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Meg Whitman on Gloria's 'Evidence' -- Not So Fast

9/30/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's husband just admitted it's "possible" he saw the letter that Gloria Allred claims proves Meg is a "liar" -- but Meg's camp now claims ... the letter actually HELPS Whitman.


Earlier today, Gloria produced a letter the Social Security Administration -- sent to Whitman's house in 2003 -- a letter Meg said she nor her husband ever received. 

But Gloria fired back ... the letter contains a handwritten note from Meg's husband to the housekeeper -- proving they not only received the letter, but knew their housekeeper was in the U.S. illegally.

Meg's husband, Dr. Griff Harsh, now says while it's "possible" he scribbled on the letter ... "it's important to note what this letter actually says: 'this letter makes no statement about your employee's immigration status."

During a phone interview moments ago, Meg's camp further explained how the letter "completely contradicts the conclusions" made by Allred ... CLICK HERE to listen.

So we gotta ask...


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Meg is a s***-bag and it has nothing to do with this issue. She could not even be bothered to vote. Now she wants to buy the election. Love how all the right-wingers are jumping to her defense, if it was against Brown you would be foaming at the mouth about it.

1492 days ago


Well, its a reflection of who she is. His husband is a very insensitive neurosurgeon who treats nurses badly in the hospital he covers. Let it be known that this is how they will be running california if Meg wins.

1492 days ago


Remember to always consider the source. Albright always does the wrong thing for the wrong reason. She takes cases to make herself appear like a caring attorney. She is anything but.
The existing pollitical venue is running scared. They will stop and nothing.
We so need a change of the "suits" that currently run this State and Country. They have run it into the ground, time for change.
I believe Meg is a start. I will continue to support Meg.

1492 days ago


It is insulting to many American workers, especially those that are unemployed, that this illegal be-yotch is complaining about making $24 an hour. There are plenty of legal Americans who would love to be making that much money. She should be deported immediately and that ambulance-chaser, Gloria Sue-Red, should be horse-whipped!!!

1492 days ago


Meg's first agenda - setup free trade between Cali and India -

Indians come here, jobs go there.

1492 days ago


This nonsense by Gloria Allred has inspired me to vote for Whitman. If Jerry Brown has to resort to this kind of crap, he's in trouble.

1492 days ago



Am a registered Democrat for 47 years. This one with old garbage-brain Allred pushed me over the top. Tomorrow, I register Republican.

Posted at 5:03 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by Soon ex-dem


I left the Republican party when they forced the bill-of-rights-destroying patriot act upon us. I've been registered as an Independent ever since. It's nice not to have the cooties of either party sticking to me.

1492 days ago


so Meg and her husband should have fired the maid when they got the letter? Is that what Gloria and the maid wish had happened? Then she would have been fired/arrested years ago. THat's what they want???? This whole thing makes absolutely no sense.

1492 days ago

Joe Totoroto    

Another Vote for Meg, thanks Gloria, you worthless POS.

1492 days ago


Meg is simply a LIAR caght red-handed doing what the US Chamber has always promoted; hire illegals. You can cheat and screw them with the knowledge certain that they can't retaliate w/o deportation. Well Meg; you and US Chamber win.You lying,POS, exploiting the poor and defenseless. I hope the voters of Califonia vomit you out of their mouths on election day and the desperate, change the subject, deny the facts fellow liars supporting your unsuppotable position on this board finally reveal to any objective undecided voter that there is no hypocracy or lie you republicans won't reach for to continue the destruction of government, of, by and for the people and handing power basck to the corrupt corporatists who deregulated us into depression from 2000-2008. Too bad, birchers, bigots and johnbirch society brainwashed; your candidate is as much a fraud as the republican congresspeople they buy and pay for.

1492 days ago


so if she paid ss for for the last nine years than does that make you believe she didn't know. I doubt the democrats will buy that just more double talk. And by the way it was because the name did not go along with the ssn. This is common among mexicans it is normal for them to use middle names and shorten names and have completely other names. Nothing in that letter says she was illegal just the name was wrong. So she got the letter so what she is running a billion dollar company. Why didn't the ss office follow up on the letter why didn't IRS contact office of homeland security to investigate, why didn't the real owner of the ssn come forward. This woman could have been al kida. Meg went to an agency had them do the work they sent her to meg. They did the so called background. There is no smoking gun except that Nikki lied and is here illegally and failed to file a tax return and should be deported.

1492 days ago

howie feltersnatch    

what are we waiting for??? let's deport the bitch!!!!!

1492 days ago



what are we waiting for??? let's deport the bitch!!!!!

Posted at 5:17 PM on Sep 30, 2010 by howie feltersnatch


Yeah, and the illegal she represents too!

1492 days ago


So,Meg hires someone who can "slightly" speak english and even that does not raise ANY red flags-then the letter from S.S. You dont have to be a governor to notice that somethings a miss! This is how ALL wealthy people get over on the system. One more thing if she considered her as family then why wouldnt she help her become a citizen? I guess thats how good 'ol Meggy treats her slaves oops helpers.

1492 days ago


Ever notice how well Republicans lie and back pedal when caught? The letter proves without a doubt her husband - at least - KNEW the SS number was a fake and there was a good chance the maid was illegal. To imagine any other explanation speaks volumes about your own IQ or agenda.

1492 days ago
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