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Gloria Allred:

Meg Whitman Is a Liar

9/30/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just went after Meg Whitman with a vengeance ... waiving a letter from the Social Security Administration sent to Meg back in 2003, putting Meg and her husband on notice there was a problem with their housekeeper's Social Security number -- a sign she was here illegally.

Earlier today Whitman suggested the housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan, may have intercepted the letter and never given it to Whitman and her husband.  Whitman says she never got the letter.

But today, Gloria produced the letter with what she says is a written command from Meg's husband -- "Nicky, please check this."


Earlier today Whitman said she would take a polygraph test -- but Gloria says Nicky doesn't have to take a polygraph test because she has the letter as proof, and "the evidence speaks for itself."

As for Whitman's claim that Gloria is working with Jerry Brown to engineer a smear campaign -- Gloria says she has not made any contribution to Brown's current campaign and hasn't had any contact recently with Brown or his people.

The that's-so-Gloria moment came when she called Nicky, "The courageous Rosa Parks" of the Latino community. 


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gloria allred is just another fame whore. all she is doing is wasting tax payer time and dollars to take all these cases where these "clients" were doing wrong in the first place. no wonder our judicial system is a joke. hey harvey- can i sue her ass for being a disgrace and having to hear about her every other day? talk about pain and suffering!

1450 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Where is OJ when you need him?

1450 days ago


Meg doesn't believe in hiring Americans. She'd hire a foreigner to save a nickel anyday!

This comment made me almost piss my pants laughing!

"Just for fun, count the Indians leaving the office. And if you can find any, count the Americans"

1450 days ago


Seems like Meg must have taken SS and income tax witholding from her. Where did that money go? Or did Meg just not take any out because she knew Nicky was illegal? Like to see Meg's tax return.
Meg wants to rail against illegals politically but take advantage of them as an employer. Can't have it both ways.

1450 days ago


GO Gloria!!!!!!

1450 days ago

aderall eye    

You *******s! How is Gloria using taxpayer $$? STFU! And polygraphs are not admissible in court, b/c they don't work.That's why NutMeg is saying she will take one. All you racist pigs think NutMeg is telling the truth b/c she is a old rich white Bitch, and Nicky is a Illegal, so she MUST be lyin'...! Who picks yer ****ing strawberries *******s? And y'all hate your Anchor babies doncha? Well hate on Michelle Malkin and Bobby Jindal two ANCHOR BABIES! Take your racist pig attitudes and STFU! Shove it!

1450 days ago


Did Meg pay her maid using Paypal? After the fees, it was probably less than minimum wage!!

1450 days ago


Whitman is a doughy-faced liar who clearly feels she is above the law. Her children obviously have the same notions of entitlement and it is comical to see this entire family get blasted.

1450 days ago


I hope this whole thing spins out of control and Whitman and Allred both blow up and we never hear from either of them again.

1450 days ago


These illegals have really good fake do***ents. This is such a pathetic ginned-up story by two pathetic women - any shred of respect I had for Allred is gone. I'll still vote for Whitman - a brilliant businesswoman. Cali needs a swift kick in the butt and Brown is just the same old, same old that has ruined a great state. And deport this woman ASAP

1450 days ago


Hey sleazebag lawyer, Meg said she Meg would take a lie detector test. She didn't request your illegal client to take the test. But you knew that already.

1450 days ago


Big Meg and her hubby is lying out their teeth, they should have been paying her $5.oo per hour under the table like alot of others do in calif, i can get housekeepers all day long for 6-8 bucks per hour cash, they like to be paid daily and be sure to watch them cause some will steal stuff from ya, they are hard workers and well for $23.00 per hour those crazy people could have hired someone thru a totally legit place and they would have even came bonded- @ those rates! what does MEG have in common with other paliticians? THEY ARE ALL CROOKED (lol)

1450 days ago


The housekeeper lied. Gloria is a fame hound. And Meg Whitman is looking at $119 MILLION dollars going up in smoke. She says she considered Nicki "part of the family", yet when she asked for help with her immigration status, Meg fired her instead. Nice family!

1450 days ago


TMZ, perhaps if you want to cover politics you can tell us how much money is given to illegal immigrants via tax payers in CA.

Did this leach receive any government funding while make $23.00 per hour. She can be considered a 'contract' employee and therefore responsible for her own state and federal taxes. I bet ol' illegal nicky didn't pay a dime into the system, I bet she was on food stamps, free Mexican illegal immigrant health care, and free schooling for his children.

1450 days ago

PO'ed in OC    

I'm SICK and TIRED of all these ILLEGAL immigrants continuing to ruin AMERICA and AMERICANS lives...Get them the H******L OUT of here...
Gloria (it'll be) ALLLright is a media whore... You think this ILLEGAL women is paying her legal bills? WHY wasn't the INS invited to the press conference??? ahhh.. I hope this totally back fires on Brown...

1450 days ago
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