm Meg Whitman. DIAZ is the guilty one here -- she's the one who LIED and committed PERJURY. Send a message to all who falsify do***ents: procecute them, and those who are here illegally, after they "do their time", send them back from where they came. Nothing will stop this until there are real consequences for falsifying state and federal do***ents. Had this been a white, yellow, brown, black, green or purple person who was here legally and had they falsfied state and federal do***ents and been caught, they would have been prosecuted for perjury. Brown's failure to do so is clearly an attempt to pander to the illegal latino vote. Anyone with an IQ over say 60 ought to realize DIAZ is no martyr or victim: SHE'S A PROVEN LIAR. And lastly, to make it clear, I strongly support LEGAL immigration, but I equally strongly oppose ILLEGAL immigration. We can't afford to support the resources they utilize (in our schools, medical facilities, uninsured vehicle accidents, crime) nor should they be given preference over all the thousands (maybe millions) of people waiting to come here LEGALLY.
Los Angeles

1478 days ago


Jerry Brown is trying his dandest to dredge out dirt on Meg Whitmans' personal life. He is so frustrated with her ability to bring up the facts of his past performances in office, that she is a formidable opponent. Good for Her! Nicky and Gloria Allred should be tarred and feathered

1475 days ago


TMZ? Really? Aren't you the paparazzi/stalker people?

1474 days ago
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