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Greg Giraldo -- The Final Performance

10/3/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained footage from Greg Giraldo's last stand-up gig -- taken the night before the comic overdosed -- in which Greg appeared to be his usual self ... crackin' jokes about sex, drugs and Tiger Woods.


After the performance at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ on September 24 -- Greg took photos with several fans ... all of whom told us he couldn't have been nicer.

The following night, Greg was rushed to a local hospital from an overdose on pills.  He passed away 5 days later. 


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All you people you say you've never heard of him and then go on to bash him are idiots. Just because you're ignorant, doesn't make you right.

The guy was hysterical. He was also a genius (he had a Harvard Law degree). Every time he was on a show's panel I knew it would be good.

Yeah, he did it to himself and it was stupid, but it's a huge loss. And no, you can't really hear what he's saying in this video, but you can hear how loud they're all laughing.


1452 days ago


wow, it's almost like your ignorant opinions matter. but then it's like, oh wait Greg Giraldo was the man and more people think that about him than they ever will about any of you d-bags

1451 days ago


If you don't have something ****ing nice to say then shut the **** up you disrespectful lowlifes

1451 days ago


Considering that from the above photo, he looks like Eli Roth, I'm not suprised that he was doing drugs.

1451 days ago


His appearance says it all almost..He does not look healthy, Sober, clean, clear headed or JOYFUL..He had to be funny to survive IM guessing

1451 days ago


Not at all funny, even if the tape was better and you might actually hear what he was blathering. No loss to comedy, maybe his family misses him but audiences won't...another doper loser. What drugs was he doing, maybe we could give some to Gilbert Gottfried, Oksana, Lindsay, Paris and a few other obnoxious losers.

1451 days ago


He pulled a Murph. Drugs are bad mmmk. To soon?

1451 days ago


I was there at this very show. I posted my videos of this show on YouTube, but the Stress Factory removed them after he was hospitalized. I asked TMZ if they wanted them, but they never got back to me.

1451 days ago


I don't think anyone called him a comic genius until after he died. He didn't even make Comedy Central's list of 100 top comics. Apparently even Gallagher the watermelon comic and Jay Mohr (who does he blow to get work) are funnier than Greg. They both made the list.

1451 days ago


What a drunken mess! He's as funny as the wart on my foreskin.

1451 days ago


To all of you nasty, rude, disrespectful A**holes out there bagging on this guy.....will YOU ever be notice for what you did in life? Death, no matter the means, is always tragic for those left behind. Have some class.

1451 days ago


I wonder how it went from critical but stable condition to pulling the plug and death. What happened after he was stable? And yes, what was the drug? And how many does one take and call it an accident instead of a high!

1451 days ago


There appears to be a Facebook page for donations for Greg Giraldo's kids and his comic friends are asking people to donate via Twitter. I find this weird. Giraldo made very good money as a performer (a few million at least) and his successful friends, who are making millions in entertainment are asking folks to donate to the Giraldo family? I thought he was hilarious and very underrated but if they love him so much why don't they support his family? Did he not have life insurance?
People are unemployed, losing their homes and are destitute and these millionaires are asking people to help another well off dude's family? Nice perspective.

1451 days ago


Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

1451 days ago


I'll donate to the "This Bud's for You" suicide by alcohol fund. 40% of suicides involve alcohol.

1451 days ago
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