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Meg Whitman: My Maid's Full of It

9/29/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's campaign just gave us documents suggesting that her former maid, Nicky Diaz Santillan, actually lied to Meg about her immigration status when she was hired back in 2000.

Whitman maid.

The documents, which Whitman claims Nicky filled out and signed back in 2000 during her application for employment, appear to show that the maid stated under the penalty of perjury that she was a "lawful permanent resident" of the United States.

Whitman also claims Nicky provided her with a social security card and valid California Driver's License with her employment application ... which Meg kept and has now handed over to TMZ.

Whitman has also issued a statement on the matter, saying ... "After 9 years of faithful service, Nicky came to us in June 2009 and confessed that she was an illegal worker."  Whitman continues, "Nicky has falsified the hiring documents and personal information she provided to the employment agency that brought her to us in 2000."

And, Whitman continues, "I believe Nicky is being manipulated by Gloria Allred for political and financial purposes during the last few weeks of a hotly contested election."

Whitman concludes, "This is a shameful example of the politics of personal destruction practiced by people like Jerry Brown and Gloria Allred.  The charges are without merit."


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Ever noticed how much Meg Witman resembles Kathy Bates in Misery?

1449 days ago


no way thats a real do***ent , 3 different types of handwriting not even close to being a legit do***ent

1449 days ago


social security card means nothing if it isnt a real one. when i worked at goodwill, my supervisor hired 3 people and during orientation noticed that all 3 had ss cards bearing the same number!

1449 days ago


I remember this place I worked at, I was a boss warned me if I would get fined 3K if I took illegal do***ents--luckily, I didn't have to fill out the papers on Latinos or such, if I did have some hired...I played dumb and said I forgot how to fill out the papers for the SS and federal government. (some special form one had to turn in, did she have it?)
I'm sorry, but I don't believe Meg Whitman. The name doesn't match completely to the DL on the SS card. It should, as it should be changed if one got married or name changed.

1449 days ago


why would somebody like Whittman spend more than a 100 million dollars of her own pocket to get in an unatainable governor position
, makes me think that maybe the spoils she would reap as governor would be very, very,lucrative, what a shame, 100 million she could have given away to charity, but i guess charity doesnt reap profits, i guess charity its just a tax break for her.
Anywho Meg the government of California is not like the internet gold rush you rode, someone had to ride it to the bank, so dont think you have a midas touch, as for california is in serious trouble , and i dont think you qualify to do the job

1449 days ago


(QUOTE) Whitman also claims Nicky provided her with a social security card and valid California Driver's License with her employment application ... which Meg kept and has now handed over to TMZ. (UNQUOTE)
Why did Meg Whitman keep her maid's clocial security card and valid California Driver's License? I have NEVER heard of ANY employer keeping these do***ents belonging to the employee!! Someone has to question and investigate WHY Whitman kept this woman's Social Security Card and Driver's License! JUST WHY did she keep them?? Now she's turned them over to TMZ? Are they the "original SSC and DL? Wouldn't the DL have expired by now--IF the maid submitted it to her in 2000?? Something is VERY fishy here and I do not believe it is the maid!!!

1449 days ago


PEOPLE she was paid 23.00/hour for only 15 hours/week.

1449 days ago


On the do***ents that the maid filled out she checked that she is not a US citizen.

1449 days ago


Money, money, money (song from Apprentice)...suppose we will eventually see an outcome to this...eventually.

1449 days ago


Am I missing something here? On the first page of the do***ent, the maid checked off that she is NOT a US citizen. It's as plain as day.

Posted at 12:01 PM on Sep 29, 2010 by oops


You do realize that you can legally travel to the US and live and work here legally, without becoming a citizen first right?

Not being a US Citizen does make your an illegal working in itself. Sneaking over the border and using a fake SS# on the otherhand is illegal.

1449 days ago


Number 3 and Number 4, how old are you 5? Successful people have a plan, Whitman does, Brown doesn't. What difference does it make how much money she has, she made it herself. Ebay is a successful business, California is a broken state. I live here I know. Look at the city of Bell, I bet if they start digging through every other county, we'll see exactly where the tax dollars go. If you can't back up your opinion don't state it.

1449 days ago


Meg, oh Meg. You say you were falsly accused and it's all a left wing fabrication to hurt you financially and politically.

Meg, oh Meg. Isn't that what you did to Jerry Brown with that false ad you ran that everyone new was CNN incorrectly broadcasting news way back in the 80's? And you knew it because CNN told you that it was not true after all.

Meg, oh Meg. How does it feel. Your lies have come home to roost. How could you have treated that poor nanny so badly.

Meg, oh Meg. Your lies have found you out.

California, oh California. We know what we must do.
California, oh California. We know what we have already done in our hearts.

Good bye Meg-a-nip-u-lator. You won't be missed.

PS: Regarding the $116 Million you spent on your candiacy? Did you spend it in Calfornia? I think not. Am I wrong?

1449 days ago


$23/hr for 15 hours a week makes $345 a week.
For a 40 hour week full time job this would be $8.625 / hr

1449 days ago


State of California, Office of the Governor. [Buy it now]

1449 days ago


I have no intention of voting for Meg Whitman.

HOWEVER, I could care less whether or not she had a maid that was an illegal.

As soon as some whiny white kid gets off their ass and starts cleaning houses, or some white idiot on welfare starts cleaning my house, I will hire whoever does good work.

Meg Whitman has enough reasons to not vote for her. Her maid was illegal? Dude, let's go with the FACTS that she is as delusional as Arnold was.

1449 days ago
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