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Paris' Boyfriend -- Cited for Hit-and-Run

9/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's boyfriend was cited for hit-and-run last night ... after he hit a photog with a Bentley and then just drove off.

Cy Waits hit and run.
It all went down as paparazzi swarmed the car as Paris and Cy Waits left Boa in West Hollywood.  The posse of paparazzi was all over the car, when suddenly Cy accelerated, knocking a photog down.

The couple took off after the hit and the photog called the cops. Paramedics were also called and took the female photog to a local hospital.

0930_paris_video_smallWe're told at some point later, Cy came back, sans Paris, and spoke with police.

Law enforcement sources tell us Cy was cited for hit-and-run, then allowed to leave.

And get this ... sources say Paris is saying, "The pap is making up injuries."

Law enforcement sources also tell us they're looking into all of the photogs, because flashing the lights could have blinded the driver ... which may constitute interfering with the operation of a motor vehicle --  which is also a crime.

UPDATE: Sources close to Cy tell us ... Waits is adamant that he was not cited for hit-and-run. Instead, Waits believes the photographer placed him under citizen's arrest -- and cops were obligated to sign the citizen's arrest form.

Sources also tell us Cy wasn't aware that he struck the photog until after he drove away ... but once he found out -- via text message -- he immediately called the police himself to follow up and eventually returned to the scene.


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Paps are always too close! It doesn't take but a spec of an IQ to know they will get their feet run over if they constantly rape celebrity vehicles as they try to leave.

Are famous people supposed to sit and wait till the flashbulbs end? Bullcrap! The photogs get enough shots but keep on taking the same pics over and over anyway. They are like vultures!

It's a way of life for well-known people, yes, but I'll be damned if I'm at fault for a *grown* person standing inches from my car as I'm trying to drive!

1486 days ago


The boyfriend should not have left the scene but seriously, the paps are getting way out of control! Practically covering the car like that and standing in front of it should be totally illegal! That is dangerous!

Those paps should be arrested! Enough is enough! Remember Princess Diana?????

1486 days ago


I can’t stand Paris. Her boyfriend is a drug looser. But seriously the paps need to leave her the hell alone. Its only you guys that fuel her need for fame. She is a fame whore. And you guys are feeding into her hunger. She would crawl up and die if one day no one was following her to take her picture. So please please stop taking her pictures.

1486 days ago


I honestly can't feel too sorry for anyone swarming around a car like that, and not moving when the driver is beeping the horn and saying "move!". Hell, I dislike Paris and anyone she the extreme... but in this case, the photog got hit because she and the others were doing something stupid.

1486 days ago


When I watch both videos I can see how maybe he assumed she just fell over in the crowd of photogs and not that her foot got squished by the car. At least he came back.

If it's a way of life to have your privacy invaded, then it should be a way of life for paps that they may injure their limbs while intruding.

1486 days ago


every last one of them deserves to be run over repeatedly.

1486 days ago


Seriously? Time to start drug testing the Paps.

Nice car though.

1486 days ago


I hope his lawyer fights the hit and run. These 'paps' surround his car like locust blinding him- then the push and shove each other and he is suppose to know that he bumped into to her with his car that wasn't even going one mile an hour.

I hope the anti-pap laws come into effect and prohibit people from coming 6 feet with in their vehicles and stop them them from using flash photography at night.

1486 days ago


His only mistake is that he didn't take more out!

1486 days ago


WTF? she was standing in FRONT of the car, along with what? 20 other photographers - no wonder she got hit.

And look, there's a video to prove it was her own damned fault.
Or the fault of the other photographer who shoved her in the car's path so there's more publicity.

1486 days ago


Is there an update on this story? The victim needs to come forward with Her side of the story.

1486 days ago


yeah i don't see why these people have jobs, why the **** does anyone care what Paris Hilton is doing. However, a hit and run is against the law. just cause you are ****ing a celebrity does not mean you can do whatever the **** you want.

1486 days ago


Everyone Paris Hilton touches…. dies.
Is she the angel of death?

1486 days ago


IF YOU STAND IN FRONT OF A CAR EXPECT TO GET HIT. If the photog sues he'll lose due to contributory negligence.

1486 days ago

Mister Pickle    


1486 days ago
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