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Meg Whitman on Gloria's 'Evidence' -- Not So Fast

9/30/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's husband just admitted it's "possible" he saw the letter that Gloria Allred claims proves Meg is a "liar" -- but Meg's camp now claims ... the letter actually HELPS Whitman.


Earlier today, Gloria produced a letter the Social Security Administration -- sent to Whitman's house in 2003 -- a letter Meg said she nor her husband ever received. 

But Gloria fired back ... the letter contains a handwritten note from Meg's husband to the housekeeper -- proving they not only received the letter, but knew their housekeeper was in the U.S. illegally.

Meg's husband, Dr. Griff Harsh, now says while it's "possible" he scribbled on the letter ... "it's important to note what this letter actually says: 'this letter makes no statement about your employee's immigration status."

During a phone interview moments ago, Meg's camp further explained how the letter "completely contradicts the conclusions" made by Allred ... CLICK HERE to listen.

So we gotta ask...


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Only in America folks, now I bet the illegal alien will sue saying should have not been hired because she is in the country illegally...and she will probably win!!! just watch T.V commercials, have you done something or taking might be entitled to some money...just call s***bag lawyers!

1423 days ago


Why can't someone check with SS. If the whitmans were paying ss on this worker, then in 2 yrs they receive a letter saying the soc sec number of their worker was incorrect. Okay follow me here. If this happened and the worker fessed up, did the whitmans stop paying taxes on her and therefore NO FURTHER LETTERS from Social Security because the maid got paid under the table from then on, and were done with social security.. Someone had to have come up with this. This is not the first political figure has lied and stood firm on it until they were found out...

1423 days ago


FYI: Legal Residents HAVE Social Security cards. Citizens are not the only ones that have them. The maid probably said she was a legal resident. I may have seen wrong but the social security card they showed on the news looked fake to begin with.

1423 days ago

my opinion    

I never liked or intend to vote for Meg now that the truth is out she is a LIAR...She should fight against these illegals being here... she may get more votes...WE are SICK of all these illegal aliens being here sucking up welfare, social security,reduced housing and every benefit that is MEANT for U.S. citizens...NOT to mention jobs... there are PLENTY of citizens that need a job including ME!!!!!

1423 days ago


has anyone considered that maybe Jerry Brown aka MoonBeam has made a deal with gloria aka HAG. In return for this there may be a bench appointment for her after all JB is responsible for Rosie Bird. Just asken.

1423 days ago


Of course Meg knew she wasn't an American... Meg never hires Americans!

Meg only hires/outsources to people from other countries. I'm kind of shocked her maid wasn't Indian though!

1423 days ago


looks like someone in meg's camp finally got the ball rolling to get this all straightened out that Nikki is a complete fraud.

It's funny how Harvey at TMZ made the claim that this letter was somehow damning against Meg. You have to wonder if he even was a lawyer. It's completely obvious that the letter stated nothing about Nikki's immigration status and could clearly be understood as an error in the SSN number.

1423 days ago


@ Jayster, I guess you're not smart enough to know that legal residents can get a legitimate SS card.

1423 days ago

Soon ex-dem    

Am a registered Democrat for 47 years. This one with old garbage-brain Allred pushed me over the top. Tomorrow, I register Republican.

1423 days ago


Damn you Allred for making me take a side in this issue. I can't stand Whitman or Brown, but Allred is a long-time supporter of Brown and clearly this is her attempt to sway the election in favor of Brown. Hopefully a drunken, drugged-out Lindsay Lohan will run over Allred in her next car accident.

1423 days ago


Democrats are behind this, who else would make an illegal woman who lied and should be deported a victim? I am surprised they didn't blame this on Bush too!!

1423 days ago


Wait so:

Diaz has forged do***ents, she LIED, she is confronted and asked if there is anything that is contradictory - she lies again. In fact she keeps the letter that proves Diaz (herself) lied for 9 years.

When Meg finds out she is illegal she fires her.

How in the hell is this Megs fault? Seriously?

1423 days ago

chuck hamman    

When will lawyers be held accountable for the damage they do? Alred can lie and affect the outcome of this election, and when it's proven she's lying, she just walks? She should have to pay back the money Whitman has put into the election. Then maybe they'll stop the smear campaigns.

1423 days ago


So what is Gloria's point? Is Meg bad for firing a poor illegal immigrant or hiring her in the first place? This is just a pathetic political stunt.

1423 days ago


Why is the media not focussing on the fact that Nicky lied and cheated on the original employement records?
2) Why is the employment agency not being held responsible?
3) Why did Nicky stay with Meg if she treated her like "garbage" for 9 years?
4) Why is the MEDIA not asking these questions?

1423 days ago
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