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'DC Housewife' -- They're Still Party Crashers to Me!

10/1/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Threatening emails be damned -- one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Washington D.C." says she has no plans to stop calling Tareq and Michaele Salahi the "White House party crashers."

As we first reported, a lawyer for the Salahis emailed the cast of "Real Housewives" ... threatening to sue if any of them use the "defamatory" phrase -- because, according to their lawyer, they technically never crashed the dinner.

Mark Lane, a lawyer for cast member Lynda Erkiletian, tells TMZ the Salahis could clear this whole thing up by just showing off the invitation. Lane says, "After eight months of exhausting the taxpayer's money investigating this issue, she could save everyone's time and money by just producing the invitation."

Lane says Erkiletian plans on using the phrase just the same, but with one concession -- she'll throw the term "alleged" in front of it ... complete with air quotes.

Everyone knows air quotes are an airtight legal defense -- right up there with crossing your fingers or calling "no backsies."


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Ima Famewhore    

They are now "reality show crashers" and "celebrity crashers" as well because it is not clear who gave them the invitation to the spot light. Is that girl an albino?? The only show that guy should be on is "the Biggest loser". Fat

1462 days ago

My New Name    

I would like to add, however, that I find this horrible, bitter woman no better.

1462 days ago


Obviously Lynda Erkiletian read my last post! What I said!

Sing it, sister. (Party Crashers!!!!!)

1462 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

If you doubt how old this ugly hag Erkeltelian is just look at her elderly neck. She has the neck of a 70 year old and the thin skim stretched look of a 70 yr old as well. She's gross and BITTER. No wonder her first husband left her.

1462 days ago



1462 days ago


The poeple on this show are so ugly and retarded- of course those people threatened out national security by crashing the party- they are desperate fame whores- they should hang with Spencer and Heidi

1462 days ago


That is one jacked up looking face!

1462 days ago


If they are soooo innocent.....where is the proof??? Produce the proof that you were invited (the invitation), and then crawl back under the rock you came from!! Oh and Michaele, I want the doctor's report that says you have MS, a real doctor and some quack either. There are definitive tests so produce those results too.

1462 days ago


I totally enjoy the other DC housewives, they are real, and especially Lynda. Kudos to you lady, treat them like the s*** they are.

No one in Bravo is allowing my response on their site regarding the grape stomp episode. The Crashers were in the cellar with the guests, and Tareq was demonstrating and explaining the fermenting of wine. He got upset when Michaele picked up a bottle of wine in-progress, and held it wrong. He told her how to hold it, she STILL held it wrong, and he grew inpatient with her. FINALLY, she held the bottle level and said to him, as only a student would, "Oh is this how you do it?". That was obviously the first time she'd ever been in the cellar. Why, if she Mrs. Oasis, did she not know how to hold a fermenting bottle of wine???? FRAUD ALERT WENT OFF RIGHT THERE!

1462 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

i will call them paty crashers..two idiotic morons, who want to be famous for something...hes a homo sucking pig and shes just some used up cheap tampon! and this bitch in this photo really needs to do something to that wrinkled face of hers...enough to scare crows! show should be called "HOUSEWHORES OF DC"

1462 days ago

none of that    

They were not invited. They were not on any list. They should just STF up. Charges could still be pending against them. The investigation is not over! Hey Salahis! Low profile when committing a crime! Stay out of the news you stupid jerks!

1462 days ago


Who's this Prune-ella??? Dang, she's got more wrinkles than my 100 year old grandma.

1462 days ago


All of these DC housewives are losers nobody cares it's also the only way party crashers can make any money is by suing someone. Giant losers!!!

1462 days ago


The DC Housewives are all BITTER BITTER JEALOUS COWS, (EXCEPT MICAELE-I REALLY LIKE HER AND KNOW EVERY ONE IS SOOO JEALOUS OF HER NICE PERSONALITY AND Good LOOKS). And please people-don't be so retared-NObody gets into the WH w/out an invitation-otherwise I would walk right on in! LOL. Again..there all so jealous and just need to get LIVES and worry about themselves!!!

I wouldn't just produce my WH invitation either, just B/C these jealous cows demanded it...why should she? Screw them! What have they ever done for Michaele and her husband..but talk trash?

The Black lady and her husband are SOOO racist it makes me want to jump through the tv and shake her to wake her up. I mean it's "white-people" this and "african-american" that. Why not just "people" or if they can't handle that, what about just "Americans"? Ridiculous.

Now this Lynda chick is so nasty and bitter it is completely transparent. She is SOOO jealous an envious of Michaele it is unbelievable. She might as well hang a big ol' sign around her is that obvious to everyone. She needs therapy. She also needs to stop NOW with the plastic surgery..once you reach a certain age, there just isn't much you can do to fool people.
She is just so petty for a woman of her age...really. Nice mother figure, glad to see the lessons your teaching your children, lynda. Grow Up!!

1462 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

That is one nasty looking battle axe. Reminds me of why I don't watch those Horsewive shows.

1462 days ago
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