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Gloria Allred:

Meg Whitman Is a Liar

9/30/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just went after Meg Whitman with a vengeance ... waiving a letter from the Social Security Administration sent to Meg back in 2003, putting Meg and her husband on notice there was a problem with their housekeeper's Social Security number -- a sign she was here illegally.

Earlier today Whitman suggested the housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan, may have intercepted the letter and never given it to Whitman and her husband.  Whitman says she never got the letter.

But today, Gloria produced the letter with what she says is a written command from Meg's husband -- "Nicky, please check this."


Earlier today Whitman said she would take a polygraph test -- but Gloria says Nicky doesn't have to take a polygraph test because she has the letter as proof, and "the evidence speaks for itself."

As for Whitman's claim that Gloria is working with Jerry Brown to engineer a smear campaign -- Gloria says she has not made any contribution to Brown's current campaign and hasn't had any contact recently with Brown or his people.

The that's-so-Gloria moment came when she called Nicky, "The courageous Rosa Parks" of the Latino community. 


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Christina G.    

I believe Meg's version of events, especially if she takes a polygraph and passes. What I really want to know, though, is why ebay only hires Indians and Asians in the San Jose headquarters office, and why much of the web development work is outsourced to India? Jerry Brown, are you listening? There's a few votes here for you. Gloria, here's an excuse to get on TV. TMZ, just call a pap in San Jose to stand outside the main door of the ebay office between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Just for fun, count the Indians leaving the office. And if you can find any, count the Americans.

1454 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Hi, I'm Gloria Allred.
Back in the 70's I was a half-assed affirmative action attorney in good standing.
As I got older and crazier, I sank to the bottom of the barrel.
Now I am just a blackmailer and extortionist representing whores, criminals and deadbeats.
My mental illness made me what I am today - an exemplar of why so many decent people hate lawyers.

1454 days ago


Isn't this the fault of the illegal and not of the employer? "I chose to break the law" hoo!

1454 days ago


Can't say I'm a Gloria fan but in this case it's Gloria now vs the liar. Who cares if Gloria is friends with Jerry, if the facts are true then megog is a liar and nothing but trouble for the state and the residents of California.

1454 days ago


A LIAR!!!! shocking....a politician?? stop voting for any of these s***s...they ALL LIE...they just want to sucker everyone into voting for them into office then they crap on all of us...stop voting.....throw some tea around....

1454 days ago


i dont trust that woman's eyes TOO big.. liar! i hate that lawyer too

1454 days ago


I do not like Meg Whitman or Gloria Allred. Nicky Diaz Santillan *LIED* to Ms. Whitman. Ms. Whitman asked Nicky to provide information. Nicky did not follow through and clarify to Meg Whitman why the Social Security Admin sent the letter. Again, Nicky *LIED* to Ms. Whitman.

P.S. I do not like Jerry Brown either.
P.S.S. Vote and vote for "None of the Above"!!!

1454 days ago


I think I will now probably vote for Megamuffin if Gloria is working for the opposition...

1454 days ago


It does not matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Tea Partier or Independent. The one thing they all agree on is that Gloria Allred is a washed up loser these days. Honestly TMZ, the woman is beneath this website and should not even be mentioned as relevant these days.

1454 days ago


megog says she'll take a polygraph? Expert liars can pass polygraphs. I've seen it in person. This old bag is an expert at lying. We have already seen her in front of the camera lying with a straight faced. The facts are the facts we don't need big butt to take a polygraph. A polygraph won't change the facts.

1454 days ago


I am confused.... why the hell is Nicky still in the United States?! She is an ILLEGAL immigrant who has broken the law! Kick her ass back to Mexico. I would have never voted for Meg Whitman, anyway.... but I don't understand how a CRIMINAL (Nicky) has any right to do what she is doing. She made $23 a hour and I'm sure she didn't pay any taxes out of it! Do you know how many american citizens would kill for a $23 an hour job right now? I can't even find a minimum wage job. This trash has no right to be complaining. She's the one who broke the law. What a peice of s***!

1454 days ago


Meg is a liar! Written evidence proves it. No matter who Gloria Allred is and has represented, this is solid evidence against Meg.

1454 days ago


Christina G., I work for another well-known San Jose based software company (I'm sure you can figure out which one since it's based in San Jose) and all of them hire a lot of Indians. A lot of them are in high tech. If Whitman is willing to take poly and Nikki isn't, who is the liar, liar pants on fire?

1454 days ago


Facts are this letter should have been notification that this housekeeper was illegal and Meg and her husband CHOSE TO IGNORE IT. Weigh the actual evidence here. Stop with the hysterical judgment about illegals. And the distaste for Gloria Allred. LOOK AT THE 2003 letter the gov't sent to Meg. She KNEW!

1454 days ago


Why are they making a big deal about this? Arizona was sued by Mexico, the UN, and our own government to cease and desist following federal immigration laws. Why can illegals move around freely in Arizona but cause a huge stink in California? Stinking politics.

1454 days ago
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