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Eddie Munster Slaughters 'Munsters' Remake

10/3/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some things should just stay dead ... according to the guy who played the original Eddie Munster -- who is definitely not happy with reports that his iconic show is getting remade for TV.


TMZ spoke with 57-year-old Butch Patrick -- the original werewolf boy from the '60s series -- who just heard that NBC is working on resurrecting the monster fam for a new pilot.

Patrick tells us, "Honestly, it should be left alone" -- adding, "I think it shows they are desperate for content."

Despite the criticism, O.G. Eddie Munster did have a casting suggestion for the NBC execs -- saying, "Unless they get Brad Garrett to play Herman, it's not going to do well."


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I agree Brad Garrett is just the one they want to play Herman,I'm not real happy about a remake but if they do he is the one to play Herman

1481 days ago


What he said is true. Hollywood is so desperate for content, they are recycling everything. Has there been one remake that has been successful or was worth slaughtering the memory of the original? I don't think so. This goes for movies too.
Dukes of Hazard? I don't think so. Incredible Hulk? Nope. And it goes on and on and on.
It's sad they can't come up with original material anymore.

1481 days ago


Couldn't have said it better myself. What happened to creativity?

1481 days ago

casting couch    

Everything has got so expensive, no one is willing to take a chance on original content anyway -- or rarely.

Established "brands" are the only thing that interest corporate drones these days.

1481 days ago


One of my favorite shows as a kid. Do not remake it! Brad Garrett? Are you kidding me? No one can ever match Fred Gwynne's performance. It's not an issue of height or size but acting talent. Yvonne De Carlo too.

It's like when they tried to make a movie based on Bewitched. It flopped. These execs either weren't alive back then or they just don't get it. The 60's, 70's, and 80's, were a magical and creative time in television. There will never be another Love Boat or Fantasy Island or Night Gallery or anything else.

They might as well try to bring back Our Gang while they're in the process of making even more bad TV. They no longer have the production budgets of Dallas and Dynasty or even Hart to Hart. And to compensate, a season on cable is now 14 episodes if we're lucky, compared to 28 episodes per season back in the old days.

TV sucks.

1481 days ago


Hell, they already did Munsters remakes. There was a series on Fox that ran from '88-91 and then there were a couple made for TV movies back in the mid-90's. Did he make a fuss over those too?
Who cares. It's NBC.. who watches that network anymore anyway. It has like 2 or 3 good shows.

1481 days ago


He is a 100% right...but I also bet he won't turn down a recurring guest appearance if they ask him.

Octomom can play Lilly btw.

1481 days ago

Flip Gunderson    

No one is forcing you people to watch TV so who really cares what crap they put out. Butch Patrick should be thankful that NBC is thinking about this anyway - it's going to make him relevant in Hollywood again for about 5 minutes

1481 days ago


Addams Family > Munsters anyway.

1481 days ago


Not so sure that Butch Patrick gives a flying rip about Hollywood, 'Flip'...he lives here in PA now after marrying one of his fans. And you better believe that it pisses Kate Gosselin off that he has stolen the spotlight from her.

1480 days ago


I agree that it's a stupid idea! And yes, these media idiots are very unimaginative when seeking content!!!

1480 days ago


Didn't they already try this with Brad Garret and it sucked? You lose the feel of the original. Yeah Butch is doing a local appearance in my area and the owner of the company said he's pretty cool. I am guessing in actuality he could care less

1480 days ago


Knowing Butch, personally, I am confident in his talent. But I have to agree with Butch, that TV is struggling for content, and I agree, NBC, leave it alone! Butch, I hope you are well. Last time I saw you was in Orlando. Hope the biz is treating you well. Say hello to Natalie from Caroline. (we grew up together in St. Pete, and you with your hearse!) LOL. Maybe one of these days we can meet at the Undertow. I am in Houston, now, but make trips to Tampa Bay often.
All the best! Glad to see you are still "working"
Caroline-The DJ

1480 days ago


I love it. People who feel compelled to follow "celebrities" are complaining about how the media has no ideas. Voyeurism is beyond brainless. At least the networks are trying to come up with some kind of context for people to turn off their brains in. "Reality" programming is the ultimate in thoughtless pseudo-content.

It's a different world now. There's no way to produce The Munsters today without it being completely ridiculous - beyond comedy and simply silly. They won't sell enough ads to pay for the makeup on the pilot.

1480 days ago


It would cut into his gig as a 57 year old man dressed as Eddie Munster doing store grand openings.

1480 days ago
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