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Paris' Boyfriend -- Cited for Hit-and-Run

9/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's boyfriend was cited for hit-and-run last night ... after he hit a photog with a Bentley and then just drove off.

Cy Waits hit and run.
It all went down as paparazzi swarmed the car as Paris and Cy Waits left Boa in West Hollywood.  The posse of paparazzi was all over the car, when suddenly Cy accelerated, knocking a photog down.

The couple took off after the hit and the photog called the cops. Paramedics were also called and took the female photog to a local hospital.

0930_paris_video_smallWe're told at some point later, Cy came back, sans Paris, and spoke with police.

Law enforcement sources tell us Cy was cited for hit-and-run, then allowed to leave.

And get this ... sources say Paris is saying, "The pap is making up injuries."

Law enforcement sources also tell us they're looking into all of the photogs, because flashing the lights could have blinded the driver ... which may constitute interfering with the operation of a motor vehicle --  which is also a crime.

UPDATE: Sources close to Cy tell us ... Waits is adamant that he was not cited for hit-and-run. Instead, Waits believes the photographer placed him under citizen's arrest -- and cops were obligated to sign the citizen's arrest form.

Sources also tell us Cy wasn't aware that he struck the photog until after he drove away ... but once he found out -- via text message -- he immediately called the police himself to follow up and eventually returned to the scene.


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The pap deserve it. If I had to deal with them, I'd probably be in jail for hitting them.

1482 days ago


Seriously, I would have done worse; those "photogs" are intrusive. Its hard to pull off when you have 10 people standing around your vehicle, not allowing you to move.

1482 days ago

Mista Celebrity    

Oh come on now, she is fine! That big heffer could have stopped a bulldozer in her path! They all should have GOT OUT OF THE WAY after he honked the horn. He and Paris allowed more than enough time for them to get their photos! Imagaine how blinding it is in the dark to have those flashes going off in your face! Paps are s***!

1482 days ago


Here comes the lawsuit...emotional distress, loss of sleep, headaches, fear of automobiles and a broken pinky toe = 2 million? LOL pathetic paps

1482 days ago


What happens when you get too close to a car?
You get hit.
Stupid photog.

1482 days ago


Those paps are placing themselves into a dangerous situation. If my car was ever swarmed by screaming, camera flashing morons, i'd accelerate as well. If you get run over, then you were too close, and it's your own problem. I don't care if it's Paris or Princess Di; the paps mob mentality places all celebs in danger, and if they get hurt in the process, they should not be allowed any legal repercussions whatsoever.

1482 days ago


stardom comes with the with it

1482 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

i'm not a huge fan or paris the "i'm only famous cuz i'm an heiress" but...

the pap's know damn well how much they irritate celebs and how most celebs will do anything to get away from them.
They count on it... for the sole reason they can get a story!

1482 days ago


You deserved it. Who the heck stands around a car taking photos. Wow, Paris Hilton sitting in a car? Who actually buys those you s***? Only reason why I saw video was to watch pap get run over. lol

1482 days ago


That's a female?

1482 days ago


She is not suppose to be "associating" with "known" drug offenders.

Ban Paris. No more photos and watch her brand go FASTER down the toilet.

BTW Paris, Meg Whitman is looking for a new house keeper. Oh wait, you would flunk that drug test also.

1482 days ago


I dont like Paris- I wish she would just stay at home, but these paparazzi are like rats; who can move, breath with them hanging all over. California needs laws that give celebrities "breathing room". The phtogs, should have to stay at least 10-feet back on all angles. Stupid photographer!!! His friends asked if he was okay, and he said yers, and wobbled his fat-butt away.

1482 days ago


It looks like she threw herself under the car. Poor Bentley

1482 days ago


Paps are slow learners. You stand in front of a car, you're going to get hit. As much as I don't like Paris, they absolutely deserve it. You should not be allowed to block a car so they can't leave.

If a hundred paps have to have a car run over their feet, so be it.

1482 days ago


Paris stays in some sort of controversy since she hooked up with this Cy dude....reefer, cocaine, denied entrance to a country, hit and run?? Paris should run!

1482 days ago
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