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Maid Co. -- Meg Whitman's Nanny Lied to Us Too!

9/30/2010 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that Meg Whitman used to hire her maid Nicky Diaz Santillan back in 2000 claims Nicky deceived them about her immigration status before the company referred her over to Meg.


The owners of Town & Country Resources tell TMZ that when Nicky filled out the standard candidate questionnaire, she "indicated she was legally able to work in the United States" ... even though Nicky knew she was in the country illegally.

T&CR add ... "Further, Nicky provided us and our client with the documents that our client would need to complete the I-9 form as was their legal obligation as an employer."

The company owners -- who claim they only took over in 2008 and had no part in referring Nicky -- claim the policy has changed in the past few years ... and potential workers must undergo "a rigorous background check, verified by a third party."


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Let's face it ...if we get rid of all attorneys in the world, we would have a better world, if we remove all illegal immigrants from the US we would have a better country and if Meg is not elected you would have a better California. There is a story on every side and then there is the truth, I don't see a truth here.

1423 days ago


They all seem to be fibbing to me..

1423 days ago


Whitman, 9 years. Can't spin it.


1423 days ago


Employers or agencies NEVER take your word for it. They all require an I-9 form. This story is stupid. They are referring to an interoffice form or application, not an I-9 which is required by LAW. Sorry, this turd won't float.

1423 days ago


she will end up being related to Obama and get citizenship just like his Aunt did. Or she will become a citizen because she applied for hardship due to emotional distress or religious prosecution. Or better yet, Gloria and she will split millions in extortion and hush money. Isn't always the illegal's who end up with the American dream in the end.

1423 days ago


See what happens when you don't have a V8??? Brains need veggies!!!

1423 days ago


I'm familiar with these agencies and they are mostly interested in people filling out the paperwork, getting assigned to a family, and everyone benefiting. If they think someone may be dangerous or a risk, they won't assign them but NO ONE wants to get lose money due to technicalities. It's clearly a "Don't ask don't tell" type of situation.

1423 days ago


@ Michael/Sf #26

You wrote: "So you all should quit with the "deport them" chant. That is, unless you want to head out to the farms and pick fruit and vegetables in 100 degree weather (Hmm... that brings to mind, do you even know how many agricultural workers there are in the U.S.?)"

Yes, I know how many AG workers there are in the USA, the information is available at the U.S. Dept of Labor.
There aren't as many non-management farm jobs as you think there are.

USDL Bureau of Labor Statistics (Employed people by Industry) show that there are an estimated 500,000 non-management farm labor jobs (almost all of which are seasonal, part time, averaging 5 to 6 months of total employment each year), in the United States.

Of those farm labor jobs, just under 200,000 are legal green card visa workers.
Of the remaining 300,000 farm labor jobs, 185,000 of the workers (60...%) are legal U.S. citizens.

The remaining 115,000 are "assumed" to be illegal aliens.

With over 12,000,000 (twelve million) estimated illegal aliens currently in the United States, only 115,000 are "assumed" to be picking any crops, or doing any other "farm" job.
That is less than 1% of the illegal aliens in this country.

What jobs are the other 11,885,000 illegal aliens doing?
(Now remember, getting welfare [Cal-Works, TANF] for an anchor baby isn't a "job").

So why is it that whenever the subject of illegal aliens comes up, some know-nothing-who-forgot-to-do-his-homework trots out some boo hoo hoo, sob story about how there are 12 million illegal aliens toiling in the hot sun all day breaking their backs picking all the lettuce we all eat?
Clearly it's a big fat lie.

You need to find a new line, that lie doesn't fly.

1423 days ago


stop this nonsense already. the agency knew she was illegal. meg knew she was illegal. as a matter of fact, we all know these people are illegal but we hire them anyway.

1423 days ago


Meg Whitman is a liar like all the rest of the politicians. Are you suprised? She flat out lied about not getting that letter. I don't vote for liars.

1423 days ago

my opinion    

I DO NOT believe Meg Whitman she knew, just as other wealthy people are employing CHEAP labor using ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SHAMEFUL. The U.S knows about all the fraudulent activitity by these people...WHY, WHY, WHY are they allowing this other countries WILL NOT stand for this...WE ARE IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE AND THEY CONTINUE TO GIVE WELFARE,JOBS and REDUCED HOUSING...WHY?

They ALL need to be deported with STRICT security around the borders

1423 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

How is it that Gloria Allred has the SSA form partially filled out by Meg's husband? Shouldn't that have been mailed to the SSA by Nicky after she completed it as she was asked to do by Meg's husband? Seems to me that it's quite possible that the good doctor thought it was simply a clerical error and that Nicky would get it resolved.

The maid referral company that sent Nicky to Meg says it appears that Nicky falsified her original application to them. There was no 'e-Verify' in 2000. I can see how Meg and her husband believed she was a U.S. citizen. She even had a California driver's license. I can also see how Meg would have to fire her upon learning Nicky was illegal.

I'm no longer a California resident so I have no dog in this fight, but I must say that as soon as I saw that Gloria Allred was the attorney of record a huge red flag stamped with "Credibility?" all over it started waving before me. Gloria Allred attracts 'sleaze' like horses attract flies. A credible person with a credible story wouldn't need that ambulance chaser. My sympathies go to Meg on this one.

1423 days ago


LOL @ 24

25 million illegals living in the US? Where are you getting your stats from jack?

You think that all migrant workers are illegals? There are special temporary worker visa's for that. I also know a white girl (who will inherit millions when her parents die)that picked cu***bers for one summer and could make $200 a day. Stop pretending like only ILLEGALS are capable or willing do do the work.

I am sure there are plenty of rich folks who want illegals to stay- but they also want them to stay ILLEGAL.

Amnesty is proven not to work or to deter illegal immigration..suck on those facts son.

1423 days ago


#59- Cheap labor? Since when is $23 an hour cheap labor?

I don't think a lot of people are actually reading the whole story here. Diaz used her sister's Social Security number and do***entation to "prove" legal status to the company she worked for. The Whitmans hired her through the company so they would (supposedly) get someone legal to avoid issues. The SSA letter was sent, and it is POSSIBLE (though not proven) that Mr. Whitman read it and passed it off to Diaz with the note about correcting it. Also, the SSA letter states that it may be illegal to fire someone just because of that letter.From the first paragraph:

"It is not a basis, in and of itself, for you to take any adverse action against the employee, such as laying off, suspending, firing, or discriminating against the individual. Any employer that uses the information in this letter to justify taking adverse action against an employee may violate state or federal law and be subject to legal consequences."

Even if the Whitmans were suspicious, they couldn't really do anything based on the letter. Also, they were close with Diaz, and probably never suspected they had no reason to trust her.

And, Diaz was fired in 2009. Why, all of a sudden, 3/4 of the way through 2010, is she so devastated by the "awful" conditions, that she goes to one of the most unethical, amoral lawyers in town? Seems a little too convenient, if you ask me.

1423 days ago


Send Nicky back to Mexico. She is here illegally and should be deported instead of the media going crazy about the story.

1423 days ago
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