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Meg Whitman on Gloria's 'Evidence' -- Not So Fast

9/30/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meg Whitman's husband just admitted it's "possible" he saw the letter that Gloria Allred claims proves Meg is a "liar" -- but Meg's camp now claims ... the letter actually HELPS Whitman.


Earlier today, Gloria produced a letter the Social Security Administration -- sent to Whitman's house in 2003 -- a letter Meg said she nor her husband ever received. 

But Gloria fired back ... the letter contains a handwritten note from Meg's husband to the housekeeper -- proving they not only received the letter, but knew their housekeeper was in the U.S. illegally.

Meg's husband, Dr. Griff Harsh, now says while it's "possible" he scribbled on the letter ... "it's important to note what this letter actually says: 'this letter makes no statement about your employee's immigration status."

During a phone interview moments ago, Meg's camp further explained how the letter "completely contradicts the conclusions" made by Allred ... CLICK HERE to listen.

So we gotta ask...


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Nicky cried and said Meg wouldnt help her. WHAT the HELL did she think she could do for her other than fire her once Meg found out the truth about her being illegal. This whole story is nuts. Nicky is here illegal and broke the law by using someone elses ss card. Nicky is hurting all illegals by pulling this ****. People are going to be scared to hire illegals because of getting sued or taken to court or some bull**** like this. She is not only hurting herself but her community of illegals. What the HEll is she thinking. I think she should be departed . What is wrong with this country ? when are the police going to arrest her. Anybody else in America thats legal and uses false ss card and idenity get arrested.

1423 days ago


Gloria Allred is a real hero, of course you tea-baggers are gonna hate her. Meg can't BUY the governor's office...and...she's gonna LOOOOOOSE!!

California does not fall for this conservative crap!

1423 days ago


I have been doing payroll for over 22 yrs, these letters are very common. No! The letter in now way states the legal status of anyone. The letter asks the Employer to review the Employers information on the person in question. The normal procedure is to ask the Employee to review the letter and or for the Employer to ask the Employee for their Identification and Social Security Card. Here in California, most illegals have really good fake ID and it is not the Employers responsibility to verify the authentication of the Identification.
This certainly looks like a hail mary for Allred.
Good luck Meg!!

1423 days ago


The floodgates will be opened to Ms Allred's office.



1423 days ago


What part of illegal is not understood? Wasn't it stated that this person came through an agency? if so that agency is RESPONSIBLE for verifying legal do***ents for hire, She stayed working for someone who treated her poorly? She made around $24/hour? The word sheeple comes to mind.

1423 days ago


What are we waiting for, we just learned that a diletante billionaire got caught lying and she is truly part of the government of, by and for "Big Health Insurance", "Big Pharma", "Big oil", "Big Coal" and the "Banksters". Pack her in with the rest of the dixiecrat bigots, braindead birthers, and John Birch Society-Koch brothers as the Aristocracy of the Wealthy/multinationals; turn the USA into Bengladesh East crowd of traitors and parasites from a societal point of view by destroying the middle class.

1423 days ago


Well is he a neuro doctor or neuro patient? Doesn't he know why the social security administration sends these paperwork? A CEO of a large corporation should know how to spot an illegal working in their house. Unless they were already aware of it and wanted to shove it under the rug hoping nobody will find it.

If you have a brain problem, just make sure that they don't ask this so called neurosurgeon to operate on you. He has the IQ of a high school dropout.

1423 days ago


Meg Whitman did what she was suppose to do - she fired the maid when she (Whitman) found out the maid was an illegal. What I want to know now is what is our Attorney General, Jerry Brown, going to do? The maid admits she's illegal; isn't it the Attorney General's responsibility to either arrest her or deport her? What about Gloria Allred - isn't she guilty of harboring an illegal?

1423 days ago

nikki king    


1423 days ago


This witch on a stick Allred has been a lifelong democrat and
a Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown contributor.

Allred has pulled this stunt before.


1423 days ago


Its called political SPIN people. Doesnt mean a thing if her husband did or didn't know that the woman was illegal. Point is she had a illegal working for her for 9 years and this happens quite often mainly because illegals get a hold of any social security number they can get

1423 days ago


Gloria and Nicky should be investigated by the U.S. Attorney General's office and brought up on charges in Federal Court. Nicky should be arrested and deported for fraud and being undo***ented! Gloria for not turning Nicky over to ICE and covering her illegal status up.

1423 days ago


I don't believe a word Gloria Allred says. Take a look at the woman (?)'s track record. She is the most self serving person and will do anything to get HER name in the news. Come on people, can't we disbar this poor excuse for a lawyer somehow?

1423 days ago

Jeff Schrembs    

FACTS mean nothing to those in the Press who are LEMINGS aligned with Socialists/Communists/Anti-Americans/Anti-God.
It is SO EASY to attack Republicians/Conservatives/White People/Christians/Jewish People/etc. and it is also COWARDLY.
EVERYONE should be treated the same and IF someone is here ILLEGALLY they should be prosecuted and their employers should be as well. This "1099 Contractor IRS LOOPHOLE" is, and has been for decades now, been used to unemploy AMERICAN CITIZENS and it needs to STOP NOW! ENOUGH!
To those who "support" ILLEGAL ALIENS then great. Take them into your home, let them take your job, your SS#, your childrens education, your medical care and THEN see how much you support it. Until then your "support" is lip service.
God bless America and every child born...and yet to be born.
Lastly, great job as usual

1423 days ago


That housekeeper was getting $23 an hour for years and she's crying about it? What a fake! The first thing Meg should do when she becomes governor is to arrest that woman and send her back to Mexico.

1423 days ago
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