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Gloria Allred:

Meg Whitman Is a Liar

9/30/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just went after Meg Whitman with a vengeance ... waiving a letter from the Social Security Administration sent to Meg back in 2003, putting Meg and her husband on notice there was a problem with their housekeeper's Social Security number -- a sign she was here illegally.

Earlier today Whitman suggested the housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan, may have intercepted the letter and never given it to Whitman and her husband.  Whitman says she never got the letter.

But today, Gloria produced the letter with what she says is a written command from Meg's husband -- "Nicky, please check this."


Earlier today Whitman said she would take a polygraph test -- but Gloria says Nicky doesn't have to take a polygraph test because she has the letter as proof, and "the evidence speaks for itself."

As for Whitman's claim that Gloria is working with Jerry Brown to engineer a smear campaign -- Gloria says she has not made any contribution to Brown's current campaign and hasn't had any contact recently with Brown or his people.

The that's-so-Gloria moment came when she called Nicky, "The courageous Rosa Parks" of the Latino community. 


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Cravin Morehead    

I have a solution---Take Gloria Allred, her client, and throw in Tiger's skanky ho's and the Salahi's and drop them all off in Tiajuana with DEA shirts on!

1482 days ago

joe joe    

The truth came out today. Meg DID rec. the letter from the Feds. All day yesterday and today she has been denying the existence of this letter saying that the letter may have been "intercepted" and stolen and they never recv. it.

Bombshell: Why is her husbands NOTES and HANDWRITING on the letter??? Explain that one MEG!!

Here she is one day saying we need to punish all the employers for hiring workers and she has been using one for 9 years...

1482 days ago

Les Mirables    

Lets just reduce this to a common denominator..Forget about the illegal alien biz and Jerry Brown for that matter...Meg Whitman is a person that will look you straight in the eye and LIE like a elitist bitch that she is. A prude, a hyporcrite and a horses ass if you ask me. Her character flaws will be the perfect match for the rest of her cronnies in the Senate and Assembly...

Classic 'ruthless as a roman' fortitude..I am sure if she wins the senate will be holding in secret what to do with her...oh Yes the "Ides of March" will be upon her all too quickly

1482 days ago


1482 days ago


Screw Gloria...I wish somebody would drop a house on that stupid fame whore already. So, let me get this straight...some illegal decides to out themself and tell the world they are here illegally to get some sort of long overdue justice??? WTF???? Something's missing here and Im guessing it involves Gloria's scruples (or lack thereof).

1482 days ago


The fact is, the maid is a proven liar and Gloria Allred is the reason the legal profession has such a terrible reputation. If Brown gets elected, one of his first acts as governor will be to grant this lying, ingrate immigration. If it was so horrible to her, why did she stay for 9 years. Clearly from her application, she had left other jobs before taking this one. How many people have part time jobs that pay them $23/hour. Send her back to Mexico and let her find a job there with someone nice.

1482 days ago


Gloria Allred is a LOSER!!
And no one (even illegals), put up with abuse for 9 years. Also, Im sure she was happy making $20+ to be a housekeeper. That alone, shows how much the employer appreciated her.
Plus, lets not forget this illegal lied to the agency and Meg. So she has no say. And just screwed up her sister...

TMZ stop giving Gloria Allred, the time of day. She abuses our justice system...

1482 days ago


why did all the live news cameras, and mainstream news shows cut away from the absolutely convincing coverage !!!! Meg Whitman IS a f'in liar!
Or too stupid to realize a housekeeper she had for years had no papers! Either way she's a liar, or a dumbass, and i'm happy whitman looks like an idiot.

1482 days ago


I don't have any respect for Gloria when she gets money for those hookers and sluts but she does do good things like this woman and kids in reality TV. Meg Whitman is a liar. After 9-11, the SSA was catching people left and right with false papers.
I had to have surgery and be off work for 6 weeks, when I went back there were some Mexican workers that I knew for years that said that's not my name now, it is _____ and my ssn has changed to _____. The INS had been around, I don't know how they didn't get deported, I think it was when the government gave everyone a chance to make themselves legal not long after 9-11. That freaked me out and I would always call them by their old name. This was around 2002, so Meg Whitman had to know it then in 2003. The government was looking hard and she could have HELPED this woman then get legal.

1482 days ago

Who Knew    

Is there a more dispicable person in the world than Allred. She's a media whore. (terrorists not included)

1482 days ago


#22 that is how I immediately took it.

That Mr. Meg glanced over it, wrote a quick note to Nicki to basically put the right information in, and mail it back. He and his wife had the correct paperwork or so they thought when they hired her.
I didnt for a second think otherwise, because I do the same type of things with my housekeepers and bad me, I dont follow thruough or remmeber half of what I have asked them to do.

So seriously, not even being a fan of Jerry or Meg, Gloria you have no case, and Nicki and all her anchor babies and the one in college in San Jose need deported NOW. I am filing a compaint each day with INS until they do so. Maybe her college educated son can help recover Mexico for all of them. Ole!
She is illegal and everything she has done in the past 10 yrs is illegal and no jury will find in favor or Her Gloria.

1482 days ago


Gloria find a bridge and jump. You fame bore... how much welfare, state assistance, food stamps, and anchor babies did this woman leave behind?

1482 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

could have told you that......shes a liar...a snake wearing mean as leona helmsley and just as cheap...meg is toilet bowl water....after someone has taken a dump.....hate this ebay beyotch with the flat hair!

1482 days ago


Dear Gloria,
Next time you are in the press line I am covering ... PLEASE just keep walking. I really don't want your interview with your shady clients. Last time I had to interview you, your client was that red-head whore who was one of Tiger's girls ....ewwww - just yourself.

1482 days ago

Mike C    

If someone enters the Country incorrectly, why is that person still here. Get he off my TV and out of this COUNTRY!

Gloria.......You are a SICK B...BIG TIME.......
DON'T EVER RUN FOR OFFICE, You are one of the most up-setting
figures in Los Angeles. We hate you period!

1482 days ago
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